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Members of the Research Group include:

Faith Calhoun
Freda Johnson
Katharine McGrath
Xavier McKinzie
Eric Morton
Akili Ujima
Brandi Nwagbara
Melissa VanWinkle
Community Volunteers:

Mrs. Roberta Cornelison
Mrs. Ruth Rice Kennedy
Mrs. Elizabeth Ballard Denny
Mrs. Marjorie Farris White
Ms. Joyce Clay
Ms. Belle Jackson
Mr. Andrew Baskin
Ms. Susan Henthorn
Ms. Regina Washington

How the Project was started:

Purpose of Project:

To educate the public about the achievements, contributions and heritage of African Americans in southern Madison County (Kentucky).

To educate school children in the community.

To promote the conservation of African-American traditions and culture.

To encourage more public agencies and private institutions to incorporate the African-American influence when developing projects and programs related to the history and culture reference of the Commonwealth.

Dr. Jackie Burnside
CPO 1706
Berea, KY 40404
(859) 985-3811

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