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Guide to the Appalachian Ballad and Folk Music Collection

Accession Number: 18
The Appalachian Ballad and Folk Music Collection
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Series Description
Series I - Handwritten/Typed Song Texts
Series II - Published Songbooks
Series III - Pamphlet and Booklet
Series IV - Magazine Articles
Series V - Newspaper Clippings
Series VI - Correspondence
Series VII - Bibliographies
Series VIII - Miscellany

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Preferred Citation: The Appalachian Ballad and Folk Music Collection, Berea College Special Collections & Archives, Berea, Ky.

Overview of the Collection

This collection consists of both handwritten / typewritten and published texts and music notations dating mainly from the period 1900-1950. It includes ballads, shape-note and other hymns, rhymes, spirituals, shanties, labor songs, and commercial country music songs. Also included are related magazine articles, newspaper clippings, bibliographies, excerpts from Berea College music faculty annual reports, and correspondence between Berea College staff and music researchers.

College Related Archives:

Series Description
1 Manuscript Box

Series I Handwritten / Typewritten Song Texts Box 1

These folders contain ballads, folk songs, hymns, and spirituals, some with musical notations, arranged alphabetically by title.

Series II Published Songbooks Box 1, continued

The book titles in this series of published songbooks are listed alphabetically, as are the songs from each book.

Series III Pamphlet and Booklet Box 1, continued

This series consists of a 1909 pamphlet advertising books relating to ballads and Scottish history, and a 1954 booklet that gives brief biographical information and photographs for several American country music performers.

Series IV Magazine Articles Box 1, continued

This series comprises two folders of magazine articles dating from 1907 to 1972 on such topics as ballads and ballad collecting, rhymes, Bluegrass, and other types of music.

Series V Newspaper Clippings Box 1, continued

This series includes clippings dating from 1911 to 1975, on such topics as ballads, fiddlers’ contests, shaped-note singing, and zithers.

Series VI Correspondence Box 1, continued

This series includes correspondence between Berea College faculty and music researchers, arranged chronologically, 1911 to 1927.

Series VII Bibliographies Box 1, continued

Several bibliographies of ballad and other folk music publications are included in this series.

Series VIII Miscellany Box 1, continued

Miscellaneous items included in this series are brief printed items relating to 1942 / 1954 Berea College Ballad performances, Edith Fitzpatrick James - “The Kentucky Songbird,” - James Watt Raine, and notes made by Elisabeth S. Peck.

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