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Guide to the Pine Mountain Settlement School Records, Part A, Overview

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Pine Mountain Settlement School Records, 1911-1983
Selected Photographs, 1864-1984
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Part A - Selected Records
        Series I - Board Minutes and Reports, 1913-1983
        Series II - Director's Office Files, 1911-1949
            Subseries A - Correspondence, 1916-1949
            Subseries B - Subject Files, 1911-1949
        Series III - Student Records, c. 1919-1949
        Series IV - Library Files, 1911-1983
Part B - Selected Photographs

Part A: Description of the Selected Records 1911-1983

The Pine Mountain Settlement School Records consists of the extant, non-current records of that institution dating from its founding in 1913 to 1983. While every year is documented to a certain extent, the strength of the collection lies in the information for the years 1916-1949. Documentation of the founding period and program under the direction of Katherine Pettit and Ethel DeLong Zande (1913-30) is found primarily in the correspondence files and financial records. Official meeting minutes and reports are also included in the collection, but there are gaps in the record, especially for the years 1920-29. The letters, newspaper clippings and publications found in the library files (Series IV) strengthen the historical record for the first 15 years of the school.

The most comprehensive record is that detailing the school during the Glyn Morris era (1930-42) and up to the closing of the boarding high school in 1949. Board and staff meeting minutes and reports, audit reports, correspondence, statements of philosophy and policy, and student records, all serve to detail an unusual educational program. Pine Mountain not only offered academic and vocational courses but also provided work opportunities that stressed good citizenship and community service. The record also traces the school's efforts toward providing health and medical care to area residents through documentation of the medical settlement at Line Fork and Big Laurel.

The community school years (1949-72) are well documented in the meeting minutes and reports of the Board of Trustees (Series I). These programs are not covered by administrative files for that period. Unfortunately, most of these records were lost in a fire at the school in 1983. The Library Files (Series IV) contain support documentation for the minutes and reports in the form of newspaper clippings and publications generated by the school.

Series Description of Selected Records

Series I Board Minutes and Reports, 1913-1983 Microfilm Reel 70

This series is comprised of the official documentation of the Board of Trustees collected in 1983 from the Pine Mountain Settlement School and also from Willis D. Weatherford, chairman of the PMSS Board. The record dating from 1949 to 1983 is of particular importance since it is the most comprehensive file in the collection documenting the administrations of Burton Rogers (1949-73) and Alvin Boggs (1973-83). The series is arranged chronologically and includes minutes, director's and treasurer's reports, meeting notices, and staff reports.

Series II Director’s Office Files, 1911-1949 Microfilm Reels 44-96

This series is divided into two subseries and consists of extant administrative files of PMSS directors:
  • Katherine Pettit, 1913-1930
  • Ethel DeLong Zande, 1913-1928
  • Angela Melville, Associate Director 1928-1930
  • Hubert Hadley, 1930-1931
  • Evelyn K. Wells, Acting Director 1931
  • Glyn Morris, 1931-1942
  • Arthur Dodd, Acting Director 1942
  • William Webb, 1942-1944
  • H.R.S. Benjamin, 1944-1949
Series III Student Records, 1919-1949 Microfilm Reels 5-43

This series consists of the extant PMSS student records. It is by no means a complete record, especially for the years prior to 1930. There are a few instances where the record dates 1913-18 or post-1940, but such papers, usually in the form of correspondence, are few and negligible to the overall emphasis of the file. The record is divided into three groupings:
  1. Students, ca 1919-30 (approximately 6 cubic feet)
  2. Students, A-Z, ca 1930-49 (approximately 19 cubic feet)
  3. Miscellaneous Student Files, ca 1928-47 (1 cubic foot)
For the most part, the individual student file is not located in more than one chronological grouping, but the researcher should check all three when searching for a particular name, especially if the student attended Pine Mountain Settlement School ca 1925-30.

Series IV Subject Files, 1911-1983 Microfilm Reels 1-4

The PMSS library houses a particularly rich collection of documents, papers, letters and printed material (approximately 4 cubic feet). A significant portion of this is in the form of publications.

This series also contains personal letters by staff members, members of the Creech family; and a great number of other former workers and students. This correspondence covers the period 1911-40 and provides a wealth of anecdotal history of the founding and early history of the PMSS.

Documents relating to academic projects, programs, and industrial arts courses are included, as well as a proposed project for emotionally disturbed children. Student activities, ballads sung in school programs, and a student survey of religious attitudes are also documented.

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