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Guide to the Pine Mountain Settlement School Collection, Part II, Series VI-VII, and Part III, Series I-III

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Pine Mountain Settlement School Collection
Papers 1913 - 1971
4.2 linear ft.
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Part I - Overview of Part I

Series I - Correspondence
Series II - Progress Reports 1913 -1971
Series III - Line Fork Settlement Notes
Series IV - Essays and Stories [1920s-1940s]
Series V - Calendars
Series VI - Printed Material 1919 - 1977
Series VII - Newspaper Clippings, 1922 - 1975
Series VIII - Miscellaneous
Series IX - Photographs [1920s-1930s]

Part II - Overview of Part II

Series I - Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
Series II - Berea College / Pine Mountain Affiliation
Series III - Board of Trustees Minutes, 1949-66 / 1971-81
Series IV - Financial Reports
Series V - Correspondence, 1934 - 1967
Series VI - School Survey Reports, 1949-1951
Series VII - Publicity, 1950 -1966

Part III - Overview of Part III

Series I - Nativity Play
Series II - Photographic Negatives

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6 Manuscript Boxes

Series VI School Survey Reports, 1949-1951 Part 2, Box 6, cont.

Survey findings regarding ways the settlement school could better serve the Pine Mountain community. Among those involved in conducting various aspects of the survey included Berea College faculty members, Pat Wear, Roscoe Giffin, Fu Liang Chang, Charles Shutt, and WJ Baird.

Box 6, continued

  1. Whither Pine Mountain - Fu Liang Chang, 1951
  2. Survey Report - Pat Wear / James Ogletree / J.H. Westover, 4-22-60
  3. Future of Pine Mountain Settlement School, 1970
  4. Miscellaneous Reports, c. 1961 [Undated]
Series VII Publicity 1950 -1966 Part, Box 6, cont.

Mostly Pine Mountain-published pamphlets, newsletters, and appeal letters. There are also newspaper and other print media clippings about Pine Mountain.

Box 6, continued

  1. Publicity materials.
  2. Publicity Materials

Pine Mountain Settlement School - Part III

1 manuscript box


Part three of the Pine Mountain Settlement School Collection includes materials relating to the nativity play performed at the school for many years and a set of photographic negatives that document various aspects of the school's early history.

Series I Nativity Play Part 3, Box 1

The nativity play material was compiled during the early 1980s by Garnet Starkey in honor of Pine Mountain co-founder Ethel de Long, who originated the play in 1915. In addition to de Long's script, Starkey includes commentary regarding changes in the play's presentation that came with changing times at Pine Mountain. She also includes words for the hymns and carols used in the play, and 1980s era photos of school buildings and surroundings.

Box 1
  1. Nativity Play of the Pine Mountain Settlement School by Garnet Starkey
  2. Draft - Nativity Play of the Pine Mountain Settlement School by Garnet Starkey
  3. Pine Mountain Book of Christmas by Garnet Starkey
  4. Photographs [color prints] - 1980s
Series II Photographic Negatives Part 3, Box 1, cont.

These photographic negatives were made by Margurette Butler Bidstrup, who taught at Pine Mountain from 1914-1922. There are a total of two hundred 3 1/2" x 4 1/2" format negatives with subject headings that include people, places, and buildings.

Box 1, continued

  1. Photo negatives - Buildings
  2. Photo negatives - Open House (A Staff Residence)
  3. Photo negatives - People
  4. Photo negatives - People
  5. Photo negatives - People
  6. Photo negatives - Guests
  7. Photo negatives - Places
  8. Photo negatives - Places

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