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Guide to the Ben Heiman Folklore Collection, Series IV-VI

Accession Number: 62
Ben Heiman Folklore Collection, 1891-1988
Bulk Dates, 1972-1988
5.2 linear feet
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Series Description

Series I
- Articles and Journals
Series II
- Audio-Visual
Series III
- Books and Manuscripts
Series IV
- Folktales
Series V
Series VI
- Personal Works

Access and Use

Access: No restrictions other than Federal Copyright laws on published materials.

Provenance: Ben Heiman’s wife donated his papers to Loyal Jones, who then donated them to Berea College Special Collections & Archives.

Preferred Citation: Ben Heiman Folklore Collection, Berea College Special Collections & Archives, Berea, Ky.

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Series Description
13 Manuscript Boxes

Series IV Folktales Boxes 7-12

This series consists of copied folktales. The folktales are arranged by subject, such as the type of story or the country or region of origin. There are folktales from Africa, Ireland, Spain, Finland, and numerous other countries. Black folktales, ghost stories, scary stories, Jacktales, and unusual deaths are a few of the types of stories in this series.

Box 7, continued

  1. African
  2. Alabama
  3. Archives of Appalachia
  4. Black Folktales (Journal of American Folklore: 1912-1934)

Box 8

  1. Black Folktales (Western Folklore 1954)
  2. Black (miscellaneous)
  3. Celtic (The Other World: Myths of the Celts)
  4. Chinese
  5. Creatures (assorted)
  6. Czech (including "The Shoemaker's Apron")
  7. Danish
  8. Devil
  9. English
  10. Fairytales
  11. Ferrum Archives

Box 9

  1. Finnish
  2. French-Canadian
  3. Ghost Stories
  4. Ghost Stories (continued)
  5. Ghost Stories: "The Golden Arm"
  6. Ghost Stories: "The Vanishing Hitchhiker"
  7. Giants
  8. Goblins
  9. The Hook (and similar stories)
  10. Icelandic
  11. Irish
  12. Italian

Box 10

  1. Japanese
  2. Jack Tales
  3. Jack Tales by James Taylor Adams
  4. Jack Tales from Archives of Appalachia
  5. Jack Tales from Archives of Appalachia (continued)
  6. Jack Tales concerning Giants
  7. Jack Tales by Henrie Glassie
  8. Jack Tales: Tarheel Tales Theatre
  9. Jack Tales: Traveling Theatre
  10. Jewish
  11. Korean
  12. Louisiana
  13. Native American
  14. Netherlands

Box 11

  1. Polish
  2. Russian
  3. Scandinavian
  4. Scary
  5. Scottish
  6. Scottish (continued)
  7. Serbian
  8. Services for the Dead
  9. Shetland Islands
  10. Spanish
  11. Swedish
  12. Unusual Deaths

Box 12

  1. Uwharrie Mountains
  2. Welsh
  3. Witches
  4. Witches (continued)
  5. Miscellaneous Folktales
  6. Miscellaneous Folktales (continued)
  7. Miscellaneous Folktales (continued)
Series V Indexes Box 13

This series contains reference material for further research into folktales. In this series are bibliographies, notes, tables of contents, and indexes Mr. Heiman found in his reading. Many of the bibliographies, etc. were copied from books that were the sources for the folktales in the collection.

Box 13

  1. Bibliographies
  2. Book Lists
  3. Indexes
  4. Notes and Sources
  5. Notes and Sources (continued)
  6. Tables of Contents
Series VI Personal Works Box 13 cont.

This series consists of the personal papers of Ben Heiman. Correspondence is limited; however there are letters concerning Tarheel Tales Theatre and the folktale "Which is Witch." Included in this series are clippings about his performances and notes on an index Mr. Heiman was compiling. A copy of Mr. Heiman's original work, Folktales: A Window to the World is also in this series. The largest section of the series consists of folktales told by Mr. Heiman. There are typewritten copies of his own versions and copied versions of the stories, arranged alphabetically by title. Obituaries have been added.

Box 13, continued

  1. Correspondence: Tarheel Tales Theatre
  2. Correspondence: "Which Was Witch"
  3. Correspondence (miscellaneous)
  4. Folktale- "Aaron Kelly's Bones"
  5. Folktale- "The Book of Magic Demons"
  6. Folktale- "The Cat and the Parrot"
  7. Folktale- "The Coffin"
  8. Folktale- "The Lawyer and the Devil"
  9. Folktale- "Little Eight John"
  10. Folktale- "The Man Who Planted Onions"
  11. Folktale- "Salmon Cariad"
  12. Folktale- "The Three Wishes"
  13. Folktale- "Two of Everything"
  14. Folktale- "Which was Witch"
  15. Folktale- "Wiley and the Hairy Man"
  16. Folktale- miscellaneous
  17. Information on Ben Heiman (miscellaneous)
  18. Indexes
  19. Storytelling Program by Ben Heiman- Folktales: A Window to the World

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