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Guide to the James Watt Raine Ballad Collection, Series I-II

Accession Number: 6
The James Watt Raine Ballad Collection
Papers: 1906-1989
0.4 Linear Feet
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Series I - Ballads and Songs, Loose Leaves
Series II - Ballad Books

Series III - Short Stories, Plays, and Book Manuscript
Series IV - A College Course in Ballads Proposed
Series V - Lecture Notes on Ballads
Series VI - Correspondence
Series VII - Biography

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Series Description
1 Manuscript Box

Series I   Ballads and Songs, Loose Leaves Box 1

Ballads, songs arranged alphabetically by title. This series includes hand written and typed ballads and songs. Other titles by which the text is known are shown in brackets.

Box 1        B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   R   S   T   W   Y
  1. B
    The Bailiff’s Daughter
    Barbara Allen
    The Barnyard Song
    Boys of Liberty [On the 16th Day of June or On the 15th Day of June]
    Brown Girl
  2. C
    The Carlysle Lady [Down in Caroline]
    Cock Robin
    Come, all Ye Fair and Tender Ladies
    The Constant Farm
    The Cruel Ship’s Carpenter [Pretty Polly]
  3. D
    The Daemon Lover [Meeting of an Old True Love]
    The Douglas Tragedy [The Fate of Lovers]
    Down in Caroline
    The Driver Boy [Young Edward]
  4. E
    Edinburgh Town
    The Elfin Knight
  5. F
    Fair Ella
    Fair Margaret and Sweet William
    The False Knight [Pretty Polly or Lady Margaret]
    Farewell, Sweet Jane
    The Fate of Lovers [Douglas Tragedy]
    Flora Ella
    Four and Twenty Bonny Boys
    The Frog and the Mouse
  6. G
    Garden Hymn
    Golden Vanity [The Green Willow Tree] The Lonesome Scenes of Winter
    The Greenfield and Meadows
    The Green Willow Tree [Golden Vanity]
    Green Woods of Iv’ry
    The Gypsy Lady
    The Gypsy’s Warning
  7. H
    The Hangman [The Maid Freed from the Gallows]
    The Hangman’s Tree
    Hiram Hubbard
    The House Carpenter
  8. I
    I Had a Sister Sally
    In Learlile
    In Yonder North Town there lived a Merjent [Merchant]
  9. J
    The Jew’s Daughter [Little Hugh]
  10. K
    King John and the Bishop
  11. L
    Lady Gay
    The Lady in the Garden
    Lady Mary
    Lady Once There Lived a Maiden
    Little Hugh
    Little Mother
    Little Omy Wise
    Little Sparrow
    Lord Bateman [The Turkish Lady]
    Lord Daniel’s Wife
    Lord Lovely
    The Lord of the Old Country [The Two Sisters or The Mill-Dam of Binnorie]
    Lord Randall
    Lord Thomas
    Lord Thomas and Fair Elender
    Lord Vanner’s Wife
    Loving Henry
    Loving Nancy
  12. M
    The Maiden Freed from the Gallows [The Hangman]
    May Colvin
    Meeting of an Old True Love [The Daemon Lover]
    Merchant [In Yonder’s North Town There Lived a Marjent]
    The Mill-Dam of Binnorie [The Two Sisters]
    Mountain Minstrelsy
  13. N
    A Neat Young Lady [The Lady in the Garden]
    The Nighting Gale [One Morning in May]
  14. O
    The Old Salt Sea [version of The Daemon Lover]
    One Morning in May [The Nighting Gale]
    On the 16th Day of June [On the 15th Day of June or Boys of Liberty]
  15. P
    A Paper of Pins
    Poor Oma Wise
    The Pretty Fair Maid
    Pretty Polly [Cruel Ships Carpenter]
    Pretty Polly
  16. R
    A Rake and a Rambling Boy Am I
    The Riddle Song
    Robin Hood and Allen-A-Dale
    The Romish Lady
  17. S
    Sir Hugh
    Soldier, Soldier Will You Marry Me
    Sourwood Mountain
    Swapping Song
    Sweet William
    Sweet William and Fair Ellen
    Sweet William and Fair Margaret
    Sweet William of London
  18. T
    The Three Babes
    The Time Draws Near My Dearest Dear
    The Trading Song
    Turkish Lady [Lord Bateman]
    The Two Brothers
    The Two Sisters [Mill-Dam of Binnorie or The Lord of the Old Country]
  19. W
    The Wealthy Merchant of London
    A Wealthy Young Farmer
    William Taylor
  20. Y
    Young Beichan and Susie Pye
    Young Edward [Driver Boy] 1932
Series II   Ballad Books Box 1, Cont. 

Published and unpublished ballads, with musical notations. This series consists of three copies of Raine’s Mountain Ballads, and a selection of typed, hand-bound ballads. The contents are listed alphabetically.

Box 1, Cont.
  1. Titles in Mountain Ballads, 1923

    Barbara Allen
    Come, All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies
    The Demon Lover
    The Frog and the Mouse
    The Green Willow Tree [The Golden Vanity]
    The Gypsy Laddie
    Lady Gay
    Lord Thomas and Fair Elender
    The Maid Freed from the Gallows
    A Paper of Pins
    Pretty Polly [The Cruel Ship’s Carpenter]
    Riddle Song
    Soldier, Soldier Will You Marry Me?
    Swapping Song
    Turkish Lady
    The Two Sisters [The Mill-dam of Binnorie]
  2. Ballads - unpublished

    The Bailiff’s Daughter
    The Bailiff’s Daughter of Islington
    The Douglas Tragedy [cf. The Fate of Lovers]
    Down in Carolina [cf. The Carlisle Lady]
    The Driver Boy
    The Drowsy Sleeper
    Edinburgh Town
    The Fate of Lovers [cf. Douglas Tragedy]
    Flora Ellen [cf. Pretty Polly]
    The Gonesome Scenes of Winter
    The Green Field and Meadows
    The Green Woods of Ivry [cf. The Cruel Mother]
    Hiram Hubbert
    Lady Margaret [cf. False Knight]
    Lady Mary
    Little Sparrow [cf. Walywaly up the Bank]
    Lord Daniel’s Wife
    Lord Lovely
    Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender
    Loving Nancy
    Meeting of an Old True Love [cf. House Carpenter]
    A Neat Young Lady
    “O, Molly, dear, go ask your mother”[Variant of the Drowsy Sleeper]
    An orphan
    Poor Oma Wise [cf. Pretty Polly]
    Pretty Mauhee
    Pretty Polly [“Come rise you up, my Pretty Polly”cf. False Knight]
    Pretty Polly [“Take some of your father’s gold”cf. False Knight]
    Robin Hood and Allen-A-Dale
    Sour Wood Mountain
    The Turkish Lady
    The Wealthy Merchant of London
    “What will you do when your father comes home”
    Young Edward [cf. Driver Boy]

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