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Guide to the West-Vanhook Family Papers

Accession Number: 61
The West-Vanhook Family Papers, 1867-1992
Bulk Dates: 1880-1952
2.0 linear feet
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Series I - Correspondence
Series II - Family History
Series III - Financial Records
Series IV - Printed Material
Series V - Miscellaneous

Overview of the Collection

These are correspondence, family history, tapes, photographs, financial records, and printed materials that document the lives and work of the West-Vanhook family.

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The West-Vanhook family farm was bought by F.A. Vanhook and his wife Nancy in 1884. They moved there from Science Hill, in Pulaski County, Kentucky. The death of the current farm owner delayed the official property transfer until 1890. By this time F.A. Vanhook had already passed away. Henry West, of Pulaski County, Kentucky married F.A. Vanhook’s daughter, Sarah, in 1867. His son, William W. (better known as W.W. West), was the first West to move to the farm, being sent to help his grandmother Nancy manage the farm in about 1895. Two years after W.W. moved to the farm he met his wife-to-be, Patience Amanda Rebecca Arimenta Kelly (better known as Minnie). W.W. and Minnie’s sons, Logan and Floyd, attended Berea College, but did not graduate. Beulah was the only child of W.W. and Minnie still living at the time of this writing [since deceased]. She was retired from a teaching career at Paint Lick. Beulah, along with Floyd’s sons, Bill and Henry, are the current owners of the farm. Recently Bill and Henry decided to split up the land, which made Bill the owner of the original farm that had been acquired by F.A. Vanhook.

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