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List of Questions for Oral History Interviews about Historic Black Berea
Compiled by: HBB Committee Members

1. When did your family come to Berea (or the nearby area)?
2. Do you know where they came from?
3. What kinds of work did your family members do?
4. Where did your family live, on which streets or roads exactly?
5. What was the name of their community or neighborhood area?
6. Tell me about the schools.
7. Which ones did you attend? Which ones did your early family members attend?
8. Describe some of your favorite memories of your school years.
9. What kinds of community events took place at the schools?
10. Tell me about the churches and their activities.
11. Where were the churches located?
12. Where were the old cemeteries? Which families have relatives buried there?
13. What sorts of things did people do for fun and recreation?
14. Tell me about the kinds of games children played.
15. Tell me about the kinds of games and activities young adults and others played.
16. What kinds of relationships were there with Berea College?
17. What did people in your family think about Berea College?
18. Why might they have held the opinions they did?
19. Tell me about sports, such as softball teams.
20. Are there other special memories you can recall?
21. Were there any 'tragedies' or very sad times that you remember?

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