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Guide to the James Still Collection, Series IV-VI

Accession Number: 35
James Still Collection, 1930 - 2001
3.2 linear ft.
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Series Description
Series I - Correspondence
Series II - Biographical Materials and Photographs
Series III - Audio and Video Recordings
Series IV - Clippings
Series V - Manuscripts and Reviews
Series VI - Run for the Elbertas

Access and Use

Provenance: Initially Loyal Jones donated the core of the collection, including some photographs contributed by Cumberland College Library. Al Perrin of Berea and Michael Mullins of Hindman provided additional materials. Following Still's death his executors contributed some personal papers to the collection.

Preferred Citation: James Still Collection, Berea College Special Collections & Archives, Berea, Ky.

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Series Description
8 Manuscript Boxes

Series IV Clippings and Other Materials Boxes 4-5

This series includes miscellaneous advertisements for Still's work and promotions of various appearances, plus extensive newspaper clippings of reviews and other articles on Still (1937-1986) and columns he wrote, including the Godey Spurlock series. Some clippings relate to subjects of interest to him. Items by or about other authors and friends are also included. Clippings about his death have been added.

Box 4

  1. Advertisements for books, plays, poems
  2. Brochures
  3. Miscellaneous
  4. Friends, students, other authors
  5. Anglin Falls, Videotape proposing a memorial to President John Stephenson. Removed to Berea College Sound Archives.
  6. Images (Literary Review, University of North Carolina, 1971) includes Dean Cadle illustrations; Kentucky Writing, No. 1 & 2 (Morehead State University, 1954, 1956) includes writing by James Still, Wendell Berry, Albert Stewart, Sylvia Auxier, Janice Holt Giles, and Jesse Stuart.
Box 5
  1. Clippings, n.d.
  2. Clippings, 1937-63
  3. Clippings, 1972
  4. Clippings, 1973
  5. Clippings, 1974
  6. Clippings, 1975
  7. Clippings, 1977
  8. Clippings, 1978
  9. Clippings, 1979
  10. Clippings, 1980
  11. Clippings, 1981
  12. Clippings, 1982
  13. Clippings, 1983
  14. Clippings, 1984
  15. Clippings, 1985
  16. Clippings, 1986
  17. Clippings, 1987
  18. Clippings, 1989
  19. Clippings, 1990-91
  20. Clippings, 1992-93
  21. Clippings, 1994 -
  22. Clippings, Death and Funeral
  23. Clippings re Thomas Wolfe
Box 6
  1. Clippings of Still works, in some cases the first version in print (1936-1982, & nd.); some letters to the editor by Still
  2. Reprints: "Mrs. Razor," reprinted in Mountain Life & Work 1954; 30(3):34-37; the James Still issue of Kentucky Poetry Review 1978;14 (1):3-4, 25-26; "Pattern of a Man," reprinted in the Troublesome Creek Times; clipped reprints of poems.
Series V Manuscript Materials and Reviews Boxes 6-7

The manuscript materials include a typed manuscript copy of Still's Wolfpen Poems, published by Berea College (1986). Also present are typescripts of sixteen short stories and approximately fifty poems by Still. Many are undated and contain varying amounts of correction and annotation. Additional manuscripts are Still short stories (to 1973); the Appalachian Spring collection of Still's poems (1974); and Another Time, a collection of short stories. Other items include essays and a copy of his master's thesis at Vanderbilt University. Reviews, early bibliographies and scholarly studies of Still's literary work complete this series.

Box 6, continued

  1. Draft of M.A. thesis (Vanderbilt University, 1930) on the dream as a literary device in Middle English Romances
  2. "Eugene O'Neill," typewritten critique c. 1930
  3. Term paper: "Gustavus Adolphus and the Development of Military Art."
  4. "The Legislative Reference Library of Wisconsin," [1930?] in ms.
  5. "Nancy Hanks," a play in ms.
  6. "School Butter," short story ms.
  7. "One Leg Gone to Judgment," short story ms.
  8. "Locust Summer," short story ms.
  9. "A Ride on the Short Dog," short story ms.
  10. "The Quare Day," short story ms.
  11. "A Master Time," short story ms., 1948
  12. Another Time: collection of stories in manuscript

Box 7

  1. "Maybird Upshaw," short story ms., 1955
  2. "The Moving," short story ms.
  3. "The Nest," short story ms., 1955
  4. "The Pattern of a Man," short story ms., 1955
  5. "The Sharp Tack," short story ms., 1955
  6. "The Stir-off," short story ms., 2 drafts
  7. "The Proud Walker," short story ms.
  8. "The Fun Fox," short story ms., 1970
  9. "Journey to the Forks [Run for the Elbertas]," short story ms., 1970
  10. "The Scrape," short story ms., 1970
  11. Notes for revision of River of Earth
  12. Wolfpen Poems 1984 publication manuscript, with related correspondence
  13. "Are you up there?" holograph poem and revision, 1977
  14. Miscellaneous poems
  15. Limited edition prints of several Still poems
  16. Story outline; revisions for "Man in the Bushes"
  17. Early bibliographies
  18. Reviews, 1940-1979
  19. Commentary, reviews
  20. Critical papers written by Berea students
  21. Critical papers by MW Clarke, R.M. Foshee, Joe Glaser, Dean Cadle; article in Bulletin of the Kentucky Association of School Librarians, 1968;IV(2):pp8-18; the James Still issue of Foxfire 1988; 22 (3)[interview, photos, and excerpts from the Wolfpen Notebooks]; and the James Still issue of The Iron Mountain Review 1984;II(1)[interview, bibliography, and 3 articles].
Series VI Run for the Elbertas Box 8

This series documents the stages of collection, reivision, proofing, and publication of the collection of Still's short stories entitled Run for the Elbertas.

Box 8

  1. Duplicate galley of Run for the Elbertas
  2. Proofed galley of Run for the Elbertas
  3. Galley proofs
  4. Copyedited typescript of Run for the Elbertas
  5. Clean copies of stories collected for Run for the Elbertas
  6. Drafts of "The Proud Walkers," "Locust Summer," "Journey to the Forks [Run for the Elbertas]," "The Moving," "School Butter," "The Burning of the Waters," and "The Dumb-Bull"
  7. Notes toward collection of Run for the Elbertas

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