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Guide to the Ben Heiman Folklore Collection, Series I-III

Accession Number: 62
Ben Heiman Folklore Collection, 1891-1988
Bulk Dates, 1972-1988
5.2 linear feet
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Series Description
Series I - Articles and Journals
Series II - Audio-Visual
Series III - Books and Manuscripts

Series IV - Folktales
Series V - Indexes
Series VI - Personal Works

Access and Use

Access: No restrictions other than Federal Copyright laws on published materials.

Provenance: Ben Heiman’s wife donated his papers to Loyal Jones, who then donated them to Berea College Special Collections & Archives.

Preferred Citation: Ben Heiman Folklore Collection, Berea College Special Collections & Archives, Berea, Ky.

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Series Description
13 Manuscript Boxes

Series I Articles and Journals Boxes 1-4

Materials in this series consist of published articles and journals. The articles cover a variety of topics, including fairy tales, storytelling, teaching, and crafts. The journal section has sporadic copies of the Journal of American Folklore from 1891-1972 and the North Carolina Folklore Journal (1977-1988), among other titles.

Box 1

  1. Black Folktales
  2. Catalpa Plant (general information)
  3. Crafts
  4. Customs and Traditions
  5. Devil Folktales (articles concerning)
  6. Fairy Tales
  7. Folktales
  8. Folk Idioms
  9. Ghost Stories (Vanishing Hitchhiker)
  10. Jack Tales
  11. Jack Tales (continued)
  12. Jewish Folktales
  13. Korea (reference material)
  14. Log Cabins

Box 2

  1. Nursery Rhymes
  2. Poe, Edgar Allen
  3. Riddles
  4. Sloane, Eric
  5. Songs and Ballads
  6. Storytellers
  7. Storytelling
  8. Teaching with Folktales
  9. Quilting (from Foxfire 1 and 2)
  10. Miscellaneous
  11. Appalachian Heritage (spring 1987)
  12. Appalachian Journal (1977 v.5.1)
  13. Appalachian Journal (1984 v.12.1)

Box 3

  1. Journal of American Folklore (1891 v.4)
  2. Journal of American Folklore (1904 v.17)
  3. Journal of American Folklore (1909 v.22)
  4. Journal of American Folklore (1917 v.30)
  5. Journal of American Folklore (1919 v.32)
  6. Journal of American Folklore (1923 v.35)
  7. Journal of American Folklore (1925 v.38)
  8. Journal of American Folklore (1934 v.47)
  9. Journal of American Folklore (1936 v.49)
  10. Journal of American Folklore (1938)
  11. Journal of American Folklore (1944 v.57)
  12. Journal of American Folklore (1948)
  13. Journal of American Folklore (1952 v.65)
  14. Journal of American Folklore (1960 v.73)
  15. Journal of American Folklore (1970 v.83)
  16. Journal of American Folklore (1972 v.85)
  17. North Carolina Folklore Journal (1977 v.25.2)
  18. North Carolina Folklore Journal (1978 v.26.1)
  19. North Carolina Folklore Journal (1978 v.26.2)
  20. North Carolina Folklore Journal (1978 v.26.3)
  21. North Carolina Folklore Journal (1983 v.31.1)
  22. North Carolina Folklore Journal (1988 v.35.2)

Box 4

  1. North Carolina Folklore Society Newsletter (1986 v.8.3)
  2. Southern Folklore Quarterly (1938)
  3. Southern Folklore Quarterly (1950 v.14.2)
  4. Southern Folklore Quarterly (1954 v.18)
  5. Southern Folklore Quarterly (1955 v.19)
  6. Folklore Journal Research Guide
Series II Audio-Visual Box 4

This series consists of audio and videotape of folklorists and storytellers. People interviewed in this series include Richard Chase, Maude Long, and Hattie Presnell, Connie Reagan and Ray Hicks. There are numerous Jack Tales on these tapes.

Box 4, continued

  1. Chase, Richard (videotape)
  2. Long, Maude (audio cassette)
  3. Presnell, Hattie (audio cassette)
  4. Presnell, Hattie (audio cassette)
  5. Reagan, Connie and Ray Hicks (audio cassette)
Series III Books and Manuscripts Boxes 5-7

This series contains books and manuscripts concerning folklore and folktales. The manuscripts are Cheryl Oxford's Jack Tales as Told by Traditional North Carolina Storytellers and John Ramsay's Dog Tales. Leonard Roberts' I Bought Me a Dog and Folktales of the Southern Mountains are original publications. This series has photocopies of books by James Aswell, Elizabeth Cook, John Greenway, Maria Leach, Eric Sloane and Stith Thomson, among others.

Box 5

  1. Aswell, James. God Bless the Devil: Liar's Bench Tales.
  2. Cook Elizabeth. The Ordinary and the Fabulous.
  3. Davis Hubert. Hit's the Truth: Tall Tales from the Mountains.
  4. Gardner, Emelyn Elizabeth. Folktales from the Schoharie Hills,
  5. New York.
  6. Greenway, John. Gormless Tom and Other Tales from the British
  7. Isles.
  8. Irwin, John Rice. A People and Their Quilts.
  9. Kennedy, Patrick. The Fireside Stories of Ireland.
  10. Leach, Maria. Whistle in the Graveyard: Tales to Chill your
  11. Bones.
  12. McGovern, Ann. Squeals, Squiggles, and Ghostly Giggles.
  13. Munchhausen, Angelita von. The Real Munchhausen.

Box 6

  1. Oxford, Cheryl. Jack Tales as Told by Traditional North Carolina
  2. Storytellers.
  3. Ramsay, John M. Dog Tales.
  4. Ramsay, John M. Dog Tales.
  5. Roberts, Leonard. Folktales of the Southern Mountains.
  6. Roberts, Leonard. I Bought Me a Dog: A Dozen Authentic
  7. Folktales from the Southern Mountains.
  8. Sloane, Eric. ABC Book of Early Americana.
  9. Smith, Elmer L. Anecdotes, Stories, and Folktales.

Box 7

  1. Smith, Elmer L. Virginia Folklore.
  2. Thompson, Stith. The Types of the Folktale: A
  3. Classification and Bibliography (part 1).
  4. Thompson, Stith. The Types of the Folktale: A Classification and
  5. Bibliography (part 2).
  6. Thompson, Stith. The Types of the Folktale: A Classification and
  7. Bibliography (part 3).

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