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Guide to the West-Vanhook Family Papers, Series I-II

Accession Number: 61
The West-Vanhook Family Papers, 1867-1992
Bulk Dates: 1880-1952
2.0 linear feet
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Series I - Correspondence
Series II - Family History

Series III - Financial Records
Series IV - Printed Material
Series V - Miscellaneous

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Series Description
5 Manuscript Boxes

Series I Correspondence Box 1

Materials consist of letters that are categorized as either personal or business. The letters in the personal file are written to and from such family members as Sarah West, W.W. West, Floyd West, and Bill West. These letters are mainly about how everyone is doing and what has been going on with their lives. The business letters discuss various property interests, livestock, and tobacco. There are numerous letters written by W.W. West to a W. H. Thompson in regard to a piece of property he was trying to buy. These letters allow researchers to see the various transactions that take place on a farm. Correspondence is arranged chronologically by year, alphabetically there under.

Box 1

  1. Personal, 1914-1951
  2. Business, n.d., 1919-1957
Series II Family History Boxes 1 - 3

Materials consist of audio tape interviews, personal/biographical documents, photographs, property deeds, and personal writings that document the West-Vanhook family's history. Audio tape interviews are of Bill West, Beulah West, and the Reverend and Mrs. Wesley. These interviews were done by Rachel West Ball for research incorporated into her paper, “Six Generations of Heritage.” Family documents include the West-Kelly family crests, a historical farms certificate, Bill West’s high school diploma, and Sara West’s will. The property deeds include a photocopy of the original deed for the farm that F.A. Vanhook bought from E. Best in 1890. These property deeds range from 1890 to 1989. The family photographs consist of over 85 pictures of such family members as Nancy Jane Vanhook, Eliza Thompson, Sara Jane West, Henry West, W.W. West, Minnie West, and Bill West. Also included are two copies of Rachel West Ball's family history, “Six Generations of Heritage.” The materials are arranged alphabetically by subject, chronologically thereunder.

Box 1, cont.

  1. Audio Tape Interviews: Bill and Beulah West, Beulah West, and the Reverend and Mrs. Wesley; January 1992.
  2. General
  3. Personal/Biographical: Beulah West-Logan West
  4. Personal/Biographical: Rachel West Ball-W.W. West
  5. Personal/Biographical: West-Kelly Family Crests
  6. Photographs: Spears-Thompson, n.d.
  7. Photographs: Thompson-Vanhook, n.d.

Box 2

  1. Photographs: Vanhook, n.d.
  2. Photographs: Vanhook-West, n.d.
  3. Photographs: West, n.d.
  4. Photographs: West-Unknown, n.d.
  5. Photographs: William West, n.d.
  6. Property Deeds: 1890-1989
  7. “Six Generations of Heritage,” January 30, 1992

Box 3

  1. “Six Generations of Heritage,” January 30, 1992
  2. Bill West’s 4-H Cattle Project: 1951-1952

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