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Guide to the Leonard Ward Roberts Collection - Series X-XI

Accession Number: 57
The Leonard Ward Roberts Collection
Papers and Sound Recordings 1949-1983
27.8 Linear Feet
44 Cassette Tapes
99 Reel Tapes
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Overview & Series Description
Series I - Biographical Information
Series II - Writings
Series III - Publications Edited by Leonard Roberts
Series IV - General Correspondence
Series V - Subject Files
Series VI - Ballad and Song Texts
Series VII - Student Folklore Collections
Series VIII - Games
Series IX - Regional Writers
Series X - Community Histories
Series XI - Folklore

Series XII - Folktales
Series XIII - Folksong Texts
Series XIV - Folkways
Series XV - Genealogy
Series XVI - Interviews
Series XVII - Indians
Series XVIII - Teaching Aids
Series XIX - Audio Tapes and Transcripts
Series XX - Card Files

Series X Community Histories Boxes 24-25

This series includes historical accounts of personalities, place names, local legends, county and other community histories.

Box 24

  1. Adair County
  2. Appalachia, Naming of (Conference Paper)
  3. Big Sandy Historical Society
  4. Etiological Stories; Origin of Names, Goods, and Services
  5. Floyd County
  6. Fleming County
  7. General
  8. General - Local Histories
  9. Niles, John Jacob - Clippings
  10. Place Names
  11. Menifee County
  12. Morgan County
  13. Newspapers (Elkhorn City Enterprise 1971,
    Rowan Co. News, Nov. 1962)
  14. Owingsville - Bath County
  15. Oral History - Appalachian Tri-racial Oral Tradition Project
  16. Oral Histories Pike and Floyd Counties - Transcripts
  17. Oral History Project - Alice Lloyd College
  18. Pike County Historical Papers Number 3 (notes on Publications)

Box 25

  1. Pike County Place Names
  2. Pike County Place Names
  3. Pike County
  4. Place Names
  5. Place Names
  6. Research Historians - Johnson County Central High School
Series XI Folktales Boxes 25 (cont.)-27

This series includes material classified under the broad categories of General Tales, Riddles and General Rhymes. Subjects include anecdotes, Civil War tales, characters, creatures, ghosts, supernatural stories, riddles, and rhymes used in children's games, at home or school.

Box 25 (cont.)

  1. Babylore
  2. Babylore
  3. ESP, Telepathy, Fortune Telling
  4. Economic and Social Relationships
  5. Home, Family, & Neighbor Relations at Work,
    Play, Teasing, Tricking, Trading, Building, Planting, etc.

Box 26

  1. Bibliographies - Folklore
  2. Civil War
  3. Clippings from Newspapers and Magazines - Miscellaneous
  4. Couch Family Stories (Transcripts) Jim
  5. Couch Family Stories (Transcripts) Jim
  6. Couch Family Stories (Transcripts) Dave
  7. Couch Family Stories (Transcripts) Dave
  8. Couch Family Stories (Transcripts) Other Couches
  9. Couch Family Stories (Transcripts) Unnamed
  10. Crimes and Feuds
  11. Crimes and Feuds

Box 27

  1. Domestic: Work, Play, and Humor
  2. Domestic: Work, Play, and Humor
  3. Weather
  4. Witchcraft, Ghosts, and Magical Practices
  5. Witchcraft, Ghosts, and Magical Practices

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