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Guide to the Annville Institute Records, Part A, Overview

Accession Number: 43
Annville Institute Records, 1900-1980
21 Microfilm Reels and 1155 Photographs
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Part A - Selected Records
        Series I - Historical Sketches and Scrapbooks, 1916-78
        Series II - Operational and Vital Records, 1909-1979
        Series III - Alumni Files, ca.1910-1978
        Series IV - Publications, ca.1904-1978
        Series V - Student Records, 1911-1978
Part B - Selected Photographs
        Series I - General File, ca. 1910-ca. 1978
        Series II - History of Annville High School, ca. 1920-ca. 1940
        Series III - D.C. Nehorir Photographs, ca. 1930s
        Series IV - Lisa Overturff Photographs, ca. 1970-1979
        Series V - Alma Hacker Photographs, ca. 1920-ca. 1970
        Series VI - John E. and Mary Moore Photographs, ca. 1920-ca. 1940

Part A: Description of the Selected Records 1909-1979

The Annville Institute Collection contains all known non-current operational and vital records; information on the history of the school and missionary program in the form of historical sketches, scrapbooks, pamphlets and brochures; fairly extensive files on alumni; school and church publications dating from the early years of the school; and finally, the extant official student files dating from 1911 through 1978.

The substantive primary and secondary sources-the historical sketches and scrapbooks (1920-58), the financial records (1973-78), and the general operational and vital records of the 1950s-1970s-overlap during several time periods and consequently serve to supplement one another to a certain extent. However, other than the historical sketches which document the establishment and early years of the school, the majority of these records do not date back further than the first scrapbook entry in 1920, over a decade after the founding of the school. Although the publications begin around 1904 and go through 1978, only the RCA publications cover the entire time period; student publications date 1930-1978, and the staff publications begin in the 1960s. Together with the student records and the alumni files, the material outlined above composes the greater part of the Annville Institute Collection.

There are some gaps in the operational and vital records: an absence of the files of the directors and other administrators prior to the 1960s, no real estate records such as deeds or contracts, almost no primary sources of information on curriculum and the labor program. Many of these types of documents may have been filed in New York at the Women's Board of Domestic Missions, the Board of Domestic Missions or the General Program Council of the Reformed Church, each of which was at one time the governing body and primary funding source for the Institute. A report entitled the Annual Report of the Women's Board of Domestic Missions is cited as a source in several of the historical sketches but was not in the files of the Institute; presumably this was kept in the central offices in New York.

The dearth of records from the first ten years of the school, the absence of many administrative documents as well as the lack of in-depth biographical data of the staff and information on curriculum will present some problems to the researcher. However, the surviving documents serve to outline the history and philosophy of the school, and its role in Appalachia. In addition, the student records, spanning almost the entire history of the school are good source materials on students and student life.

Series Description of Selected Records

Series I Historical Sketches and Scrapbooks, 1916-78 Microfilm Reel 15

This series is a somewhat miscellaneous collection of materials, which serve as an introduction to the Annville Institute. It consists mainly of remembrances and correspondence of former staff members, and a five-volume scrapbook of clippings of the writings of Jackson County missionaries, which appeared, in RCA publications.

Series II Operational and Vital Records, 1909-79 Microfilm Reels 15-19

This series is provides a general overview of the operation of the Annville Institute. The series itself is divided into three sub-series; Sub-series A: General, A-T, 1909-79, Sub-series B: Correspondence, 1949-79, Sub-series C: Financial Records, 1939-79.

Series III Alumni Files, 1910-78 Microfilm Reels 20-21

As a result of the efforts of both staff and alumni, the Alumni Files are a fairly complete and informative record consisting of the Alumni Information Files, 1910-70, the List of Alumni, Classes of 1911-78, and the Alumni Publications, 1947-75.

Series IV Publications, ca. 1904-78 Microfilm Reel 21

The publications files of the Annville Institute Collection consist of news publications generated at the school by the staff, student publications, and brochures and pamphlets generated primarily by the New York City offices of the Reformed Church.

Series V Student Records, 1911-78 Microfilm Reels 1-14

The student records of the Annville Institute are the official, confidential files on graduates of the school 1930s-78 and non-graduates 1950s-78.

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