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Guide to the Sylvia Trent Auxier Papers, Series I-VI

Accession Number: 83
Sylvia Trent Auxier Papers: 1900-1968
3.3 linear ft.
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Overview & Series Description
Series I - Personal/Biographical Materials
Series II - Diaries
Series III - Poems
Series IV - Short Stories and Articles
Series V - Instructional Courses and Criticism
Series VI - Books

Series I Personal/Biographical Materials Boxes 1-3

This series consists of several personal and legal documents relating to Auxier’s family life, her work as a writer, and her death. In addition to birth and death documentation, there are souvenirs of cruise vacations to Great Britain and numerous photographs, including images of Ms. Auxier and family and photos used with published writings.

Box 1

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Marriage Certificate
  3. Bachelor ’s Degree (B.S.), Education
  4. Retirement
  5. Obituaries/Newspaper Clippings
  6. Funeral Book
  7. Funeral Materials
  8. Autopsy Report and Death Certificate
  9. Insurance
  10. Notification Letters, Michael Trent Auxier
  11. Memorials/Letters
  12. Sympathy Letters
Box 2
  1. Sympathy Cards I
  2. Sympathy Cards II
  3. 1967 Christmas Cards to Sylvia
  4. Other Correspondence
  5. Recipes
  6. Cunard Cruises-Menus and Programs
Box 3
  1. Cunard Cruises Souvenirs, Games, Postcards, and “Ocean Times”
  2. Photographs I
  3. Photographs II
  4. Photographs III
  5. Miscellaneous Materials
Series II Diaries Boxes 3-4

This series consists of personal diaries Auxier kept from 1929 to 1967. They include accounts of daily activities, conversations, and observations about a wide variety of people and events.

Box 3 (cont.)

  1. 1929 Diary
  2. 1930 Diary
Box 4
  1. 1933 Diary
  2. 1938-1939 Diary
  3. 1946 Diary
  4. 1964-65 Diary
  5. 1966 Diary
  6. 1967 Diary
Series III Poems Boxes 5-6

This series consists of numerous rough drafts and completed manuscripts of Auxier's poetry.

Box 5

  1. Poems I
  2. Poems II
  3. Poems III
  4. Poems IV
  5. Poems V
  6. Poems VI
Box 6
  1. Poems VII
  2. Compilation
  3. The Green of a Hundred Springs manuscript
  4. Meadow-Rue Manuscript
  5. Left over from Third Volume
  6. Collection
  7. Rough Sketches/Ideas
Series IV Short Stories and Articles Boxes 6-7

This series consists of several short stories that incorporate elements of Appalachian life and culture ranging from huckleberry harvesting to employment issues. There are also rough drafts of a series of articles on herbs written for the Courier-Journal.

Box 6 (cont.)

  1. Short Stories I
  2. Short Stories II
  3. Herb Article I
  4. Herb Article I
Series V Instructional Courses and Criticism Box 7

This series consists of materials relating to the critique of her work Auxier sought from individual writers and through a correspondence course conducted by Clement Woods.

Box 7

  1. Herb Article Correspondence, Courier-Journal
  2. Newspaper Clippings
  3. Interviews
  4. Arthur F. Medlyn Letters/Criticism
  5. Clement Wood Courses I
  6. Clement Wood Courses II
  7. Criticism/Correspondence
  8. Poems by other authors
  9. In the Pine, printing plat
Series VI Books Box 8

This series consists mainly of books of poetry, all with handwritten notes to Auxier from the authors. Also included are a Regular Baptist pamphlet and a copy of a 1952 English poetry journal, “The Countryman.”

Box 8

  1. My Sunrise, Aileen S. Hall
  2. Pit Skyline, Columbus Joseph Meade
  3. Ballad of the Bones and other Poems, Byron Herbert Reece
  4. Selected Poems thru 1952, Henry Chambers
  5. The Countryman, Summer 1968, Oxfordshire, England
  6. Regular Primitive Baptist Washington District Association, Elon College, 1952
  7. Meadow-Rue, Sylvia T. Auxier

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