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Guide to the D.K. Wilgus Folklore Collection, Series XVII

Accession Number: 67
D.K. Wilgus Folklore Collection, 1918-1989
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Overview & Series Description
Series I - Biographical
Series II - Teaching Materials
Series III - Writings
Series IV - Reference Material
Series V - Subject Files
Series VI - General Folklore Collections
Series VII - Field Recordings Indexes and Transcriptions
Series VIII - Student Folklore Collections
Series IX - Josiah Combs Folklore Collection
Series X - Herbert Halpert Folklore Collection
Series XI - Lynwood Montell Folklore Collection
Series XII - E.C. Perrow Folklore Collection
Series XIII - Leonard Roberts Folklore Collection
Series XIV - D.L. Thomas Folklore Collection
Series XV - Newspapers - Folklore and Local History
Series XVI - Ohio Valley Folk Research Project Publications
Series XVII - Kentucky Superstitions Card Archive

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Series XVII   Kentucky Superstitions Card Archive Small Boxes 1-31
The Kentucky Superstitions Card Archive includes thousands of notecards that record specific sayings, idioms, and anecdotes relating to local folklore, superstitions, and general beliefs. Compiled by D.K. Wilgus with the assistance of Eleanor Long-Wilgus, the Card Archive is organized by subject. Topics include signs of health and illness, folk remedies, weather signs, and superstitions related to relationships, birth and death, bodily functions and disease, farming, and nature.

For a detailed listing of sub-category headings, click here to access the full pdf version. (Link will open a new window)

Box 1 - Birth and Infancy
Box 2 - Infancy and Childhood
Box 3 - Childhood, The Human Body
Box 4 - The Human Body (con't)
Box 5 - The Human Body (con't), Bodily Functions
Box 6 - Bodily Functions (con't), Bodily Activities
Box 7 - Bodily Activities (con't)
Box 8 - Bodily Activities (con't), Apparel & Ornaments
Box 9 - Health & Sickness (Folk Medicine) (con't)
Box 10 - Health & Sickness (Folk Medicine) (con't)
Box 11 - Health & Sickness (Folk Medicine) (con't)
Box 12 - Health & Sickness (Folk Medicine) (con't)
Box 13 - Health & Sickness (Folk Medicine) (con't)
Box 14 - Health & Sickness (Folk Medicine) (con't)
Box 15 - Health & Sickness (Folk Medicine) (con't)
Box 16 - Love, Courtshp & Marriage
Box 17 - Love, Courtshp & Marriage (con't)
Box 18 - Domestic Pursuits
Box 19 - Domestic Pursuits (con't), Travel & Communication
Box 20 - Travel & Communication (con't), Social Relationships & Recreation
Box 21 - Social Relationships & Recreation (con't), Economic & Business Affairs, Death & Dying
Box 22 - Death & Dying (con't), Religion, Witchcraft, Lower Mythology, Supernatural
Box 23 - Supernatureal (con't), Cosmic Phenomenon, Time, The Universse, Weather
Box 24 - Weather (con't)
Box 25 - Weather (con't)
Box 26 - Weather & Animal Signs
Box 27 - Weather & Animal Signs (con't), Animals & Animal Husbandry
Box 28 - Animals (con't)
Box 29 - Animals (con't), Plants & Plant Husbandry
Box 30 - Plants (con't), Indexes: Informants & Collectors, Towns, Counties
Box 31 - Miscellaneous unfiled cards

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