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Guide to the Annville Institute Records, Part A, Series V

Accession Number: 43
Annville Institute Records, 1900-1980
21 Microfilm Reels and 1155 Photographs
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Part A - Selected Records
        Series I - Historical Sketches and Scrapbooks, 1916-78
        Series II - Operational and Vital Records, 1909-1979
        Series III - Alumni Files, ca.1910-1978
        Series IV - Publications, ca.1904-1978
        Series V - Student Records, 1911-1978
Part B - Selected Photographs
        Series I - General File, ca. 1910-ca. 1978
        Series II - History of Annville High School, ca. 1920-ca. 1940
        Series III - D.C. Nehorir Photographs, ca. 1930s
        Series IV - Lisa Overturff Photographs, ca. 1970-1979
        Series V - Alma Hacker Photographs, ca. 1920-ca. 1970
        Series VI - John E. and Mary Moore Photographs, ca. 1920-ca. 1940

Series V Student Records, 1911-1978 Microfilm Reels 1-14

The student records of the Annville Institute are the official, confidential files on graduates of the school (1930s-1978) and non-graduates (1950s-1978). Some records on elementary school students are also included. The elementary school files are not a separate or complete school record, but rather are the records of some grade-school students who went on to high school in Annville. Also included in this series are miscellaneous files of disciplinary actions (1968-1978) and demerits (1973).

The Cards Files (1911-1978) are a concise record of basic information-name, address, birth date, parent's names, date entered, grades, date left - but the other student records are also comprehensive. The files on the students of the 1930s-1940s differ from the other student records in that the materials they contain are more peculiar to their time and place than to a standard method of evaluating and record keeping. During those years, student were asked to write brief autobiographies which provide information about their home lives, previous education, and religious affiliation. These and the detailed, although somewhat subjective evaluations filed each year by the staff describing students' personal and academic progress, are perhaps the records of most importance during these years. Most of the other forms, such as school papers, personality development forms, demerits, and "I Get Acquainted with Myself" sheets, are of lesser importance.

The files from the 1950s through the closing of the school are more uniform in content and format, containing such standard forms as admission applications, references and transcripts, personal and student labor rating sheets. They are the official record of the students' grades and graduation status, and in some cases included information on schools to which the non-graduates transferred. Like the files from the earlier years, some of these files include records of demerits.

Reel 1

  1. Student Information:
    • Card File, A - Marshall, Jill Gwen, 1911-78
    • Card File, Marshall, Jill Gwen - Z, 1911-78
Reels 2 - 6
  1. Student Records, 1930s-1940s:
    • Graduates, A - Boggs, Dorothy
    • Graduates, Boggs, Leonard - Gabbard, Jim
    • Graduates, Gabbard, Jim - Mcqueen, Garnett
    • Graduates, McQueen, Gladys - Ross, Rosetta
    • Graduates, Rowland, Louise - Z
Reel 7 and 8
  1. Student Records, 1950s:
    • Graduates, A - Turner, Cleta
    • Graduates, Vaugn, Bobby-Z
Reel 8, cont., Reels 9 and 10
  1. Student Records, 1960s-1970s:
    • Graduates, A - Johnson, Eric
    • Graduates, Johnson, Sharon - Thomas,
    • Graduates, Tien, Shery l- Z
Reel 10, cont., and Reel 11
  1. Student Records, 1956-1966:
    • Non-Graduates, A - Morgan, Fannie
    • Non-Graduates, Morgan, Kathy Ann - Y
Reels 11-14
  1. Student Records, 1966-1977:
    • Non-Graduates, A - Cotton, Kevin Wayne
    • Non-Graduates, Cotton, Scott - McCarty, Janice
    • Non-Graduates, McCowan, David CA. - Spurlock, Geraldean
    • Non-Graduates, Stacy, Stephen, Allan - Z
Reel 14, cont.
  1. Student Records, 1977-1978:
    • Non-Graduates, Abner, Christy Anne - Wilson, Michael Donald
  2. Correspondence: Disciplinary Actions, 1968-1978
  3. Demerits, 1973

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