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Guide to the Scientists and Engineers for Appalachia Records

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Scientists and Engineers for Appalachia Records, 1969-1979
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Series Description
Series I - History and Objectives
Series II - Organizational Files
Series III - Membership
Series IV - Correspondence
Series V - Communication and Reference Activities
Series VI - Annual Meetings
Series VII - Newsletters and Bulletins
Series VIII - Photographs
Series IX - Miscellaneous
Series X - Subject Files
Series XI - Reel-to-Reel Audio Recordings

Access and Use

Provenance: Materials in this collection were obtained from two members of SEA. There are no restrictions placed on this collection other than federal copyright regulations.

Preferred Citation: Scientists and Engineers for Appalachia Records, Berea College Special Collections & Archives, Berea, Ky.


The collection consists of booklets, charts, clippings, correspondence, forms, maps, newspapers, newsletters, photographs, plans, publications, scrapbooks, subject files and audio reel-to-reel tapes. They document the organization, activities, and projects of the Scientists and Engineers for Appalachia (SEA) during its 10-year history.


On June 22, 1969, several alumni and faculty of Berea College met at Boone Tavern in Berea, Kentucky, to consider how Dr. Waldemar Noll's memory might be perpetuated through action. Dr. Noll, who died in 1968, had served as chairman of the physics department from its inception in the 1920s until his retirement in 1961. From this gathering the idea of forming a scientific organization evolved. Scientists and Engineers for Appalachia was formally organized in late April, 1970, on the campus of Berea College. The primary objective of this organization was to provide a medium by which advances in science and technology could be utilized to improve life in Appalachia. The organization was imbued with the idea that there were suitable human and natural resources in the region that could be used to improve the standard of living. Through meetings and forums initiated by the association, it was believed, a better understanding of those resources could be created. The SEA made available to the communities of Appalachia technical information and guidance in order that the citizens could make meaningful decisions concerning their economic, social and cultural development consistent with their resources and goals.

Series Description
6 Manuscript Boxes

Series I History and Objectives Box 1

Historical and reference material pertaining to Scientists and Engineers for Appalachia, from its inception in 1969-70 up to its disbandment in 1979.

Series II Organizational Files Box 1, cont.

Organizational Files include Annual Reports, Board of Directors' meetings (1970-1977), By-Laws and Corporation Certificate, dues and finance, and minutes and agendas for all organizational meetings.

Series III Membership Box 1, cont.

Membership files include biographical sketches, information on becoming a member, consultant registry, elections, institutional members, and membership drives.

Series IV Correspondence Box 2

Correspondence between SEA members and other individuals between the years 1970 and 1979, arranged by date.

Series V Communication and Reference Activities Box 3

Communication and Reference activities have been categorized into four groups: Education, Improving Appalachia, Energy, and Environment. These activities were geared to developing better living standards for the people who live in the region.

Series VI Annual Meetings Box 4

This file includes information relating to the annual meetings held from 1970-1975.

Series VII Newsletters and Bulletins Box 4, cont.

This file includes SEA newsletters published between July, 1970 and July, 1977, along with the mailing lists.

Series VIII Photographs Box 4, cont.

This is a file of photographs of SEA events and people who worked closely with the SEA throughout the seventies.

Series IX Miscellaneous Box 4, cont.

Miscellaneous information, i.e., articles publicizing the SEA, Inventor's Fair, and other activities.

Series X Subject Files Box 5

Series 10 includes an assortment of businesses and associations that had a relationship with the SEA.

Series XI Reel-to-Reel Audio Recordings Box 6

This series includes eleven reel-to-reel audio recordings that document two mid 1970s SEA-sponsored symposia. One, on the Clinch River Nuclear Reactor Symposium, was held in 1976 at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The other, relating to strip mining and flooding in Appalachia, was held at Berea in November 1977.

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