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Guide to the Hazel Green Academy Collection, Part B

Accession Number: 46
Hazel Green Academy Collection
Selected Records and Photographs 1886-1982
14.1 Linear Feet, 34 boxes
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Part A - Selected Documents, 1903-1982
        Series I - Historical Sketches and Publications, 1886-1981
        Series II - Directors' Files, 1906-82
             Subseries A: General, c. 1933-80
             Subseries B: Financial Records, 1906-82
        Series III - Principals' Files, 1892-1982
        Series IV - Personnel Records, 1927-82 (Restricted)
        Series V - Former Students and Friends Association, 1940-82
        Series VI - Student Records, 1903-82 (Restricted)
Part B - Photographs, c. 1912- c.1980
        Series I - General File, 1930-1983
        Series II - Early Years, 1892-1930

Access and Use

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Series Description
54 Microfilm Reels in 9 boxes
9 manuscript boxes
6 slide boxes
8 boxes of negatives
1 oversize box
1 box of copy prints

Part B: Photographic Material
25 Boxes

Overview of Images

The collection of photographic material from Hazel Green Academy is represented in two series, Series I - General File, and Series II - Early Years. The bulk of this collection is found in Series I, covering the years 1930 to the school's closing in 1983. There are five main formats included in this first series: 1) Prints; 2) Slides; 3) Negatives; 4) Albums; and 5) Mounted and/or Oversize images.

Series II, an artificially created series of 93 images, represents the earliest years of Hazel Green Academy. Because of fires and other disasters at Hazel Green, there are relatively few surviving photographs. Despite its small size, however, this is a very useful group because it helps document much of the early history of the Academy. To protect the originals while making the images accessible to researchers, a set of copy prints has been made of these images.

Series Description
54 Microfilm Reels in 9 boxes
9 manuscript boxes
6 slide boxes
8 boxes of negatives
1 oversize box
1 box of copy prints

Part B: Photographs and Film

Series I General File, 1930-1983 Boxes 10-32

The images in this series are boxed by type: prints, slides, negatives, albums, and oversize or mounted images. The larger groups are also arranged alphabetically by subject. The prints that make up the majority of the series can be classified as yearbook prints, most of which are unidentified. There are numerous "school days" portraits, images of clubs and activities, campus buildings, sports, and folk arts. The yearbook prints date from the 1950s to 1983. There are also many original duplicates of the loose prints in this series.

The slides complement this series in that they tend to "fill in" what the prints do not cover. A large majority of the slides represent the youth \work camp held during the summer, school activities, staff and student portrait, and sports. The slides cover the more recent period of the school, but include several slides from the late 1940s and early 1950s. There are also two 35mm filmstrips (originally accompanied by a phonograph album not in this collection) entitled "The Pathway to High Roads," a historical sketch of Hazel Green Academy.

The negatives represent for the most part campus buildings and yearbook shots. They are found in both 35mm and 120mm film, and many are identified. Included with the negatives are numerous proof sheets, mainly used in connection with the yearbook.

There are five (5) albums in the series, three (3) campus photographic calendars, (1) one unidentified snapshot album, and the Dr. H.I. Blood Album. The Blood album consists mainly of unidentified student portraits, class graduation photos, area landscape photos and student activity photos. The album was presented to Dr. Blood in 1952 by the senior class and the staff.

The General File Series also includes a collection of mounted and/or oversize prints. This group is mainly made up of student activities, campus buildings and portraits. Included also is an aerial photograph of the school and community.

Loose Prints

Box 10

  1. Activity
  2. Animal
  3. Architecture
  4. Ceremony
  5. Cityscape

Box 11

  1. Event
  2. Folkarts
  3. Interior
  4. Landscape
  5. Music
  6. Occupation
  7. People

Box 12

  1. Portrait--couple
  2. Portrait--large group

Box 13

  1. Portrait--single
  2. Portrait--small group

Box 14

  1. Portrait--staff
  2. Sport
  3. Study
  4. Street Scene
  5. Theater
  6. Townscape
  7. Transportation
  8. Campus Buildings

Duplicate Prints

Box 15

  1. Activity
  2. Architecture
  3. Event
  4. Interior
  5. Landscape
  6. Music
  7. People
  8. Portrait--couple
  9. Portrait--large group
  10. Portrait--single

Box 16

  1. Portrait--small group
  2. Portait--staff
  3. Sport
  4. Streeet Scene
  5. Study
  6. Theater
  7. Transportation
  8. Campus Buildings
  9. Proofsheets


Box 17

  1. Activity
  2. Animal
  3. Architecture

Box 18

  1. Ceremony
  2. Event
  3. Folkarts
  4. Homecoming--former students
  5. Interior
  6. Landscape
  7. Music

Box 19

  1. Music,
  2. People,
  3. Plimoth Plantation
  4. Portrait--couple
  5. Portrait--large group
  6. Portrait--single

Box 20

  1. Portrait--small group
  2. Portrait--staff
  3. Sport
  4. Study
  5. Street Scene
  6. Theater
  7. Townscape
  8. Transportation

Box 21

  1. Campus Buildings--Work Camp

Box 22

  1. Work Camp,
  2. Miscellaneous Religious slides
  3. Miscellaneous 120mm slides
  4. 35mm. Filmstrips--"The Pathway to High Roads"


Box 23

  1. Old HGA Negatives - Tom Thumb Wedding (120mm)
  2. Adult Pottery - Work on Gym (35mm)
  3. Adult Pottery - Youth Work Camp (120 mm)
  4. Aerial Photos - Pool Table (35mm)
  5. Unidentified 35mm and 120mm film

Box 24

  1. 35mm roll film, Adult Pottery - Basketball

Box 25

  1. Basketball - Christmas

Box 26

  1. Class Officers - Graduating Class

Box 27

  1. Graduation - Junior/Senior Banquet

Box 28

  1. King, Miss - Pump Repair

Box 29

  1. Puppets - Visitors

Box 30

  1. Weaving - Youth Work Camp
  2. Three unidentified rolls


Box 31

  1. H.I. Blood Album
  2. Campus Photograph Calendars
  3. Unidentified Snapshot Album

Mounted and/or Oversize Images

Box 32

  1. Activites
  2. Buildings
  3. Portraits

Series II Early Years, 1892-1930 Boxes 33-33a

The majority of these prints are group photographs and portraits, although there are also prints of campus buildings and the town of Hazel Green. Many of these older prints were donated to Hazel Green by Mrs. Holman Todd (Mary Pieratt) and date mainly between 1892 and 1910, although there are also prints in this series as recent as 1930.

Also represented in this series is a group of photographs (originally framed) taken in 1919-1920 by Edward J. Ronsheim, a faculty member at Hazel Green. This collection was presented to the Academy in 1939, "in an effort to give those of other years a chance to see how things were twenty years ago." Duplicates of some of the Ronsheim photographs are included.

Special attention should be given to some of the earlier prints, as they are torn or faded. Due to the age and condition of this series of Early Years prints, they have been reproduced as copyprints and in that form are available for research use. As noted, this series is an artificial creation for the purpose of providing better access to this significant group.

Loose Prints

Box 33

  1. Campus Buildings
  2. Group Photographs
  3. Hazel Green (town) and Environs
  4. Portraits
  5. "In and Near Hazel Green 1919-1924": Photos by Edward J. Ronsheim (1939)

Box 33a

  1. Copy prints of the original Early Years items

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