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Guide to the Jesse Stuart Collection, Part A, Series IV-VI

Accession Number: 12
The Jesse Stuart Collection, 1933-1979
3 linear feet
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Part A
Part A, Series I - Correspondence
     Part A, Series II - Manuscripts
     Part A, Series III - Articles and clippings
     Part A, Series IV - Photographs (Some autographed)
     Part A, Series V - Miscellany
     Part A, Series VI - Stories in Esquire

Part B
     Part B, Series I - Stuart-Thompson correspondence
Part C
     Part C, Series I - Typescripts of Books
     Part C, Series II - Typescripts of Poems
     Part C, Series III - Finished Poems
     Part C, Series IV - Correspondence
     Part C, Series V - Photographs and slides
     Part C, Series VI - Envelopes
     Part C, Series VII - Miscellaneous
     Part C, Series VIII - Jane Stuart
Part D
     Part D, Series I - Christmas cards
     Part D, Series II - Correspondence
     Part D, Series III - Miscellaneous
     Part D, Series IV - Dobbs' Correspondence

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Part A of the Jesse Stuart collection includes documents collected over a period of years by the library staff of Berea College.

Part B of the collection was copied from documents owned by Lawrence Thompson of the University of Kentucky.

Part C was donated by William Plumley, former Director of Morris Harvey College Publications, in Charleston, West Virginia. These papers were received on June 30, 1998 and opened for research in May of 2000.

Part D was given by Carolyn Dobbs, who founded the magazine, The Pointer, to help teachers and parents of mentally handicapped children. Carolyn and her husband, Tom, had become personal friends of Jesse Stuart and Naomi Dean, and after Stuart's death Carolyn Dobbs donated these items to Berea College. The papers were received on December 28, 1999, and were opened for research in June of 2000.

Access: The only restrictions are Federal copyright requirements.

Preferred Citation: The Jesse Stuart Collection, Special Collections & Archives, Berea College, Berea, Ky.

7 Manuscript Boxes

Part A, Series IV Photographs Box 2, Cont.

Photographs of Stuart, some autographed.

Box 2, cont.

  1. Photographs
Part A, Series V Miscellany Box 2, Cont.

Postcards, Christmas cards, a bibliography, and a copy of the Kentucky State Constitution study in which Stuart participated.

Box 2, cont.

  1. Miscellaneous items
Part A, Series VI Stories in Esquire Box 3

A collection of Esquire magazines contains Stuart stories, from the early 1940's.

Box 3

  1. "Gather All in the Hollow" Feb 1942
  2. "Bury Your Dead" Jul 1942
  3. "King of the Hills" Apr 1942
  4. "Whose Land is This" Sep 1942
  5. "The Hangin' of Willard Bellstrase" Nov 1942
  6. "Rumpus at the Raccoon Church" May 1943
  7. "The Rows Grow Longer" Jul 1943
  8. "A Stall for Uncle Jeff" Feb 1943

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