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Guide to the Hindman Settlement School Papers

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Hindman Settlement School Papers, 1902-1977
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Overview & Series Description
Series I - Pettit-Stone Diaries 1899-1902
Series II - Business Correspondence
Series III - Annual Letters and Progress Reports 1904-1923
Series IV - Printed Material 1902 to 1977
Series V - Biographical Material
Series VI - Ballads
Series VII - Photographs

Overview of the Collection

The Hindman Settlement School Collection includes diary entries and correspondence of the school's founders, Katherine Pettit and May Stone. There are also progress reports to financial supporters, photographs, newspaper clippings, ballads collected by school staff, and biographical material for other key figures in the school's early history including Ann Cobb, Josiah Combs, Lucy Furman, and Elizabeth Watts.

Important correspondents:

  • William G. Frost
  • William J. Hutchins
  • Francis S. Hutchins
  • Raymond McLain
  • Dr. J.H. Stucky
  • Elisabeth Peck
  • Elizabeth Watts
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Hindman Settlement School traces its origins to educational and recreational programs funded by the Kentucky Federation of Women's Clubs and conducted in Knott and Perry counties in Kentucky by Katherine Pettit, May Stone, and others during the summers of 1899-1901. Interest by local residents in continuing these activities led to establishment of a school at Hindman in 1902. Initial funding came from the Women's Christian Temperance Union, but in 1915 the school became an independent, non-denominational corporation with the purpose of "maintaining a school for industrial, intellectual and moral training in the mountainous, destitute or needy portions of Kentucky." In addition to basic academic subjects there were courses in manual arts, home economics, agriculture, folk art, and music. Facilities grew to include a grade and high school, library, manual arts training shop, model farm, sawmill, hospital, and dormitories. As the county school system assumed more responsibility for the area's education, the school began focusing on adult education and developed in-service training programs for public school teachers in the areas of creative writing, art, and music. The school continues to promote regional culture through various community activities, seminars, lectures, and workshops such as the yearly Appalachian Writers Workshop and the Appalachian Family Folk Week.

Series Description and Box Lists

4 Manuscript Boxes

Series I Pettit-Stone Diaries 1899-1902 Box 1

This series consists of photo-copies / typescripts of the original diaries kept by Katherine Pettit and May Stone during summer visits to the Hindman area before the settlement school was founded.

Box 1

  1. Pettit-Stone diaries, 1899-1902
  2. Pettit-Stone diaries, 1899-1902
  3. Pettit-Stone diaries, 1899-1902
Series II   Business Correspondence Box 1, Cont. 

This series consists mostly of correspondence with Dr J.H. Stucky and Berea College Presidents William Frost, and William J.Hutchins, and Francis Hutchins.

Box 1, Cont.

  1. Correspondence - Business Letters, 1901-60
  2. Correspondence - Business Letters, n.d.
Series III Annual Letters and Progress Reports 1904-1923 Boxes 1-2

This series consists of annual letters and progress reports to financial supporters and other friends of the school.

Box 1, Cont.

  1. Annual Letters, 1904-08
  2. Progress Reports, 1908-09
  3. Progress Reports, 1904-10

Box 2

  1. Progress Reports, 1911-45
  2. Progress Reports, 1910-12
  3. Progress Reports, 1911-15
  4. Progress Reports, 1916-20
  5. Progress Reports, 1921-23
Series IV Printed Material, 1902-77 Box 2, Cont.

This series consists of pamphlets, articles, newspaper clippings, and photographs relating to the schools founding and operation.

Box 2, Cont.
  1. Pamphlets, brochures, and articles 1902-77
  2. Newspaper clippings, 1902-77
  3. Miscellaneous, n.d.
Series V Biographical Material Box 3
This series consists of biographical material and writings relating to Ann Cobb, Josiah Combs, Lucy Furman, and Elizabeth Watts. Cobb and Furman were long time instructors at Hindman, Watts was an early director, and Combs was a graduate who became a noted folklorist.

Box 3
  1. Ann Cobb
  2. Ann Cobb
  3. Josiah Combs
  4. Lucy Furman
  5. Elizabeth Watts
Series VI Ballads Box 3, Cont. 

Mostly typescript / written ballad texts collected by Settlement School staff, 1925 to 1938. Arranged alphabetically according to title. Informants are not identified.

Box 3, Cont.

  1. Collected Ballad Texts, n.d.
  2. Collected Ballad Texts, n.d.
  3. Ballads - Published Articles, 1925-38
Series VII Photographs Box 4

Box 4

  1. Photographs/Negatives, undated
  2. Photographs/Negatives, undated
  3. Photographs/Negatives, undated
  4. Photographs/Negatives, undated
  5. Photographs/Negatives, undated
  6. Photographs/Negatives, undated
  7. Photographs/Negatives, undated
  8. Photographs/Negatives, undated
  9. Photographs/Negatives, undated
  10. Photographs/Negatives, undated
  11. Photographs/Negatives, undated
  12. Photographs/Negatives, undated
  13. Miscellaneous Duplicates, undated

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