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Guide to the E.O. Robinson Mountain Fund, Series IX

Accession Number: 20
Records, 1922-1987
29.2 Linear Feet
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Overview & Series Description
Series I - Minutes of the Board of Trustees
Series II - Financial Records
      Subseries 1 - Trust Agreements
      Subseries 2 - Finacncial Summaries and Audits
      Subseries 3- Income and Disbursement Statements
      Subseries 4- Citizen's Fidelity Transaction Statements
      Subseries 5- Journal / Account Sheets
Series III - Chairmen and Trustees Files
      Subseries 1 - Edward O' Rear
      Subseries 2 - Ross Sloniker
      Subseries 3 - Francis S. Hutchins
      Subseries 4 - J. Farra Van Meter
      Subseries 5 - Henry H. Loomis
Series IV - West Correspondence
Series V - Lexington Subject Files
Series VI - Projects and Grants
Series VII - Homeplace General Correspondence
   1920s 1930s1940s 1950s1960s 1970s1980s undated
Series VIII - Homeplace Subject Files
Series IX - Photographs
Series X - Homeplace Rural Health Association
     Subseries 1 - Service Reports
     Subseries 2 - Personnel Records
     Subseries 3 - Miscellany
Series XI - Perry County Rural Telephone Company
     Subseries 1 - Record Book
     Subseries 2 - Correspondence
     Subseries 3 - Financial Records
Series XII - Oversize and Miscellany


These are the board meeting minutes, financial records, correspondence, and photographs documenting the founding of the E.O. Robinson Mountain Fund and its role in southeastern Kentucky agricultural, educational, health, and economic improvement efforts during the years 1922-1987.

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Purcell, L. Edward, Good Neighbor to the Mountains: The Story of the E.O. Robinson Mountain Fund 1922-1987. E.O. Robinson Mountain Fund, 1988.

Series IX Photographs Box 62

This series is comprised of photographs taken mostly by Lula Hale or Homeplace Hospital physician, Donald Martin. They were assembled by Willie Fay (Mrs.Victor) Spurlock and Ann Hoskins in 1983 as a means of providing photographic documentation of a wide variety of Homeplace programs and activities. Also included are three 16-mm motion picture films not presently in usable condition.

The photographs include one hundred and sixty-five labeled prints dating from the early 1930's through the mid-1970's. Most are from the period, 1935-1955. Included are photographs of Homeplace staff and Fund Board of Trustees, Homeplace agricultural projects, buildings, educational and medical programs, community organization meetings, and miscellaneous photographs documenting day-to-day events. Most of the photographs have dates and written descriptions supplied by Mrs. Spurlock.

Motion picture films consist of three reels each of which is less than 200 feet in length. They date from 1930-1931, and document events such as Christmas and Easter programs, Folk School activities, and a gathering at nearby Buckhorn School.

Box 62, cont'd.

  1. Photographs: Spurlock Notes, 1983
  2. Photographs: Agriculture Project; 14 prints, 1931-1969
  3. Photographs: Buildings; 27 prints, 1932-1952
  4. Photographs: Clinic and Hospital; 15 prints, 1938-1968
  5. Photographs: Community Organizations, 4-H, Folk Dancing, Theatre; 13 prints, 1932-1960
  6. Photographs: Education Projects, Bookmobile Service; 10 prints, 1930's-1950's
  7. Photographs: Education Projects, Folk School; 8 prints, 1933-1950
  8. Photographs: Education Projects, Home Economics Program; 2 prints, ca 1939
  9. Photographs: Education Projects, Industrial Arts Program; 8 prints, ca. 1940's-1950's
  10. Photographs: Homeplace Photos from F.S. Hutchins; 15 prints, fall 1982
  11. Photographs: Itinerant Teaching; 8 prints, 1933-1939
  12. Photographs: Miscellaneous; 8 prints
  13. Photographs: Miscellaneous Groups and Projects; 31 prints, 1931-1970
  14. Photographs: Opportunity School; 2 prints, ca. 1933
  15. Photographs: School Assistance Program; 17 prints, ca 1940-1960
  16. Photographs: Staff Members and Trustees; 8 prints, 1935-1960
  17. Photographs: 16 mm film; Log house, Buckhorn School, Christmas at Pigeon Roost, The Fair, 1930
  18. Photographs: 16 mm film; Kiwanis Club Eating, Folk, James, Easter Egg Hunting Guests, 1931
  19. Photographs: 16 mm film; Molasses making at Folk School, Victor and car, Opportunity School, 1978 [film broke]
  20. Photographs: Film; Singing games, Punch and Judy (piece 1)
  21. Photographs: Film; Singing games, Punch and Judy (piece 2)
  22. Photographs: Homeplace Bookmobile (glass)

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