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Guide to the E.O. Robinson Mountain Fund, Series X

Accession Number: 20
Records, 1922-1987
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Overview & Series Description
Series I - Minutes of the Board of Trustees
Series II - Financial Records
      Subseries 1 - Trust Agreements
      Subseries 2 - Finacncial Summaries and Audits
      Subseries 3- Income and Disbursement Statements
      Subseries 4- Citizen's Fidelity Transaction Statements
      Subseries 5- Journal / Account Sheets
Series III - Chairmen and Trustees Files
      Subseries 1 - Edward O' Rear
      Subseries 2 - Ross Sloniker
      Subseries 3 - Francis S. Hutchins
      Subseries 4 - J. Farra Van Meter
      Subseries 5 - Henry H. Loomis
Series IV - West Correspondence
Series V - Lexington Subject Files
Series VI - Projects and Grants
Series VII - Homeplace General Correspondence
   1920s 1930s1940s 1950s1960s 1970s1980s undated
Series VIII - Homeplace Subject Files
Series IX - Photographs
Series X - Homeplace Rural Health Association
     Subseries 1 - Service Reports
     Subseries 2 - Personnel Records
     Subseries 3 - Miscellany

Series XI - Perry County Rural Telephone Company
     Subseries 1 - Record Book
     Subseries 2 - Correspondence
     Subseries 3 - Financial Records
Series XII - Oversize and Miscellany


These are the board meeting minutes, financial records, correspondence, and photographs documenting the founding of the E.O. Robinson Mountain Fund and its role in southeastern Kentucky agricultural, educational, health, and economic improvement efforts during the years 1922-1987.

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Purcell, L. Edward, Good Neighbor to the Mountains: The Story of the E.O. Robinson Mountain Fund 1922-1987. E.O. Robinson Mountain Fund, 1988.

Series X Homeplace Rural Health Association Boxes 63-65

These are materials relating to the organization of a cooperative health association at Homeplace to provide medical care for local members, their families, and other needy persons. Included are drafts of a membership agreement form dating from 1946 which document the process where by the Mountain Fund agreed to provide for a physician and a nurse in residence. Also included is a logbook containing meeting minutes of the local committee, which directed the Association. The minutes detail early growth in the Association's membership and, in a brief fashion, the activities of Dr. A.G. Steele, the first physician hired. The log includes an alphabetical list of Association members and a record of their dues payments.

Also included are undated petitions of support from the communities of Ary, Fisty, Dwarf, and Rowdy; signed membership forms (1946); and miscellaneous receipt forms.

Box 63

  1. Homeplace Hospital: Health Association Agreement, May 1946
  2. Homeplace Hospital: Commitment of Interest in Homeplace, Rural Health Center
  3. Homeplace Hospital: Health Center Agreement
  4. Homeplace Hospital: Health Agency Agreement 1946
  5. Homeplace Hospital: Rural Health Center -- payments of Membership 1946-1947
  6. Homeplace Hospital: Membership Log and Miscellaneous Reports
  7. Homeplace Hospital: Health Association Refunds 1949
Subseries 1 Service Reports, 1946-1970 Boxes 63-64

Materials consist predominantly of monthly reports from Homeplace Clinic and later Homeplace Hospital, which generally summarize the medical services performed. Initially, reports were directed from the physicians in charge to Dr. Howard Fischbach in Cincinnati, but after 1948, they were sent to the Fund chairman. The reports are typically one to three pages in length. Their contents vary over the period, depending on both the needs of the Board for information and the particular doctors authoring the reports.

Prior to the hospital's completion, reports show the number of doctor and patient visits to local homes, the number of office calls, and the number of paid Health Association members. Reports for the period subsequent to the hospital's opening summarize medical services performed as well as the receipts for these services. Narrative commentaries accompany several of the reports. Summaries of non-medical operational costs are also included. Semi-annual and annual statistical summaries are included in the monthly reports at somewhat irregular intervals.

Box 63, cont'd.

  1. Homeplace Hospital: Homeplace Clinic Reports Oct.-Dec. 1946
  2. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Reports of Dr. Graves for July-Dec. 1948
  3. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1947
  4. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1948
  5. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1949
  6. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1950
  7. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1951
  8. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1952
  9. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1953
  10. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1954-1955
  11. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1956
  12. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1957
  13. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1958
  14. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1959

Box 64

  1. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1960
  2. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1961
  3. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1962
  4. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1963
  5. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1964
  6. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1965
  7. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1966
  8. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1967
  9. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1968
  10. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1969
  11. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Report 1970
Subseries 2 Personnel Records, 1948-1970 RESTRICTED Box 64

These are somewhat fragmentary records relating to employees of Homeplace Clinic and Hospital. Included are early applications for positions (1948-1950), monthly payroll reports (1949, 1951), employee register listing names and social security numbers (1954-1965), and a receipt book used to record salary advances (1966-1970). The employee register does not list the positions held and some pages seem to be missing. Fuller documentation of individual workers is present in the general Homeplace records in the form of copies of monthly payroll requisitions, which Lula Hale submitted to Luise West. The requisitions include the positions held by each employee during the period 1953-1970.

Box 64, cont'd.

  1. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Employment Applications 1948-1949
  2. Homeplace Hospital: Clinic Employment Applications 1950
  3. Homeplace Hospital: Hospital Payroll Dec. 1949 and Apr.-Dec. 1951
  4. Homeplace Hospital: Hospital Payroll Jan.-Sept. 1952
  5. Homeplace Hospital: Employee Register 1954-1966
  6. Homeplace Hospital: Salary Advance Receipt Book 1966-1970
Subseries 3 Miscellany Box 64

This subseries consists mostly of fragmentary records of income, expenses, and patient debts during the periods 1946-1947, 1949-1950, and 1953-1955. There are also reports on the operation of the hospital kitchen (1950-1969), an inventory of equipment and supplies (1971), and work schedules of physicians Keith Cameron and Donald Martin for the period 1969-1973.

Box 64, cont'd.

  1. Homeplace Hospital: Miscellaneous Account and Expense Summaries 1950-1953; 1946-1947
  2. Homeplace Hospital: Expense Account
  3. Homeplace Hospital: Debts Due 1949-1950
  4. Homeplace Hospital: Petty Cash Receipts 1953-1955
  5. Homeplace Hospital: Kitchen Reports 1950-1953
  6. Homeplace Hospital: Kitchen Reports 1954-1957
  7. Homeplace Hospital: Kitchen Reports 1958-1965
  8. Homeplace Hospital: Kitchen Miscellaneous 1958-1965, 1969

Box 65

  1. Homeplace Hospital: Dietary Department Manual and Job Description 1967
  2. Homeplace Hospital: Inventory, Jan. 1971
  3. Homeplace Hospital: Petty Cash Report
  4. Homeplace Hospital: Physicians Schedule 1971-1973

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