Robert J. Schneider

The following three essays move from theology and the Bible to science. They introduce the overarching paradigm, evolution, which governs the modern scientific world-view. Essay IV, which follows this introduction, looks at the universe and science's current understanding of its origin and evolution. The next essay surveys current thinking about the evolution of life, and examines the evidence that supports evolution. Then Essay VI tackles the most troubling aspect of evolution for many Christians, i.e., the notion that human beings have evolved from earlier life forms. While the first two treat almost exclusively the scientific evidence for Big Bang and evolution, the last surveys the scientific evidence for human evolution and then addresses some key theological issues that an emerging human species pose for many evangelical Christians.


I wish to take this opportunity to again thank Ben Wakeman for his excellent work both in designing this home page and in formatting the various essays. His many suggestions have greatly enhanced the appearance of this site. I am also grateful for Berea College student Novruz Bashirov for establishing and maintaining this page on the College web site. Finally, I am grateful to Sandra Michael, Smith T. Powell and Roy Scudder-Davis for their careful reading of my drafts. Both encouraged me and saved me from several errors. Any that remain are my own. Photographs in Essay IV are courtesy of NASA