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Wed, Aug 12, 2020

Friday, October 26, 2018

8 hours
Notary Service
Woods Penn
Notary Service is provided in our office between the hours of 8am and 4pm Monday-Friday.
1 hour
Dinner on the Grounds: Traditional Fiddle Music From Southeast Kentucky
Educational Opportunity
Appalachian Center Gallery
Join us for lunch and conversation with Bruce Greene as he focuses on early fiddling in this region. Bruce will play and compare tune and st... more
1 hour
TGIF (Think Globally, It's Friday!)
International Campus Programming
Woods Penn Commons
Come travel the world, while having a themed lunch with us each Friday for our signature luncheon series, Celebrating All Peoples of the Ear... more
2hr 30m
CTM Workshops
Educational Opportunity
Appalachian Center Gallery
Join the Appalachian Center for a series of music workshops for the Celebration of Traditional Music! 1:30-2:30 - "Appalachian Song: Lift... more
Internet and Censorship in China
Asian Studies Program
Woods Penn Commons
Friday, October 26, 6:00pm in the Woods-Penn Commons: "Internet and Censorship in China." Join Drs. Hua and Jiang for a buffet dinner an... more
Celebration of Traditional Music
Educational Opportunity
Loyal Jones Appalachian Center
Concert featuring traditional Appalachian musicians: Bruce Greene, loy mcwhirter, Rhonda and Sparky Rucker, Sam Gleaves, the Bluegrass Ensem... more
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