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Guide to the Hindman Settlement School Records, Part A, Series I

Accession Number: 41
Hindman Settlement School Records, 1899-1979
13 Microfilm Reels and 2998 Photographs
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Part A - Selected Records
     Series I - Narrative Reports and Publications, 1899-1979
     Series II - Operational and Vital Records, 1902-1975
     Series III - Biographies and Works , 1900-1980
     Series IV - Ballads and Folk Songs
     Series V - Appalachian Reference File, 1902-1975
Part B - Selected Photographs
     Series I - Activities - Animals
     Series II - Architecture - Campus Buildings and Grounds
     Series III - Ceremonies - Events
     Series IV - Folk Arts - Music
     Series V - People - Staff
     Series VI - Special Programs/Outreach - Transportation

Part A Selected Records 1899-1979 Microfilm Reels 1-13

Hindman Settlement School records were collected and organized in 1982. Those having administrative, legal or historical value were microfilmed at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives and the originals then returned to Hindman. The resultant master microfilm negative is owned by Berea College. A use copy is available in Hutchins Library's Department of Special Collections and Archives. Because Berea College does not own the copyright for the material contained in this microfilm edition, it is the responsibility of the researcher to secure permission to publish from Hindman Settlement School or its successors and assigns.

Series I Narrative Reports and Publications, 1899-1979 Microfilm Reels 1-2

This series consists of narrative reports, pamphlets, brochures, and flyers--those publications generated by the Hindman Settlement School staff and student body. The emphasis and detail of each publication vary, from that of the simple promotional flyer to the "Dear Friends" newsletter, a more sophisticated reporting and promotional method. Also included are copies of the Mountain Echo (1924-1930), a pamphlet that provided a forum for school announcements, reports, and creative writing efforts. Copies of student newspapers produced in the thirties and forties are also a part of this series.

The narrative reports and daily records of the social settlements (summers, 1900-1901), documents generated by Katherine Pettit and May Stone, chronicle the settlement work activities and the observations and impressions of life in the mountains during the years prior to the school's incorporation date in 1902. The language, reporting method, and tone of these documents reveal their function as formal daily records, not intimate personal diaries, and point to their possible use as a report, or the basis for a report to the sponsoring organization, the Kentucky Federation of Women's Clubs.

The "Diary of Experiences in the Kentucky Mountains, Summers of 1899-1901" can be regarded as an anthology of important historical records, including duplicates of the original daily records of the social settlements (1900-1901). This record also gives information on Camp Cedar Grove (the summer social settlement of 1899), the founding of Knott County (typescript copied from the Louisville Commercial July 8, 1885), the "Traveling Library in the Mountains of Kentucky" (a ten-page description of activities and expenses, 1899), and other historical writings. The "Notebook of Historical and Promotional Writings," c. 1949, is an even more general and varied anthology and includes reports on the Hindman Settlement School program, genealogical data and other historical documentation. To some extent, it also duplicates other source material. Despite duplication in the record, each unit was microfilmed in its entirety in order to avoid possible confusion and to present the complete scope and subjects of the individual source document.

Reel 1

  1. "Kentucky Mountain Folk" (Katherine Pettit), 1899
  2. "Camp Industrial at Hindman, Knott County Kentucky," 1900
  3. "Camp Industrial-Hindman Kentucky," 1900
  4. "Daily Record of the Social Settlement in the Mountains of Kentucky," Sassafras, Knott County:
    (one handwritten copy; two albums, carbon copy), 1901
  5. "Sabbath School" Notebook, 1901
  6. Diary of Experiences in the Kentucky Mountains, Summers of 1899-1901
  7. Notebook of Historical and Promotional Writings, c. 1949
  8. Newsletters, 1901-1948

Reel 2

  1. Newsletters, 1949-1979, n.d.
  2. Brochures and Flyers, 1902-1979, n.d.
  3. Mountain Echo, 1924-1930
  4. HSS Student Newspapers, 1935, 1937-1941

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