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Guide to the Settlement Institutions of Appalachia Papers, Series IV-VI

Accession Number: 36
Settlement Institutions of Appalachia Papers, 1969-1981
Bulk Dates, 1973-1979
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Overview and History
Series I - Foundations
Series II - General
Series III - Administrative Files
Series IV - Financial Records
Series V - Programs/Projects
Series VI - Settlement Schools

Series VII - Correspondence
Series VIII - Publications

Access and Use

Provenance: In 1982, Executive Secretary Loren Kramer turned over the records of the organization to the Berea College Special Collections & Archives for preservation.

Preferred Citation: The Settlement Institutions of Appalachia Papers, Berea College Library, Berea, Ky.

Series IV Financial Records Boxes 18-19

The materials in this series include financial records on SIA, including budget information, audits, tax information, and bank information. In addition to proposed budgets, there is also a substantial amount of material on the final budget proposals. The Accountants Analysis Pads for the years 1973-1976 and the Gift Accounts Ledger for 1973-1976 books are also included in these boxes. There is also information on 2 banks (Valley Fidelity Bank and the Bank of Knoxville), including correspondence, checks, and books.

Box 18

  1. SIA Budget (Exhibits A-F) 1970s
  2. SIA Budget, 1973-1980, 1981
  3. SIA Financial Data, Budget A&B, 1972, 1974
  4. Audits for SIA Schools
  5. SIA Tax Exempt Information
  6. Tax Status of Internships, 1974
  7. Accountants Analysis Pads, 1973-1976
  8. Operating Funds/ Gift Accounts Ledger, 1973-1976
  9. Activities and Project Report

Box 19

  1. Valley Bank 100's
  2. Gifts and Grants Journal, 1973-1974
  3. Bank of Knoxville, 1974-1975
  4. Valley Fidelity Bank
  5. Tennessee Department of Revenue, 1973
  6. Valley Fidelity Bank Accounts, 1973-1975
Series V Programs/Projects Boxes 20-23

Items in this series include information on various programs or projects SIA undertook. Program proposals, projects, SIA work camps, conferences, and workshop information can be found in these files. The largest amount of material is dedicated to the development of internships. Internship information includes which settlement schools wanted to participate, the formation of the programs, and questionnaires.

This section also provides information on the archival project on the SIA files and why Berea College was chosen to handle this project. The arrangement of this section is in alphabetical order by subject.

Box 20

  1. Program Development
  2. SIA Projects
  3. Berea College: Cause Proposals and Cooperative Efforts, 1977
  4. SIA, Experiences/Service/Learning/Program Proposal
  5. SIA Archival Project
  6. Greenhouse Project
  7. Direct Mail Advertising
  8. Direct Mail Campaign

Box 21

  1. Internship SIA
  2. Formation Stages of Internship Proposal
  3. SIA Intern Proposal: Background Material and Drafting
  4. Internship Proposal and Prospects
  5. Internships-Proposals, Planning, and Purpose
  6. Book - A Report to Southern Regional Education Board Resource Development Project
  7. Student Manpower in Kentucky Resources, 1974
  8. Summary Report, 1974-1975

Box 22

  1. Internship Program Proposals
  2. Internship - Summer Student Jobs
  3. Internship Questionnaire
  4. SIA Workshop on House Parent Role, 1977
  5. SIA Fall Conference (October 14), 1977
  6. 1980 (April 4) Workshop SIA - Appalachian Values Today
  7. 1978 Fall Conference (Oct. 12-13) Hazel Green Academy
  8. Conferences and SIA 1981 Conference
  9. SIA Fund-raising Workshop

Box 23

  1. SIA Activities and Project Report
  2. Activities and Project Report (American Folklore Center), 1979
  3. Appalachian Consciousness Conference Workshop, 1978
  4. SIA Workshop: Appalachian Fund
  5. Appalachian Orientation: Culture and Values, 1978
  6. Conference on Continuing Education, 1977
  7. Short Term Course, C. Mclanahan: Democracy in Economics, USA & Appalachia
  8. The Festival on Religion and Rural Life
  9. Fall Conference- Moral and Spiritual Values in Education (1979)
  10. Knoxville Chamber of Commerce (Information and Newsletter)
Series VI Settlement Schools Boxes 24-27

The materials found in this series contain general information and memos, as well as a few pieces of correspondence on Settlement Schools or associate schools. The folders are arranged in alphabetical order by the name of the school.

Box 24

  1. Alice Lloyd College
  2. Annville Institute (1)
  3. Annville Institute (2)
  4. Appalachian South Folklife Center
  5. Asbury Theological Seminary
  6. Bethel Mennonite Center
  7. Buckhorn Children's Center
  8. Frontier Nursing Service
  9. Hazel Green Academy
  10. Hazel Green Academy

Box 25

  1. Henderson Settlement(1)
  2. Henderson Settlement(2)
  3. Henderson Settlement(3)
  4. Hinton Rural Life Center
  5. Hindman

Box 26

  1. Jackson Area Ministries
  2. John C. Campbell Folk School
  3. Kalamazoo College
  4. Lotts Creek Community School
  5. Oneida Baptist
  6. National Federation of Settlement Schools and Neighborhood Center
  7. Pine Mountain(1)
  8. Pine Mountain(2)

Box 27

  1. Red Bird Mission(1)
  2. Red Bird Mission(2)
  3. Red Bird Mission(Articles of Inc. and Bylaws)
  4. Red Bird Mission Correspondence
  5. Red Bird Mission (Financial) 1970-1972
  6. Riverside Christian Training School
  7. Southern Folklife Center
  8. Sue Bennett College
  9. Sunset Gap
  10. University of Tennessee
  11. Washington College Academy

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