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Guide to the Oneida Baptist Institute Records, Series V and Part B

Accession Number: 48
Oneida Baptist Institute Records, 1906-1983
Selected Records 1909-1983
Selected Photographs c. 1906-1915
3.12 linear feet
7 microfilm boxes and 5 boxes of prints
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Series Description
Part A - Selected Records - Selected Documents
        Series I - Historical Sketches and Publications, 1912-1981
        Series II - Correspondence, 1922-83
        Series III - Operational and Vital Records, 1906-1978
                Subseries A: General, 1906-1978
                Subseries B: Financial Records, 1916-1973
        Series IV - Alumni Association Files, 1929-64 (Ledger #1 & #2)
        Series V- Student Records, 1909-82 - Restricted (Reel 1-8; Ledger #1- #3)
Part B - Selected Photographs, c. 1906- c.1915

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Series Description
12 Boxes

Series V Student Records, 1909-82 (Reels 1-8; Ledger #1- #3) Reels 1-8


The student records of the Oneida Baptist Institute consist of ledgers dating from 1909-54, and card files for the years 1938-82. While it is not clear that the ledgers are a complete or an official record, they are the only known extant student records up to 1938. With the exception of Ledger #1, which has an alphabetical index at the front but is not otherwise in alphabetical order, the ledgers are an alphabetical listing of students enrolled for those years. The Ledgers contain such basic identifying information as the name and home address of the student and the name of parents or guardians. In addition, Ledger #3 contains information regarding the occupations of parents or guardians. Student birth dates do not begin to appear until Ledger #3 (1934-54), All three Ledgers list entrance and graduation (or withdrawal) dates, and grades.

The card files for the years 1938-82 are the official, confidential student records for those years. From 1938 until approximately the end of the 1950s, the cards show the student's name, sex, date, and place of birth, elementary school entered from, name of parent or guardian, grades, graduation or withdrawal date, class rank, and an attendance summary. The files for the 1960s included this basic information as well as categories for race, and for intelligence and achievement test records. In the 1970s the forms once again include information regarding parents occupations; and in the 1980s some files list nationality and native language. The card files are in alphabetical order by last name.

Reel 1

  1. Ledger 1 Student Records, 1909-1930
  2. Ledger 2 Student Records, 1924-40
  3. Ledger 3 Student Records, A-Hensley, Herschel, 1934-54

Reel 2

  1. Card File, Hensley, Loretta - Z, 1934-54

Reel 3

  1. Card File, A - Combs, J., 1938-78

Reel 4

  1. Card File, Combs, K., - Hor, 1938-78

Reel 5

  1. Card File, Hos - Rice, B., 1938-78

Reel 6

  1. Card File, Rice, C - Z, 1938-78
  2. Card File, A - Barger, M., 1979-82

Reel 7

  1. Card File, Barger, R., - Shank, 1979-82

Reel 8

  1. Card File, Sharity - Z, 1979-82

Part B

Part B Selected Photographs, c. 1906 - c.1915 0 Boxes 8-12

The Oneida copy print collection consists of 401 images selected from the Matlack collection. The photographs document various aspects of local society during the formative years of the institution. Copy prints are identified with both University of Louisville and SIA control numbers. As a result, the researcher is quickly able to coordinate the location of originals within the Matlack collection. The boxlist below is organized by primary subject; however, the in-house index also makes it possible to search for prints in this collection by secondary subject or by approximate date.

Box 8

  1. Activities
  2. Animals
  3. Architecture

Box 9

  1. Artifacts
  2. Campus Buildings And Grounds
  3. Ceremonies
  4. Dress
  5. Events
  6. Folk Arts
  7. Government
  8. Industries
  9. Interiors
  10. Landscapes

Box 10

  1. Music
  2. People
  3. Portraits

Box 11

  1. Portraits (Cont.)
  2. Portraits / Staff

Box 12

  1. Special Programs / Outreach
  2. Sports
  3. Studies
  4. Theater
  5. Townscapes
  6. Transportation

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