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Middletown Tour & Sites

Middletown Buildings:
First Baptist Church (1894)
- Middletown Former Consolidated School (1927) for African Americans

If traveling from Glades Road's western end, turn right onto U.S. Hwy 595 (Walnut Meadow Pike). If traveling from Boone Tavern, continue straight on Main St. through two intersections, (1st) with Chestnut St/U.S. Hwy 25N and (2nd) with Ellipse St; Main St. becomes U.S. Hwy 595. Turn right onto U.S. Hwy 1983 (Menelaus Rd.) to drive through Middletown and on to Farristown.

This route makes an easy short driving tour; no sidewalks available. If you do not have time to drive to Farristown, drive about two miles to Mayde Rd. and turn left, through Berea's newest industrial park, to return to U.S. Hwy 595 near I-75 Exit 77.


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