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Guide to the Mountain Maternal Health League Records, Series VII-IX

Accession Number: 53
Mountain Maternal Health League Records, 1936-1997
Bulk Dates: 1937-1990s
4.4 linear ft.
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Series I - History
Series II - Clinical and Medical
Series III - Administrative and Financial Records
Series IV - Clinical and Medical
Series V - Publicity and Fundraising
Series VI - Correspondence, 1937-1979
Series VII - Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Series VIII - Artifacts
Series IX - Restricted Correspondence

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Preferred citation: Mountain Maternal Health League Records, Berea College Special Collections & Archives, Berea, Ky.

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14 Manuscript Boxes

Series VII Planned Parenthood Federation of America Boxes 9-10

This series consists of by-laws, directories, affiliation standards and other publications of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). PPFA-MMHL-related correspondence is found in series VI, Boxes 8-9.

Box 9 continued

  1. Affiliation
  2. Affiliation, Regional
  3. Awards and First Day Covers
  4. By-laws
  5. Directories
  6. Alan F. Guttmacher
  7. Guidelines

Box 10

  1. Handbook
  2. Information and Memorandums
  3. Meetings
  4. Publications-International Planned Parenthood News, 1970-1977 (incomplete)
  5. Publications-Memorandum, 1968
  6. Publications-Memorandum, 1969
  7. Publications-Memorandum, 1970
  8. Publications-Memorandum, 1971
  9. Publications-Memorandum, 1972
Series VIII Artifacts Boxes 11-12

This series consists of a plaque from Lane Bryant awarded to Mountain Maternal, the guest book from the 50th Anniversary Dinner, a scrapbook of news clippings 1970-1972, miscellaneous award certificates and posters, and an oversize photograph of an unidentified rural family group consisting of parents and nine children.

Box 11

  1. Lane Bryant Plaque
  2. 50th Anniversary Dinner Guest Book

Box 12

  1. Oversize photograph of rural family group - parents and nine children
  2. Scrapbook of MMHL-related news clippings 1970-1972
  3. Award certificate
  4. Advertising poster
  5. MMHL Logos
Series IX Restricted Correspondence Boxes 13-14

This series consists of correspondence related to individual patients and personnel matters.

Box 13

  1. Letters From Patients RESTRICTED

Box 14

  1. Personnel Correspondence RESTRICTED

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