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Guide to the Annville Institute Records, Part A, Series II

Accession Number: 43
Annville Institute Records, 1900-1980
21 Microfilm Reels and 1155 Photographs
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Part A - Selected Records
        Series I - Historical Sketches and Scrapbooks, 1916-78
        Series II - Operational and Vital Records, 1909-1979
        Series III - Alumni Files, ca.1910-1978
        Series IV - Publications, ca.1904-1978
        Series V - Student Records, 1911-1978
Part B - Selected Photographs
        Series I - General File, ca. 1910-ca. 1978
        Series II - History of Annville High School, ca. 1920-ca. 1940
        Series III - D.C. Nehorir Photographs, ca. 1930s
        Series IV - Lisa Overturff Photographs, ca. 1970-1979
        Series V - Alma Hacker Photographs, ca. 1920-ca. 1970
        Series VI - John E. and Mary Moore Photographs, ca. 1920-ca. 1940

Series II Operational and Vital Records, 1909-1979 Microfilm Reels 15-20

Sub-Series A: General, A-T, 1909-1979

While inclusive dates for this sub-series cover the years 1909-1979, the majority of the materials do not date back further than the 1960s, and thus it is an incomplete record of the operation of the Institute. However, there is some documentation of a number the more important recent administrative programs and events: the formation of the Board of Trustees and some of their business; several detailed evaluations conducted in the 1950s and 1960s; the establishment of the Pond Creek Volunteer Fire Department in the early 1970s; outreach programs and other social ministries, 1945-1979; and the formation in 1979 of Jackson County Ministries, now the governing body of the organization. Other material in this sub-series, such as the statements of philosophy and purpose, the staff meeting minutes and the handbooks, serve to articulate the philosophy, policy and standards of the Institute in regard to education, religion, personnel, and student life.

Some documentation of the routine workings of the school is provided by the files on accreditation, admission, registration, school programs and events, and by the files on the physical plant. The personnel files contain a complete record of the names of academic, administrative and clerical staff from the first through the last year of the school's operation, as well as a listing of job titles for most years.

Sub-Series B: Correspondence, 1949-1979

The "Thank-You" letters for donations to the Trade Store, a form letter mailed regularly to donors from 1949 through 1957, are the earliest letters in this sub-series, and there is no further surviving correspondence until the Memos and Announcements, which begin in 1963. While the correspondence files are not a detailed source of information on any one subject, they will acquaint the researcher with a number of subjects. The Board of Trustees and correspondence and "Letters of Support" are two of the small number of files in the entire collection, which supply information about the series of budget cutbacks and administrative decisions beginning in the early 1970s, and culminating in the closing of the school in 1978. The memos and announcements, primarily from directors to faculty, staff, and students, 1963-1978, supplement materials reflecting staff policies and attitudes, and changes in these over the years.

The largest of correspondence files, the General Correspondence, 1964-1979, is composed primarily of the routine correspondence of three directors, William Downey, Paul Alderink, and Roger Hommes. They are very routine files, but provide some insight into the daily operation of the organization and the contacts that the director made outside the school; and of course, their correspondence facilitates an understanding of these three administrators.

Sub-Series C: Financial Records, 1939-1979

The financial records are one of the most comprehensive surviving records. Combined, the Cash Reports, which are a report of receipts and expenditures submitted monthly to the central offices in New York City, and the financial statements, a later, more complex report, provide a substantial amount of information about Annville Institute and its programs. Because they are accounting of expenses incurred and income generated by specific departments, these reports are a record of departments and programs in operation during each given time period. Thus they provide information about the components of the campus community ranging from the physical plant to the non-academic programs, and on to smaller elements such as scholarship funds. From time to time the financial reports include information about services for or programs offered to the general community, and a number of them include figures for Gray Hawk and Mckee programs also.

The journal entry ledgers (1967-1975) are a record of purchases from the Institute by staff and students of farm products or other merchandise; as such, they provide some information about the internal workings of the Institute and daily life on campus. The reports of Audit (1964-1969, 1971) serve primarily as a verification of statements compiled by the Institute staff for those years.

Mrs. Dorothy Brockman, an art teacher at the high school who, with her husband, Enos, ran the student industries for a number of years, was in charge of the weaving program at the time the school closed. The files documenting the sale of the Weaving Room to Mrs. Brockman are also a documentation (albeit a sparse one) of the survival of this school department as a small, independently owned business.

Subseries A General, A-T, 1909-1979  

Reel 15, cont.

  1. Accreditation: Kentucky State High School Education Forms, 1962-1974, 1977-1978
  2. Admissions Packet, 1977-1978
  3. Board of Trustees and Administrative Council; Special Meeting, 1948
  4. Board of Trustees: Minutes and Agendas, 1974-1978
Reel 16
  1. Catalog of Annville Institute, 1926-1927
  2. Echoes From the Hills, 1978 Special Edition: Original Articles Emblem, Annville Institute, n.d.
  3. Evaluations:
    • Excerpts from William A. Worthington's Letters, 1935
    • Annual Reports, 1956-1965
    • "Suggested Material for the Committee on Work at Annville, Kentucky," c.1952
    • Reports on the Work in Jackson County-Dykstra, Harrison, Vander Kolk, 1952
    • Reports of the Annville Institute Survey Committee, 1957
    • Reports on the Evaluation of Kentucky Mountain Work Including Annville Institute, Annville. Kentucky, 1966-1967
    • September 1967 (notebook)
    • Self Evaluation Materials, 1970-1972
    • Capital Funds Proposal, c. 1974
    • Farms Manager's Report, 1977
    • "State of the School Report," 1977
    • Self-Evaluations, n.d.
  4. Fire Safety Inspections, Buildings, 1961-1978
  5. Steam Boiler Inspections, 1962-1976
  6. Fire Protection Study: Chief George H. Proper, Jr., April 30, 1971
  7. Pond Creek Volunteer Fire Department: Correspondence re:establishment, 1971-1972
  8. Pond Creek Volunteer Fire Department: Lease, 1979
  9. Insurance
    • Insurance Company of North America Claims, 1974-1975
    • Buncomb Fire Claim, 1976-1977
  10. Jackson County:
    • Information, c.1960, 1967, c. 1970
    • Life in Jackson County, Kentucky, Rev. Chester Moore, n.d.
  11. Jackson County Outreach Planning Committee: Organizational Meetings, January 1979
  12. Jackson County Ministries: Draft of By-Laws, March 5, 1979
  13. Map of Annville Campus, ca. 1979
  14. Missionary Handbook, n.d.
  15. National Honor Society:
    • Worthington Chapter Members, 1947-1977
    • Constitution and Charter of Worthington Chapter, 1947
  16. National Junior Honor Society: Dejong Chapter, 1974
  17. Outreach Program:
    • After-school Programs, Camps and Retreats, ca. 1978-1979
    • Buncomb Reformed Church, 1959-1969
    • Buncomb Reformed Church and Buncomb Rural Child Care Center, 1972-1977
    • Community Education and Special Services, 1976-1978
    • Community Education, Senior Citizens' Trips, 1970-1978
    • Directory of Jackson County Community Resources, 1978
    • Elias Church By-Laws, n.d.
    • Hickory Flat Church, 1945-1946
    • Recreation Program, 1979
    • Sand Gap Community Center, n.d.
    • Smith Church, n.d.
    • Social Ministries, ca.1978
    • Spiritual, Educational, Social Ministries, ca. 1978
  18. Personnel Lists, 1909-1978
  19. Personnel:
    • Biographical Data, A-Z, 1948-1980, n.d.
    • Printed Biographical Data, 1961-1970
    • Job Analysis. All Workers, n.d.
    • Policy Statements, 1974-1975, 1977-1978, n.d.
    • Retirement Annuity Fund, RCA Board of Pensions, 1975, n.d.
    • Worker's Handbook, n.d.
  20. Philosophy and Purpose, Statements of 1961, ca. 1963, ca. 1977, n.d.
  21. Physical Plant:
    • Appraisal of Market Values of Property, 1979
    • Student Industries building, Construction, Correspondence, 1968-1972
    • Trade Store Fire and Rebuilding, 1971
    • Trade Store, Administrative Information, 1978-1979 Water Services Contract, 1971
    • Woodland Management, Forest Service Reports, 1974
    • Forest Service Reports and Timbre Sale Offers, 1974
  22. Policies and Procedures in the Mountain Ministries, n.d.
  23. Program Proposals and Recommendations, 1975-1978
  24. Registration, School, 1924-1933
Reel 17
  1. Registration, School, 1934-1963 (2 volumes)
  2. School Programs and Events:
    • Christmas, Hanging of the Greens, n.d.
    • Graduation, May Day, Convocation, 1978
    • Announcements, 1960-1977
    • Salutatory Speeches, 1953-1978
    • Valedictory Speeches, 1962-1978
  3. Settlement Institutions of Appalachia:
    • Organizational Information, ca. 1973-1977, n.d.
    • Memos and Minutes of Meetings, 1969-1980
  4. Slide / Record Presentation, Script, ca. 1970
  5. Staff Meeting Minutes, 1961-1976
  6. Student Handbook, 1970-1971
  7. Students: Rules and Regulations, ca. 1960s, ca. 1970s, n.d.
  8. Town of Annville: Meetings re Incorporation of, 1979
Subseries B Correspondence, 1949-1979  

Reel 17, cont.
  1. Board of Trustees, 1973-1979
  2. General, A-S, 1964-1979
Reel 18
  1. General, R-Z, 1968-1979
  2. Letters of Support, 1977-1978
  3. Letters of Support, Evans, 1978
  4. Memos and Announcements, 1963-1979, n.d.
  5. Partnerships In Mission, 1978
  6. "Thank You" Letters for Donation to Trade Store, 1949-1957
  7. Correspondence and Reports: Audit Voluntary Service, 1971-1979
  8. Volunteer Workers, 1970-1978, n.d.
Subseries C Financial Records, 1939-79  

Reel 18, cont.
  1. Bequests, 1977-1979
  2. Cash Reports, 1939-1949
  3. Financial Reports, Social Services, 1948-1949
  4. Financial Statements, 1954-1960
Reel 19
  1. Financial Statements, 1960-1979
  2. Reports of Audit, 1964-1971
  3. Weaving Room, Sale of, 1978
Reel 20
  1. Journal Entries, 1974-1975 (9 volumes)

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