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Guide to The Albert Stewart Collection, 1949-1994

Accession Number: 84
The Albert Stewart Collection, 1949-1994
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Provenance: Loyal Jones, one Stewart's correspondents, facilitated our aquisition of these documents from Albert Stewart. There are no restrictions placed on this collection other than federal copyright regulations.

Preferred Citation: Albert Stewart Collection, Berea College Special Collections & Archives, Berea, Ky.

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This collection consists of correspondence of Albert Stewart, founder and longtime editor of the journal Appalachian Heritage, with friends and journal contributors, many of them significant Appalachian writers and/or educators.


Albert Stewart spent most of his career in eastern Kentucky as a teacher, author, editor, and mentor to other authors. A native of Knott County, Stewart entered Hindman Settlement School at the age of five, where he became a protege of Lucy Furman, novelist and teacher. Stewart began to write while attending Berea College, then completed his MA at the University of Kentucky. At Morehead State University he took over a writing workshop and founded a student literary magazine, Inscape. After three years in the Navy during World War II, he compiled his poems as The Untoward Hills. He returned to Hindman Settlement School to start a writing workshop, later known as the Appalachian Writers Workshop. In late 1972, Stewart founded and edited the journal Appalachian Heritage at Alice Lloyd College, where he was then teaching. The magazine eventually moved to Berea College, continuing to publish new fiction, poetry, and articles by Appalachian writers.

Stewart donated the homestead that his grandfather had claimed in 1859 and the 118-year-old cabin on it to the University of Kentucky, on condition that the trees and land be preserved. Stewart also published The Holy Season: Walking in the Wild. He was named a Berea College Distinguished Alumnus in 1993, and received the Appalachian Treasure award in 1995.

2 Manuscript Boxes

Box Lists

Box 1

  1. Del Abbott, 1949-1974 n.d.
  2. Del Abbott, 1975- 1987
  3. George Alexander, 1977-1983
  4. Raymond Barnhart, 1971-1993 n.d.
  5. Kate Black 1976-1989
  6. Charles Boggs, 1974-1975
  7. Mary Buckles 1989-1990
  8. Dean Cadle 1972-1992
  9. Henry Tim Chambers, n.d.
  10. Billy, Ruth, and Melissa Clark, 1963-1993
  11. Lyn Dickerson, 1974-1984
  12. Ron Dobler , 1985-1992
  13. Lucy Furman, 1953-1954
  14. Jack Gilbert, 1965-1974
  15. Bob Hazel, 1962-1988
  16. Information about Appalachian Heritage
  17. Interview Letters
  18. Betty James 1978-1990
  19. Loyal Jones, 1982-1989
  20. Loyal Jones, 1990-1994
  21. Henry Mahler, Jr., 1979-1988
  22. Russ Marano, 1978-1980

Box 2

  1. Jane Mayhall, 1962-1979
  2. Jane Mayhall, 1980-1990
  3. Miscellaneous, 1981-1990
  4. Nana Publications, Inc. 1983-1989
  5. Curtis Owens, 1980
  6. Permission to Reprint, 1977-1980
  7. Alfred Perrin, 1982-1985
  8. Bruce Peters, 1978-1981
  9. K. Rockwell, 1973-1993
  10. Barbara Smith, 1979-1993
  11. Eve Spears, 1983-1992
  12. Woodridge Spears 1956-1989
  13. Godey Spurlock [aka James Still], 1988-1991
  14. Dykeman Stokely, 1978-1982
  15. Betty Volk, 1963-1989
  16. Cratis Williams, 1979-1983
  17. Shirley Williams, 1978-1992
  18. Jane Brock Woodall, 1986-1988

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