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Guide to the West-Vanhook Family Papers, Series III-V

Accession Number: 61
The West-Vanhook Family Papers, 1867-1992
Bulk Dates: 1880-1952
2.0 linear feet
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Series I - Correspondence
Series II - Family History
Series III - Financial Records
Series IV - Printed Material
Series V - Miscellaneous

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Series Description
5 Manuscript Boxes

Series III Financial Records Boxes 3-4

Materials consist of Bank Account Books, Bank Notes, Federal and State Income Tax receipts, Labor Account Books, and Miscellaneous receipts that tell the financial history of West-Vanhook farm. The Bank Account books and Bank Notes show what kinds of things were bought to support a farm. Similarly, the numerous miscellaneous receipts give a vivid picture of what was purchased on the farm at different time periods. The labor Account Books are an important source of information because they list the names of workers hired to work on the farm. The federal and State Income Tax receipts, 1867-1952, show the kind of living one could make in the farming business during this period. Materials are arranged alphabetically by subject, chronologically thereunder.

Box 3, cont.

  1. Bank Account Books: 1948-1951, Deposit Slips: 1903- 1953; Check Stubs: 1945-1952; Miscellaneous
  2. Bank Notes: 1890-1950
  3. Bank Notes: January-December, 1951
  4. Bank Notes: January-December, 1952

Box 4

  1. Federal Income Tax Receipts: 1919-1920
  2. Kentucky Farm Account Book: 1921-1922; Ledger: 1901-1916, Workmen's Time Book: 1919-1922
  3. Labor Account Books: 1954-1959, 1960-1961, 1963
  4. General: 1940-1953
  5. Miscellaneous Receipts: Bastin Lumber Co. 1948 / Stockyard Receipts 1933-1961
  6. Miscellaneous Receipts: J.N. Thompson, 1894 / Sara J. West, 1915
  7. School Tax Receipts: 1888-1898
  8. State and County Tax Receipts: 1867-1898
  9. State and County Tax Receipts: 1903-1952
Series IV Printed Material Boxes 4-5

Materials consist of books and programs that were used by various family members. W.W. West's New Testament Bible is in the series along with Beulah West's, Ray's Modern Elementary Arithmetic and Logan West's Steps to Christ. Materials are arranged alphabetically.

Box 4, cont.

  1. Historical Sketches of Lancaster and Garrard County, n.d.
  2. New Testament Bible, n.d.
  3. "Official Program, 17th National Encampment of the G.A.R.," 1936
  4. Ray's Modern Elementary Arithmetic, 1903

Box 5

  1. Steps to Christ, 1908
  2. The New McGuffy First Reader, 1901
  3. The Story of the Pinnacle, n.d.
Series V Miscellaneous Box 5, cont.

Materials consist of drawings, receipts, birthday cards, a political flyer, store advertisements, and a sketch of the Manse cemetery plot. Arrangement is chronological.

Box 5, cont.

  1. Miscellaneous: n.d., 1923-1931

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