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"Let's Go to the Fair"
An activity of using a historical photo for thinking and writing.

This photo shows people at the annual County Fair in Berea, Kentucky, around the year 1920. From their gardens and farms, the families have brought their largest vegetables, best preserved pickles, jams and jellies, along with hand-sewn garments, quilts and aprons to display for the contest judges.

·Are these families having fun? Why might the men and women enjoy competing for prize ribbons? Why might Fair spectators enjoy walking through the grandstand or exhibit hall to see the displays of products?

· Imagine that you're in the photo. What do you smell? What noises do you hear? What are you wearing? 

· What might you see at a modern County Fair that you don't see in this photo? Can you describe other recreation activities where the entire family can participate?

· At modern County Fairs, people of all colors attend. How would you feel if you lived in the past when America's customs and laws kept black people and white people separate from each other?


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