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Guide to the Appalachian Presbyterians Survey Records, Series I-III

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Appalachian Presbyterians Survey Records
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Series Description
Series I - Reports
Series II - Coding Instructions
Series III - IBM Cards

Series IV - Interview Schedules
Series V - Miscellaneous

Access and Use

Provenance: The Appalachian Presbyterians Survey Records were acquired from Hart M. Nelsen by Berea College in 1974. They were opened for research in 1980.

Copyright Restrictions: Reproduction and/or analysis of the computer data cards produced by Nelsen can be done only with his permission. There are no other restrictions than those required by federal copyright laws.

Preferred Citation:
Appalachian Presbyterians Survey Records, Berea College Special Collections & Archives, Berea, Ky.

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Series Description
13 Manuscript Boxes

Series I Reports Box 1

This series consists of several preliminary and interim reports published by Hart M. Nelsen, prior to the survey’s completion.

  1. “Bibliography on Appalachia: A Guide to Studies Dealing with Appalachia in General and Including Rural and Urban Working Class Attitudes Toward Religion, Education, and Social Change.”Research Bulletin #4, Apr 1967.
  2. “The Appalachian Presbyterian: Some Rural - Urban Differences.” Research Bulletin #5, Feb 1968.
  3. List of Survey Reports
  4. “The Presbyterian Church School Teacher in Appalachia, A Preliminary Report.” Report 101, Feb 1968.
  5. “A Brief Comparison of the Appalachia Research Project Sample with the Membership and Church Population from which the Sample was Drawn.” Report 102, Feb 1968.
  6. “Differences Among Presbyterians in Appalachia, by Type of Role Fulfilled in the Local Church.” Report 103, Apr 1968.
  7. "Differences Among Presbyterians in Appalachia: A Comparison of Respondents’ Reading Levels to Other Variables.” Report 104, Apr 1968.
  8. “Differences Among Presbyteriansin Appalachia: A Comparison of Respondents in Terms of Curriculum Used.” Report 105, Apr 1968.
  9. “The Denominational Minister in a Rural Appalachian Setting: Proponent or Opponent to Social Change?” Report 106, Apr 1968.
  10. “Correlates of Isolation.” Report 107, Jun 1968.
  11. “A Description of Different Types of Presbyterian Churches in Appalachia.” Report 108, Aug 1968.
  12. “Variables Associated with Receptivity Toward Christian Education.” Report 109, Aug 1968.
  13. “A Description of Presbyterian Church School Teachers in Appalachia: Rural-Urban Differences.” Report 110, Sep 1968.
  14. “Characteristics of Eighteen Presbyterian Churches in Appalachia: Rural-Urban Differences.” Report 111, Sep 1968.
  15. “Characteristics of the Church School Superintendent.” Report 112, Sep 1968.
  16. “The Internalization of Education As a Value in Rural Appalachian Culture: Myth or Reality?” Report 113, Sep 1968.
  17. “Some Observations Concerning the Clerk of Session.” Report 114, Sep 1968.
  18. “Age Differences and Changing Attitudes of Presbyterians in Appalachia.” Report 115, Sep 1968.
  19. “Isolation and Attitudes Toward Social Change.” Report 116, Oct 1968.
  20. “A Comparison of Religious Groupings in Appalachia: Presbyterian, Episcopal, Church of God, Holiness; A Study Based on Southern Appalachian Studies Data.” Research Bulletin #6, Oct 1968.
Series II Coding Instructions Box 1, cont.

This series consists of instructions to survey workers for completing individual participant schedules.

Box 1, continued

  1. Coding instructions 1968
  2. Appendix - interview schedules 1968
Series III IBM Cards Box 2

This series consists of two sets of IBM punch cards; one set carries a usage restriction.

Box 2 
  1. IBM cards

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