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Today is:
Sun, Aug 9, 2020
Civic Engagement and Mindfulness Lunch Workshop/Discussion Series
(Educational Opportunity)

This winter, CELTS will host a series of Friday workshops and discussions focused on the intersections of mindfulness and civic engagement. The goals of the workshops will be to develop awareness and understanding of mindfulness practices and skills that may strengthen our ability to facilitate and participate in community engagement activities, including - but not limited to - campus-community collaborations (service-learning, community-based research, community service) and discussions about pressing social issues.

For each installment of the series, lunch will be available beginning at 11;30 a.m. and will remain available through 1 p.m. The workshop/discussions will run from noon through 1 p.m. and will take place in Stephenson Hall Room 208 (CELTS Arts and Crafts Room).

These discussions are designed for faculty, staff, and community partners, and are open to all, regardless of how much experience you already have in this area. We trust that participants will bring a broad range of experiences, academic disciplines, and fields of expertise so we can learn from one another and broaden our own understandings of mindfulness and civic engagement.

Friday, January 18
Civic Engagement and Mindfulness: What role does listening play in civic engagement?

Friday, January 25
Civic Engagement and Mindfulness: How can specific dialogue strategies support our civic engagement work?

Friday, February 1
Civic Engagement and Mindfulness: How can mindfulness training prepare and sustain us for civic engagement?

Friday, February 15
Civic Engagement and Mindfulness: Where do we go from here?

Location: Stephenson Hall, Room 208
Sponsor: Administration
Contact: Ashley Cochrane
E-Mail ashley_cochrane@berea.edu
ext. 3605
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