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We would like to acknowledge and thank all those who contributed information and photographs for publication on our Historic Black Berea map, its companion audio cassette, picture album book and web site. Due to their involvement, our HBB Project has been able to accomplish a great deal more than we ever dreamed of when we initially planned it in 1999.

HBB Project Committee:
Joyce Clay Belle Jackson
Regina Washington Susan Henthorn
Andrew Baskin Janice White Sikes, Consultant
Jackie Burnside, Project Director  

Resource Persons:
Ruth and Jesse Kennedy Gail Kennedy
Mitchell Ballard Linda Ballard
Geneva Pearl Ross Elizabeth Denny
Paul Dunson Myrtle Ballard Johnson
Felecia Ballard Bonnie Mitchell
Bernice Doe Baxter Roberta Cornelius
Bobbie White Lois Blythe Tevis
Sharon Mitchell Margie White
Frances Moore Warren Lambert
Preston Seals Jennett Farris
Richard Sears Virgil Burnside
Terry Albury Pat Ballard
Marcella Matthews Juanita Huguely
Gerald Tudor Tom McHone
Carl Marsh Shannon Wilson

Members of BST/SOC 211: Studying Checkerboard City
Faith Calhoun Freda Johnson
Katharine McGrath Xavier McKinzie
Eric Morton Akili Ujima
Brandi Nwagbara Melissa VanWinkle
Selected Bibliographic Resources

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Sears, Richard. ""One Blood": Berea's Black Settlers." Appalachian Heritage 19,4 ( Fall 1991): 14-19.

Sears, Richard. Practical Recognition of the Brotherhood of Man: John G. Fee and the Camp Nelson          
         Experiment. Berea College Bookstore, 1986.

Dr. Jackie Burnside
CPO 1706
Berea, KY 40404
(859) 985-3811

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