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Guide to the Edna Lynn Simms Collection, Series IV-VI



Accession Number: 81
The Edna Lynn Simms Collection
Papers, 1855-1963
3.6 Linear Feet
Online Catalog Record (BANC)

Overview & Series Description
Series I - Personal / Biographical
Series II - Mountain Family Documents and Records
Series III - Printed Material
Series IV - Photographs
Series V - Note Cards
Series VI - Scrapbook and Ledgers

Series IV   Photographs Boxes 2-4

This series consists of over 160 images depicting mountain people and lifestyles made by Simms and various professional photographers. They are arranged in numbered order and an identification label with information about the photograph is attached to each.

Box 2
  1. Edna Lynn Simms
  2. Mountaineer Museum
  3. Graveyards
  4. Transportation
  5. Buildings
  6. Landscapes I
  7. Landscapes II

Box 3

  1. People I
  2. People II
  3. People III
Box 4
  1. People IV
  2. People V
  3. People VI
  4. Other
Series V Note Cards Box 5

This series consists of a set of categorically arranged note cards on which Simms recorded much of her research data. The cards have been preserved with Simms' sub-headings, labels and filing order. Topics within the note card collection include herbs and cures, Appalachian speech, traits of mountain people, and information on the Smoky Mountains.

Box 5
  1. Speech
  2. Herbs and Cures, Diseases
  3. Corn and Food
  4. Superstitions
  5. Traits
  6. Facts and Notes
  7. Observations
  8. Titles
  9. Implements
  10. Music and Songs
  11. Church and Religion
  12. Queer Names of People
  13. Graveyards
  14. Old Residents
  15. Flowers and Shrubs, Plants
  16. Animals
  17. Museum
  18. Smokies
  19. Cherokee
  20. Small Notebook
Series VI   Scrapbook and Ledgers Box 6

This series consists of a scrapbook of Knoxville News-Sentinel clippings from relating to The Great Smoky Mountains. Also included are five guest register ledgers from the Mountaineer Museum.

Box 6

  1. Scrapbook, 1928-1935
  2. Guest Ledger, (Notebook) 1945-1953
  3. Guest Ledger, (Composition) 1932-1938
  4. Guest Ledger, (Scholastic) 1937-1956
  5. Guest Ledger, (University Swing) 1938-1956
  6. Guest Ledger, (Guest Register) 1941-1950

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