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Guide to the Tennessee Valley Authority Papers, Series I-III

Accession Number: 77
Tennessee Valley Authority Papers
Bulk Dates: 1933-1983
2.8 linear ft.
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Series I - Agriculture
Series II - Architecture
Series III - Economy/ Finances

Series IV - General
Series V - Health and Safety
Series VI - Industrial Development
Series VII - Natural Resources
Series VIII - Power
Series IX - Recreation
Series X - Water Management

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Preferred citation: Tennessee Valley Authority Collection, Berea College Special Collections & Archives, Berea, Ky.

7 Manuscript Boxes

Series I Agriculture Box 1

This series includes information on the Agricultural development of the TVA and the introduction of fertilizer to the region. The information is presented in the form of books, reports, case studies, and reports. Also included are reports on land use and uses of soil and water control to improve farm life.

Box 1

  1. TVA: Agriculture; Fertilizer, n.d., 1953
  2. TVA: Agriculture; Fertilizer, 1967-1970
  3. TVA: Agriculture; Soil and Soil Conservation, n.d.
  4. TVA: Agriculture; Soil and Soil Conservation, 1945, 1947, 1966
Series II Architecture Box 1, cont.

The TVA gave permission to reprint descriptions of architecture as shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The material has also appeared in the Magazine of Art. There are pictures of various structures developed by the TVA. Different angle shots and descriptions explain the architectural importance.

Box 1, continued

  1. TVA: Architecture
Series III Economy/Finances Box 1, cont.

This series includes case studies on economics and development of the Tennessee Valley area and essays on federal expenditures to the region.

Box 1, continued

  1. TVA: Economy/ Finances, 1953-1962

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