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Farristown Tour & Sites

Farristown Buildings:
Farristown Baptist Church (1883)


-Wooden Railroad Bridge
-Burned red-brick General Store owned and operated by Arthur J. and Joella White Baxter (Berea alumni, classes of 1893 and 1903)
-Stone Gateposts with A.J.Baxter's name Farristown Park (Munday Family's grassy field)

Continue driving along Hwy 1983 from Farristown for three miles to view this historic settlement where a few black owned farms still operate.

The community begins near the Mayde Rd. sign and ends shortly after crossing the wooden railroad bridge when Hwy 1983 becomes Caleast Rd. which connects to Hwy 2881, Whites Station Rd. A left turn onto Whites Station (Hwy 2881) goes to Peyton town and Richmond, while a right turn goes to U.S. Hwy 25 N; turn left on Hwy 25 N to return to Berea or turn right to go to Richmond.

This route makes a medium length driving tour; no sidewalks available. Extreme caution! is advised if visitors drive across railroad crossing to the Farristown Baptist Church!

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