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Guide to the Hindman Settlement School Records, Part A, Series IV-V

Accession Number: 41
Hindman Settlement School Records, 1899-1979
13 Microfilm Reels and 2998 Photographs
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Part A - Selected Records
     Series I - Narrative Reports and Publications, 1899-1979
     Series II - Operational and Vital Records, 1902-1975
     Series III - Biographies and Works , 1900-1980
     Series IV - Ballads and Folk Songs
     Series V - Appalachian Reference File, 1902-1975

Part B - Selected Photographs
     Series I - Activities - Animals
     Series II - Architecture - Campus Buildings and Grounds
     Series III - Ceremonies - Events
     Series IV - Folk Arts - Music
     Series V - People - Staff
     Series VI - Special Programs/Outreach - Transportation

Part A Selected Records 1899-1979 Microfilm Reels 1-13

Hindman Settlement School records were collected and organized in 1982. Those having administrative, legal or historical value were microfilmed at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives and the originals then returned to Hindman. The resultant master microfilm negative is owned by Berea College. A use copy is available in Hutchins Library's Department of Special Collections and Archives. Because Berea College does not own the copyright for the material contained in this microfilm edition, it is the responsibility of the researcher to secure permission to publish from Hindman Settlement School or its successors and assigns.

Series IV Ballads and Folk Songs Microfilm Reels 12-13

This series documents the ballad and folksong collection efforts of Hindman Settlement School. Specifically, the article by Raymond McLain entitled "Folk Music at Hindman" describes the school's role in ballad collecting and discusses the origin of some of the ballads. The record does not, however, indicate which or how many of these songs were collected from the Hindman area, and which were learned from staff, visitors to the school, or other ballad collections. Some of the ballads and folksongs are part of Josephine McGill's Folk Songs of the Kentucky Mountains. McGill's collecting efforts in the Hindman area were done under the auspices of the settlement school. Furthermore, Cecil Sharp's English Folksongs from the Southern Appalachians includes works which are also found in the Hindman Collection.

In addition, this series includes international folksongs and religious songs. Most likely this music was brought into the area by school staff or visitors. The "Song Notebook" (n.d.) consists of forty-one ballads, folksongs, and religious songs. The songs are marked with various unidentified abbreviated notations. While the meaning of the abbreviations is unknown, two of them (CS) and (JMC) probably refer to Cecil Sharp and Josephine McGill. Lastly, an index of songs completes the ballad and folksong collection. Although not comprehensive, it does indicate the type of music collected and/or sung at the Hindman Settlement School.

This series is arranged by song type and then alphabetically within that arrangement. Frequently, the title of a well-known ballad from a published source differs from the title given by the settlement school collector or transcriber. In an effort to improve access to the ballad collection, the published title has been penciled in and the song then filed under that title. (e.g., Hindman's "Little Sparrow" is filed under the familiar, "Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies.")

Reel 12, Cont.

  1. McLain, Raymond: "Folk Music at Hindman," 1958
  2. McGill, Josephine: Material Re: Her Ballad Collection, c. 1916, 1918, 1933
  3. Indexes:
    "English and American Ballads"
    "Sea Chanteys"
    "Miscellaneous," n.d.
    Untitled Index, n.d.
  4. Ballads and Folksongs: A-Y
    "Fanny Patrick," Collected by Ethel de Long, c. 1914
    Banjo Bill Cornett, Composer; Elizabeth Watts, Collector, 1928, 1955
    International Folksongs
  5. Religious Songs: A-Z

Reel 13

  1. Religious Songs: Elizabeth Watts' Files Song Notebook, n.d
Series V Appalachian Reference File, 1902-1975 Microfilm Reel 13, Cont.

This series consists of publications that are not generated by the school but rather are useful because they provide background information on the school and the Appalachian region as a whole. Only that reference material dealing directly with the Hindman Settlement School was microfilmed. This includes general newspaper clippings and publications discussing the settlement school's efforts in fighting the disease trachoma. The series is arranged chronologically and all trachoma publications are grouped together.

Reel 13, Cont.

  1. Newspaper Clippings: HSS History, 1902-1975
  2. Trachoma:
    Publications by J.A. Stuckey, M.D., 1911-1916, 1930
    Publications by John McMullen, M.D., 1912-1913
    Articles and Pamphlets, 1916, n.d.
    Bulletin of the State Board of Health of Kentucky, c. 1916
    Newspaper Articles and Clippings, 1916, 1955, n.d.
    Kentucky Department of Welfare Bulletin (excerpt), 1939

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