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Guide to the Hazel Green Academy Collection, Part A, Series I

Accession Number: 46
Hazel Green Academy Collection
Selected Records and Photographs 1886-1982
14.1 Linear Feet, 34 boxes
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Series Description
Part A - Selected Documents, 1903-1982
        Series I - Historical Sketches and Publications, 1886-1981

        Series II - Directors' Files, 1906-82
             Subseries A: General, c. 1933-80
             Subseries B: Financial Records, 1906-82
        Series III - Principals' Files, 1892-1982
        Series IV - Personnel Records, 1927-82 (Restricted)
        Series V - Former Students and Friends Association, 1940-82
        Series VI - Student Records, 1903-82 (Restricted)
Part B - Photographs, c. 1912- c.1980
        Series I - General File, 1930-1983
        Series II - Early Years, 1892-1930

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Series Description
54 Microfilm Reels in 9 boxes
9 manuscript boxes
6 slide boxes
8 boxes of negatives
1 oversize box
1 box of copy prints

Part A: Documents and Records

Series I Historical Studies and Publications, 1886-1982 Reels 38-41

The majority of the various papers comprising this series were produced at the school, the most notable exceptions being the histories by Oscar Harmon and Donna Lou Jones. The series is divided into five sections, each arranged in chronological order: 1) historical and biographical sketches; 2) unpublished promotional materials; 3) staff publications; 4) student publications and writings; and 5) vertical files and files on school programs and events.

Harmon and Jones' histories of the Academy and the centennial edition of Pathways, the school yearbook, are the most substantive histories in the first section of this series, which begins with Harmon's paper and ends with Work and Workers in the Mission Fields of the Christian Woman's Board of Missions. Both Harmon and Jones rely substantially upon the Annuals published by the Former Students Association for their documentation up to 1955. The historical sketch in the Pathways centennial edition, although very brief, is the most current history of the school, and includes a number of historical photographs dating back to the early years. Harmon's history goes more thoroughly than others into the programs initiated or sponsored by the Academy which also benefited the community: the hospital, demonstration farm, clothing store and kindergarten; it describes recreational activities made open to the public, and goes into HGA's role in the establishment of utilities and communications systems.

The majority of the unpublished promotional writings--beginning with the typescript copies of Missionary Tidings articles and ending with slide show scripts from the 1970s and early 1980s-are office copies of writing submitted for publication in various church bulletins. Of particular note in this group of materials is the 1919 article (possibly written by J.T. McGarvey, then principal of the school) outlining school programs and philosophy. The author describes the school and its programs, what he (or she) sees to be the raison d'etre of Hazel Green Academy and mentions the reception back home of "new fangled notions" learned at school.

The remainder of the unpublished promotional writings are brief reports on the work and accomplishments of students and staff, some short biographies of outstanding students who overcame numerous obstacles in their efforts to secure an education and routine correspondence regarding the production and distribution of promotional articles and slide shows. Various scripts for slide shows were written between the 1930s and the 1980s; and the 1955 film, Pathway to High Roads, was accompanied by a script and a phonograph record sound track.

William H. Cord, principal of Hazel Green Academy 1890-1906, was the publisher/editor of The Academist, a staff publication of which fragments of two editions survive, and later on of the Mountain Monitor, of which one edition survives. There is no record of other staff publications until the 1940s, when the HGA newsletters appear for the first time. The newsletter, a small mimeographed publication reporting school news and events, was followed in 1967 by the Hazel Green Academy News, and in 1980 by the Beacon, which were more formal publications reporting on similar subjects. A number of small promotional brochures dating from the 1920s conclude the segment of this series containing publications generated by Academy staff.

Kampus Kapers (1929), The Mountaineer Chronicle (1960-61), Campus Talk (1968-79), and CHI RHO/CYF News (1962) are the extant editions of student publications. Of these, Campus Talk is the only publication which covers more than one year; it was traditionally compiled by each year's Junior Class, and is a standard report of school news and activities. The student writings of the 1930s and 1950s are brief school essays on a variety of topics ranging from the importance of a high school education to the Jews' contribution to civilization. The writings from the 1980s are short-story assignments for English classes.

The last section of this series includes files on school programs and events dating back to 1886, and clippings from the school library's vertical files on Hazel Green Academy, also dating back to the late 1800s. The great majority of the school programs and events files are announcements of special programs and events-commencement, declamation contests, dedications of buildings, recitals, athletic banquets, etc. While they could best be described as mementos, they are an interesting source of information on school social life. The vertical files contain newspaper and magazine clippings, arranged in chronological order, which pertain to Hazel Green Academy: articles in local papers about school ceremonies, special newspaper editions on the history and mission of the school, and news items about HGA staff, students, or events.

Reel 38

  1. A History of Hazel Green Academy, Oscar Harmon, c. 1962.
  2. A History of Hazel Green Academy, Donna Lou Jones, May 1978.
  3. Pathways, 1980 (Yearbook).
  4. Centennial Commemoration History, Calvin P. Jones, 1980-81.
  5. Banks, Gabriel Conklyn, Biographical Sketches, c. 1972-75.
  6. Dethrick, Mr. & Mrs. H.J., Biographical Sketches, 1953, 1955, c. 1966, 1979.
  7. Hays, N.B., Biographical Information and Mementos, 1889-1967, n.d.
  8. Histories of Buildings, c. 1935, c. 1960, c. 1975, c. 1982, n.d.
  9. Photo Scrapbook, c. 1930.
  10. Historical Sketch of the Christian Woman’s Board of Missions, 1905, 1911.
  11. Work and Workers in the Mission Fields of the Christian Woman's Board of Missions, 1907, n.d.
  12. Missionary Tidings, 1891-93 (typescript excerpts from), n.d.
  13. Information, School Programs and Philosophy, 1919.
  14. Promotional Writings, 1931-32.
  15. "Hazel Green Academy,"; Script to Accompany Lantern Slides, c. 1932.
  16. Promotional Writings, c. 1930s, c. 1940, c. 1956.
  17. Pathway to High Roads, Script to Accompany Film, 1955.
  18. A Visit to Hazel Green Academy,” Scripts to Accompany Slides, c. 1959, c. 1961, c. 1965, n.d.
  19. Promotion: Materials Used in Brochures, c. 1952-66, n.d.
  20. “Hazel Green Academy: A Vital Home Ministry,” c. 1968.
  21. Promotion: Materials Collected for, 1977.
  22. Promotional Writings, 1972, 1975-76, 1978, n.d.
  23. Script to Accompany Photographs and Transparencies, Bertha K. Cecil, c. 1970.
  24. Scripts for Slides, 1970-80s.
  25. The Academist, 1891, 1894.
  26. The Mountain Monitor, April 10, 1905
  27. Hazel Green Academy Newsletters, 1947-50, 1952-53, 1955-61, 1962-66, n.d.
  28. Hazel Green Academy News, Volumes 1-10, 1967-June 1977.
Reel 39
  1. Hazel Green Academy News, Volumes 11-14, July 1977-81.
  2. Hazel Green Academy Beacon, Volume 1, 1981-82.
  3. Newsletter, Administration to Students, 1978-79.
  4. Hazel Green Academy, 1957, 1959-61, 1963.
  5. Pathways, 1971, 1976, 1978.
  6. Promotional Brochures, c. 1920s-60s, c. 1980.
  7. Kampus Kapers, 1929.
  8. The Mountain Chronicle, 1960-61.
  9. Campus Talk, 1968-May, 1975.
Reel 40
  1. Campus Talk, October 1975-79.
  2. CHI-RHO and CYF News, 1962.
  3. Student Writings, 1930s, 1950s, 1980s.
  4. School Programs and Events, 1886-1917, 1920s.
  5. School Programs and Events, 1930s-81 n.d.
  6. Vertical Files: Hazel Green Academy, 1888-1959.
Reel 41
  1. Vertical Files: Hazel Green Academy, 1960-1980s.

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