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Guide to the Hazel Green Academy Collection, Part A, Series IV-V

Accession Number: 46
Hazel Green Academy Collection
Selected Records and Photographs 1886-1982
14.1 Linear Feet, 34 boxes
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Series Description
Part A - Selected Documents, 1903-1982
        Series I - Historical Sketches and Publications, 1886-1981
        Series II - Directors' Files, 1906-82
             Subseries A: General, c. 1933-80
             Subseries B: Financial Records, 1906-82
        Series III - Principals' Files, 1892-1982
        Series IV - Personnel Records, 1927-82 (Restricted)
        Series V - Former Students and Friends Association, 1940-82

        Series VI - Student Records, 1903-82 (Restricted)
Part B - Photographs, c. 1912- c.1980
        Series I - General File, 1930-1983
        Series II - Early Years, 1892-1930

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Series Description
54 Microfilm Reels in 9 boxes
9 manuscript boxes
6 slide boxes
8 boxes of negatives
1 oversize box
1 box of copy prints

Part A: Documents and Records

Series IV Personnel Records, 1927-82 [RESTRICTED] Reels 35-37

The personnel records begin with the employment of Henry and Dorothy Stovall, administrators and teachers at the Academy from 1928-66, and include records of former staff (clerical, maintenance, etc.) as well as of the faculty and administration. However, it is not clear that the file is complete as far back as 1928 since the majority of the notations as to beginning dates of employment are no earlier than the 1940s.

The files are arranged in alphabetical order and the typical file contains an application for employment, which includes some biographical information, transcripts, recommendations and resume, photographs of the employee, payroll sheets, and correspondence concerning benefits. Some of the files contain correspondence with the school prior to employment, outlining interests or questions. Other files show employees and their families maintained a correspondence for years after their departure from the school. Some files include news clippings from local papers, and materials about special awards ceremonies for the employee.

In most cases the information found in these files—with the exception of the payroll records—is not found elsewhere. For example, the biography of one former teacher reveals that she was editor of the Wolf County News for twenty years, and was listed in Who's Who of American Women for many years. Several other staff people came to Hazel Green Academy after retirement and worked as volunteers or for minimal salaries because they wanted to be of use to the school. These files furnish information on the qualifications of the staff, on their responsibilities, and provide some insight into the personalities of the staff, as well as the standards and expectations of the school; thus they reflect the workings of the school to a certain extent.

Reel 35
  1. Adams, David Lawrence--Hill, Darlene Ballard
Reel 36
  1. Holly, Harold--Benton-Simms, Larry
Reel 37
  1. Smith, Elsie--Woods, Ernie L.
Series V Former Students and Friends Association, 1940-82 Reels 52-54

Although an Alumni Association was organized in 1923, its membership was small and it was a short-lived organization. There was apparently no further effort to form an alumni organization until 1940, the year that the Former Students Association expanded to include non-students, possibly in order to be of more assistance in school publicity and fund-raising campaigns; it renamed itself the Former Students and Friends Association around 1967. (The only documentation of this change is the 1967 Homecoming announcement, upon which the new name appears for the first time.) The files regarding this organization indicate that it was consistently a relatively large, well-supported organization which was not only interested in keeping up with former classmates and friends, but also concerned with the welfare of the Academy. The files on the FSA and FSFA document the origin of the organization and many of the homecoming celebrations between 1940 and 1981. Much of the time, the Academy and the former students worked together to plan homecomings, and thus the correspondence of Academy staff who helped coordinate homecomings and attend to general business are a major part of this record. Of particular note in this series are the Annuals compiled by the Former Students Association in 1940, 1948, 1949, 1952, and 1955. In addition to reporting upon homecoming proceedings, listing FSA officers, etc., these publications contain the only substantive historical sketches produced during the 1940s and 1950s. They also include articles by former students on a variety of topics and personalities, and photographs of early school events, students and buildings.

Reel 52, continued (see Series III)
  1. Alumni Association: Charter Members and Constitution, Minutes, 1923-25
  2. FSA: Articles of Incorporation, 1968; Constitution and By-laws, 1954, 1974
  3. FSA: Documents re Origin of, 1940, c. 1951
  4. FSA: 60th Anniversary Celebration and 1st Annual Homecoming, June 1940
  5. FSA: Homecoming, 1941
  6. FSA: 1943-48
  7. FSA: Homecoming Pageant, c. 1949
  8. FSA: 1950-58
  9. FSA: A Light in the Hills, 1955 Historical Pageant by Mr. and Mrs. J. Goff Long
  10. FSA: Homecoming, 1959-61
  11. FSA: 1962
  12. FSA: Homecoming, 1963
Reel 53
  1. FSA: 1964
  2. FSA: Homecoming, 1965-66
  3. FSFA: Homecoming, 1967-68
  4. FSA: Mailing Lists, 1959-68, n.d.
Reel 54
  1. FSFA: Homecoming, 1971-81
  2. FSA: n.d.
  3. FSFA: Questionnaire, May 1978
  4. FSFA: Hazel Green Academy Graduates, Survey Listing, 1895- 1978
  5. FSFA: Hazel Green Academy Graduates, 1895-1980
  6. FSA, FSFA: Homecoming Announcements, 1941-82
  7. FSA: Annuals, 1940,1948,1949,1952, 1955 (books)
  8. FSA: Registrations, Dues, Minutes, 1953-62 (ledger)

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