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Bobtown Tour & Sites

Bobtown Buildings:
-New Liberty Baptist Church (1866), considered the "Mother Church" for all the black churches in the Berea area.

-Former site of Bobtown School for black children, corner of Wilson and Smith Lanes.

To reach Bobtown after leaving Farristown's Whites Station Rd. turn right onto U.S. Hwy 25 for approximately 100 yards and then turn left onto Herndon Ln. Travel up and down the rolling hills until Herndon ends at old U.S. Hwy 25; turn left and immediately turn right onto Smith Ln. (once known as Bobtown Ln.) which leads past the New Liberty Baptist Church and ends at U.S. Hwy 1016. Turn right onto Hwy 1016 to travel back to Berea (about three miles back to Campus) or turn right to go to Kingston (Hwy 421) and Richmond.

If traveling from Boone Tavern, use U.S. Hwy 1016 from Forest St. or U.S. 25 N. for some three miles, then turn left onto Smith Ln. This route makes a medium length driving tour with lanes that are more narrow than highways; no sidewalks available.


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