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Guide to the Pine Mountain Settlement School Records, Part A, Series II Overview

Accession Number: 42
Pine Mountain Settlement School Records, 1911-1983
Selected Photographs, 1864-1984
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Part A - Selected Records
        Series I - Board Minutes and Reports, 1913-1983
        Series II - Director's Office Files, 1911-1949
            Subseries A - Correspondence, 1916-1949
            Subseries B - Subject Files, 1911-1949
        Series III - Student Records, c. 1919-1949
        Series IV - Library Files, 1911-1983
Part B - Selected Photographs

Series II Director's Office Files, 1911-1940 Microfilm Reels 44-96

This series is divided into two subseries and consists of extant administrative files of PMSS directors:
  • Katherine Pettit, 1913-1930
  • Ethel DeLong Zande, 1913-1928
  • Angela Melville, Associate Director 1928-1930
  • Hubert Hadley, 1930-1931
  • Evelyn K. Wells, Acting Director 1931
  • Glyn Morris, 1931-1942
  • Arthur Dodd, Acting Director 1942
  • William Webb, 1942-1944
  • H.R.S. Benjamin, 1944-1949
Subseries A Correspondence, 1916-1949 Microfilm Reels 44-69

The correspondence files are arranged first by years and then by alphabet within that chronological arrangement (approximately 14 cubic feet of records). An additional correspondence file dating from 1916 through 1947 (approximately 1 cubic foot) follows the main file. For the most part, the correspondence deals with routine, daily administrative and operational details. This includes information on monetary donations, contributions of goods and services, publicity, physical plant, and staff. Correspondents include the staff of local businesses, foundations, other educational and social service institutions, and state and federal agencies. Also included are letters from members of the Board of Trustees. Despite the often-routine nature of this file, the record is nevertheless a good source of information on the philosophy, policies, and program of the school for the years 1916-49.

Subseries B Subject Files, 1911-1949 Microfilm Reels 72-96

This subseries consists of correspondence, reports, minutes and publications which are arranged in the following broad subject categories: 1) Incorporation Data, 1913; 2) Board of Trustees, 1917-49 (see also Series I); 3) Curriculum/Curriculum Committee, 1929-1948; 4) Staff and Committees, 1918-49; 5) Community Extension Centers, 1919-48; 6) Financial Records, ca 1916-49; 7) Personnel Records, ca 1913-49; 88) Physical Plant, 1916-49; 9) Programs / Special Events, 1917-45 (see also Series IV); 10) Publicity / Fundraising, 1911-49; 11) Rules and Regulations, ca 1920s-40s; and 12) Students, 1913-46. In all, this is approximately 15 cubic feet of records. There is some documentation in the personnel files that dates post-1949; yet, the overall emphasis throughout the file is on philosophy, policies, educational and social service programs, students and staff of the 1913-49 period. Of particular interest is the documentation of the curriculum, including course syllabi, and information on the medical settlement at Big Laurel and Line Fork. Also included is documentation of the crafts industries (financial ledgers, 1926-33), student enrollment 1916-30, and alumni statistics, 1927-46.

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