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Guide to the Oneida Baptist Institute Records, Series I

Accession Number: 48
Oneida Baptist Institute Records, 1906-1983
Selected Records 1909-1983
Selected Photographs c. 1906-1915
3.12 linear feet
7 microfilm boxes and 5 boxes of prints
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Series Description
Part A - Selected Records - Selected Documents
        Series I - Historical Sketches and Publications, 1912-1981

        Series II - Correspondence, 1922-83
        Series III - Operational and Vital Records, 1906-1978
                Subseries A: General, 1906-1978
                Subseries B: Financial Records, 1916-1973
        Series IV - Alumni Association Files, 1929-64 (Ledger #1 & #2)
        Series V- Student Records, 1909-82 - Restricted (Reel 1-8; Ledger #1- #3)
Part B - Selected Photographs, c. 1906- c.1915

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Series Description
12 Boxes

Series I Historical Sketches and Publications, 1912-1981 (Reels 9-12) Reels 9-12

Extant copies of the Oneida Mountaineer, a newspaper published for many years by Oneida staff, founder James Burns' autobiography, The Crucible, and biographical sketches and magazines about Burns and the work at Oneida comprise the major part of this series. A bibliography of published materials pertaining to the life and work of James Burns (c. 1958) and a reprint of a speech made by Burns in 1926 supplement these materials. The remainder of the papers in this series are somewhat miscellaneous and fragmentary.

With the exception of only a few years, the surviving copies of the Oneida Mountaineer, extend from the first issue in 1915 through 1981, and are thus one of the most comprehensive historical documents in the Collection. The staff people who compiled the Mountaineer took very seriously their task of reporting regularly on school news and events, and directing the publication to friends and contributors outside the immediate locality as well as to the school and community. The articles address subjects such as academic offerings, the student labor program, on-campus industries and crafts, new construction, destruction by fire and flood, and establishment of utilities systems. The Mountaineer documents the founding of the Oneida Hospital, the "branch schools," a visit to the school in 1917 by ballad collector Cecil Sharp, and includes a 1918 article by Ida Tarbell on the value of mountain settlement schools. Also included are Alumni news, profiles of staff and students, and detailed financial statements.

The autobiography of James Burns was published in 1928. While it does not reveal much of his personal life, The Crucible vividly illustrates the story of the school's founding and is the lengthiest surviving piece of writing by Mr. Burns. Articles in American Magazine in 1912, 1913, and 1916 offer brief biographies and speech texts. In addition to being sources of information on his life and the school, the articles are illustrative of President Burns' ability to win people to his cause. Other material include transcribed copies of Louisville (Kentucky) newspaper articles about James Burns, events during the T.L. Adams years and the beginning of the Russell administration.

Reel 9

  1. Oneida Mountaineer, 1915-1939

Reel 10

  1. Oneida Mountaineer, 1940-1971

Reel 11


Reel 12

  1. Oneida Mountaineer, 1972-1981, n.d.
  2. The Crucible, by Burns of the Mountains (reprint), 1966; Burns, James Anderson, Biographical Sketches, n.d.; Funeral, 1945
  3. "Burns of the Mountains," Emerson Hough, American Magazine, December 1912
  4. American Magazine, March 1916
  5. "Believing and Doing, A Little Story of Burns of the Mountains," Emerson Hough, American Magazine, March 1916
  6. "The Taking of Character," Speech by J.A. Burns, February 5, 1926, Executive Speeches, Executive Club of Chicago, 1928
  7. "Burns of the Mountains," J.W. Fairchild, c. 1950 News Articles, copies of, 1914, 1921-1923, 1946, n.d.
  8. "Published Material about James Anderson Burns . . .and Oneida Institute," Bibliography, c. 1958
  9. "Oneida Institute, "Christian Education Advance Case Study, Kentucky Baptist Convention, c. 1964
  10. Brochures and Promotional Materials, 1940s-1960s,n.d.
  11. School programs and Events, 1923, 1942, 1951, 1960-1964, 1975-1976,n.d.
  12. Student Publication, c. 1946
  13. "News and Views," David Jackson, c. 1964
  14. "Dr. Marvin's Story," Broadus McLendon, 1959
  15. School publications, materials submitted for, 1940s, c. 1950s, 1960s
  16. Minutes, Baptist Church Association Meetings, 1908, 1937
  17. Labels, Oneida Brand Canned Beans, Peaches, Tomatoes, c. 1920

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