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Guide to the Hindman Settlement School Records, Part A, Series II

Accession Number: 41
Hindman Settlement School Records, 1899-1979
13 Microfilm Reels and 2998 Photographs
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Part A - Selected Records
     Series I - Narrative Reports and Publications, 1899-1979
     Series II - Operational and Vital Records, 1902-1975
     Series III - Biographies and Works , 1900-1980
     Series IV - Ballads and Folk Songs
     Series V - Appalachian Reference File, 1902-1975
Part B - Selected Photographs
     Series I - Activities - Animals
     Series II - Architecture - Campus Buildings and Grounds
     Series III - Ceremonies - Events
     Series IV - Folk Arts - Music
     Series V - People - Staff
     Series VI - Special Programs/Outreach - Transportation

Part A Selected Records 1899-1979 Microfilm Reels 1-13

Hindman Settlement School records were collected and organized in 1982. Those having administrative, legal or historical value were microfilmed at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives and the originals then returned to Hindman. The resultant master microfilm negative is owned by Berea College. A use copy is available in Hutchins Library's Department of Special Collections and Archives. Because Berea College does not own the copyright for the material contained in this microfilm edition, it is the responsibility of the researcher to secure permission to publish from Hindman Settlement School or its successors and assigns.

Series II Operational and Vital Records, 1902-1975 Microfilm Reels 2 - 11

This series consists of those records important for the proper administration and operation of the school. Specifically, the records comprising this series include: Articles of Incorporation and By-laws, 1915; Board Meeting Minutes and Treasurers' Reports to the Board, 1915-1971; Correspondence, 1902-1971; and Financial Records, 1901-1971. This series offers official information on staff and students, school programs and school industries, school grounds and properties.

The records dating 1920-1971 are the most comprehensive, especially in terms of board meeting minutes and financial documentation. In general, board meeting minutes recapitulate school business for that year, including reports of financial status, staff and student activities, buildings and grounds maintenance and construction. The extent of the documentation varies, with more detailed minutes for the latter years. The general correspondence file is fairly routine, and rather sparse. It includes annual meeting notices of board meetings and letters that discuss overall school program, finances, and special events. (To supplement this file, see Series III for the occasional, yet interesting personal letters of people associated with the school.)

Financial records from 1901-1972 are extensive and include Audit Reports FYE 1916-1971 (with record gaps for the pre-1920 period), Trial Balance Ledgers, 1915-1958, Cash Received Ledgers, 1915-1958 (record gaps for the years 1925-1934), and Student Ledgers, 1915-1958. The trial balance ledgers give a monthly breakdown of expenses and income that appear in the yearly audit reports. The cash received ledgers list donors, donations, and disposition of funds as well as staff names and payment for the board throughout the 1940s. The student ledgers list the students, their tuition, clothing and expenses, and board charged against their student labor. Student debits and credits are also recapitulated in the trial balance ledgers. Payroll, student expenses, and cash received data for the years 1958-1970 can be found in one single, untitled volume following the student ledgers, 1915-1958. The May Stone Ledgers, 1901-1915, and the Fireside Industries Ledgers, 1932-1944, while not extensive, do add to the overall documentation of the school's early period. The Fireside Industries ledgers are the only known, extant primary sources that detail the crafts produced, the names of people who made them, and the amount of money that they received for each object. The May Stone ledgers are actually small notebooks that appear in two sets (7 volumes per set). The first set (1901-1915) reports expenditures and receipts, while the second set (1904-1915) lists only the receipts. The financial record also includes supplementary data on bequests, deeds, donations, endowments, scholarships, mortgages, and securities.

In addition to administrative policies and school finances, this series also documents some of the more practical difficulties confronting the school administration and staff. The quantity and quality of water and the proper disposal of sewage were of primary concern during the fifties. The record details efforts to protect the health of staff and students through the building of a new sewage collection and treatment system. The typhoid fever epidemic file of 1913-1915 documents earlier severe health problems. (For publications on trachoma, another health problem of the early years, see Series V.)

While information on Hindman Settlement School programs can be gathered by looking through various files (correspondence, board meeting minutes, and financial records), the Fiftieth Anniversary program is earmarked within the series under the heading "Programs." The majority of the material covers the anniversary pageant, "From Where the Pattern Grew," written by Hindman alumna Una Ritchie Yahkub. The pageant, which was performed May 8, 1952, traces the founding and development of the school through the three principal figures, Uncle Sol Everidge, Katherine Pettit, and May Stone. Also, a special anniversary section on the Hindman Settlement School, published in the Hindman News for May 1, 1952, supports the pageant documentation.

Reel 2, cont.: Records A-C, 1902-1975

  1. Agreements Establishing HSS as a Settlement School, 1910
  2. Application for Tax-exempt Status, 1918, 1959
  3. Articles of Incorporation and By-laws, 1915
  4. Articles of Incorporation: Resolutions to Amend, 1919, 1925, 1932
  5. Proposed Amendments, 1965, 1972, 1975
  6. Board Meeting Minutes, 1915,1918, 1919, n.d.
  7. Board Meeting Minutes and Treasures' Reports to the Board, 1920-1971
  8. Correspondence, 1902

Reel 3: Records C-F

  1. Correspondence, 1904-1971
  2. Deeds, 1905-1918
  3. Deeds: John C. Pigman Will; Contract with HSS, c. 1908; Abstract of Title, c. 1941
  4. Deeds, 1955-1974
  5. Deeds of Conveyance: WCTU to HSS, 1915
  6. Endorsement of HSS: Hindman Community Statement of Support, 1927
  7. Financial Records, 1901-1972
  • Receipts and Expenditures, 1901-1915 (May Stone's Ledgers)
  • Receipts, 1904-1906 (May Stone's Ledgers)

Reel 4: Financial Records Continued

  • Receipts, 1905-1915 (May Stone's Ledgers)
  • Report of WCTU Audit, 1910-1911
  • Audit Reports, FYE 1916-1953 (missing 1918, 1920, 1923)

Reel 5: Financial Records Continued

  • Audit Reports, FYE 1954-1971
  • Ledgers:
    Trial Balance, October 1915-September 1947

Reel 6: Financial Records Continued

    Trial Balance, September 1947-September 1959
    Cash Received, October 1915-February 1925
    Cash Received, October 1934-December 1936

Reel 7: Financial Records Continued

  • Ledgers:
    Cash Received, January 1937-November 1958
    Student Accounts, October 1915-January 1918

Reel 8: Financial Records Continued

    Student Accounts, January 1918-February 1937

Reel 9: Financial Records Continued

    Student Accounts, March 1937-November 1958
    Cash Receipts, October 1958-September 1964

Reel 10: Financial Records Continued

    Cash Receipts, October 1964-April 1970 Payroll, October, 1958-November 1969
    Student Accounts, October 1958-March 1970
    Fireside Industries-Payments to Craftspeople, 1932-1934
    Fireside Industries-Consignments, 1938-1940
    Fireside Industries-Payments to Craftspeople, 1941-1944
  • Bequests and Uses of, 1911-1918
  • Bequests: Wills and Correspondence, 1915-1963
  • Deeds of Release, Lien, May 1929
  • Donations:
    Alden Trust, 1936-1955 n.d.
    General, 1954-1965
    Rebuilding of the School, c. 1902-1915
    Not Cash, 1970-1972
    E.O. Robinson Mountain Fund, 1955-1958
    Rockport Fund, 1953-1964
  • General Endowment Fund
     Donors, Donations, 1910-1967
     Establishment of, 1915
  • Mortgage, December 1940
  • Scholarships: Dudley Scholarship Fund, 1938-1944
  • Scholarships Endowment: Establishment of, 1931
  • Securities, A-U, 1937-1968
    American and Foreign Power Co., 1953-1964
    Lists of, 1958, 1961
    Majestic Mfg. Co., 1925-1949
    Transfer of, 1920

Reel 11: Financial Records continued; Records L-W

  • Sewer System: Loan for, 1954
  • May Stone Memorial Fund: All Record Sources, 1946-1959

L-W Records, 1904-1967

  1. Lease: Garden Plot, 1910
  2. Programs-50th Anniversary: Correspondence on Pageant, 1951-1952
    Pageant (draft), 1952
    Pageant (draft with stage sketch), 1952
    Pageant (writing fragments), 1952
    Pageant (complete copy), 1952
  3. Sewer System: Correspondence, 1953-1956
    Notes and Newspaper Clippings, 1953-1954
  4. Students: Graduate Listings, 1904-1963
  5. Timber Sales: Correspondence, Agreements, Land Capability Maps, 1952-1955
  6. Typhoid Epidemic, HSS: Correspondence, 1913-1915; investigation, 1914
  7. Water Supply: Correspondence, 1953-1955, 1958
  8. Water and Sewer Board: Minutes, January 15,1967

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