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Accession Number: 46
Hazel Green Academy Collection
Selected Records and Photographs 1886-1982
14.1 Linear Feet, 34 boxes
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Series Description
Part A - Selected Documents, 1903-1982
        Series I - Historical Sketches and Publications, 1886-1981
        Series II - Directors' Files, 1906-82
             Subseries A: General, c. 1933-80
             Subseries B: Financial Records, 1906-82
        Series III - Principals' Files, 1892-1982
        Series IV - Personnel Records, 1927-82 (Restricted)
        Series V - Former Students and Friends Association, 1940-82
        Series VI - Student Records, 1903-82 (Restricted)
Part B - Photographs, c. 1912- c.1980
        Series I - General File, 1930-1983
        Series II - Early Years, 1892-1930

Access and Use

Provenance: The records and photographs of the Hazel Green Academy were collected and organized in 1983 by the staff of the Settlement Institutions of Appalachia/Berea College Research Resources Project that was funded by a National Endowment for the Humanities grant. Those records possessing administrative, legal and historical value were microfilmed by the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives. Selected photographs were copied by Project staff in Berea.

Access and Use: A set of copy negatives and prints and the master microfilm negative are owned by Berea College. Use copies are in Hutchins Library's Department of Archives and Special Collections. The personnel records in Series 4 and the student records in Series 6 are restricted, and can be used only in limited circumstances.

Shortly after the microfilming and photo copying was completed, financial difficulties brought the Academy's closing in August 1983. The Hazel Green records that had been copied and much additional material were moved to Hutchins Library, and all literary rights and/or copyrights, were transferred to Berea College. The original records that were copied are now found in SAA 38.

Preferred Citation: The proper credit line for all uses of the collection shall be: Hazel Green Academy Records Collection, Berea College Special Collections & Archives, Berea, Ky.

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Part A: Documents and Records

The documents in the Hazel Green Academy collection consist primarily of brief historical studies; news and promotional publications; Directors' files from the administration of Henry A. Stovall (1928-66) and George Buchanan (1966-80); financial records; the files of the Former Students and Friends Association; and the official personnel and student records.

The historical studies (c. 1935-80), brief writings describing the founding of the Academy and its growth up to 1980, are the most concise and inclusive sources for the history of the school in its entirety, as well as for its religious and community programs. Together with the minutes of the Advisory Board/Board of Directors, which address the major administrative questions from the mid-1950s to 1980, these records provide an overview of the school from its founding year through the administration of George Buchanan. Other records found in these first two series which supply substantive information are the staff publications (1891-1982), the evaluations (c. 1933, 1953-79), and the financial records (1906-80). Staff publications and, more sporadically, student publications and vertical files document events of significance to the school mainly for the period 1947-82. The school evaluations, which began in 1933, are a significant source of information about the school; many describe and assess all components of the school program. The financial ledgers and reports (1906-08) supplement the historical overviews with their documentation of the daily operations and specific departments as well as the financial status of the school.

The accreditation materials and school catalogues found in the Principals' files are the most detailed and significant sources of information about curriculum, student activities, teacher credentials and school facilities, as well as the quality and costs of education. In addition, the school catalogues, which date back to 1892 and cover well over half of the years of the school's operation, include historical sketches, course offerings and descriptions, and information regarding social, religious, athletic and other extracurricular activities.

The official student records are complete as far back as 1903, and along with school catalogues, enrollment records and student handbooks, are a major source of basic background information on students and student life. The work done by the Former Students Association, particularly in the Annuals compiled in the 1940s and 1950s, adds data about the whereabouts and activities of Academy graduates.

The microfilmed personnel records begin in 1928 and do not include staff employed at the time of the school's closing. However, most files contain some biographical information in addition to the applications and descriptions of credentials. A number of files are supplemented by correspondence, news clippings and school pictures.

The most obvious gaps in the record are the absence of student records prior to 1903, and in the correspondence files, which are fragmentary. Henry Stovall documents the gaps in the student records by mentioning in a 1940 letter that these records were destroyed by fire, although he states that all student records prior to 1904 were destroyed. This record is supplemented by lists of graduates dating back to 1895. While there is a certain amount of correspondence to be found with the financial records, the promotional writings, the personnel records and the FSFA records, the bulk of the correspondence files are routine files for the years 1960-67, primarily concerning Academy business with and reports to the United Christian Missionary Society.

Part B: Photographic Material

The collection of photographic material from Hazel Green Academy is represented in two series: Series I - General File, and Series II - Early Years. The bulk of this collection is found in Series I, covering the years 1930 to the school’s closing in 1983. There are five main formats included in this first series: 1) Prints; 2) Slides; 3) Negatives; 4) Albums; and 5) Mounted and/or Oversize images.

Series II, an artificially created series of 93 images, represents the earliest years of Hazel Green Academy. Because of fires and other disasters at Hazel Green, there are relatively few surviving photographs. Despite the small number of photographs, however, this is a very useful group because it helps document much of the early history of the Academy.

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