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Guide to the John F. Smith Traditional Music Collection, 1915-1940, Series II

photo of John F. SmithAccession Number: 5
John F. Smith Traditional Music Collection, 1915-1940
1.6 linear ft, 4 mss boxes

Overview & Series Description
Series I - Ballad and Song Texts
Series II - Tune Transcription Notebooks
Series III - Fiddle and Banjo Tunes, Musical Events, Instruments, and Games

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Stephen B. Green. “The Berea Tune Lists : An Archival Resource for the Study of Social Music in Eastern Kentucky and East Tennessee in 1915.”Tennessee Folklore Society Bulletin 57(1995):39-67.

Series Description and Box Lists
4 Manuscript Boxes

Series II Tune Transcription Notebooks Box 3

This series consists of over 360 tune transcriptions and a few texts, recorded mostly in notebooks and listed in their order of appearance.

Box 3

  1. Notebook of Song and Ballad Melodies - Vol. I

    1. (Unknown)
    2. (Unknown)
    3. The Little Dove
    4. The Little Dove
    5. Charley Brooks
    6. Jersey City or The Butcher Boy
    7. (Unknown)
    8. Little Nellie
    9. Sweet Bird or Absent Lover
    10. (Unknown)
    11. Pretty Mohea
    12. Mollie Darling
    13. Red River Valley
    14. Mexican Girl
    15. Cherry Song
    16. Cherry Song
    17. Turkish Lady
    18. Turkish Lady
    19. Nobody's Darling
    20. [Left Blank; Without Music Notations]
    21. Knight on The Road
    22. The Bailiff's Daughter
    23. Barbara Allen
    24. Pretty Polly
    25. Dina
    26. Oh Willie, Come Back
    27. Lonesome Scenes of Winter
    28. Dog and Gun
    29. Jersey City or (Butcher Boy)
    30. Loving Henry
    31. John Riley
    32. Nobody's Darling
    33. You Can Leave Me If You Want To
    34. Little Oma
    35. Turkish Lady
    36. Cruel Mother (Down by The Greenwood Side)
    37. Pretty Mahea
    38. Lord Bateman
    39. House Carpenter
    40. I Love Little Willie
    41. In Some Lonesome Valley
    42. Pretty Polly
    43. Young Charlotte
    44. Blue Eyes
    45. The Pretty Maiden
    46. Robin Hood
    47. Little Sparrow
    48. Wake Up, Wake Up, Ye Drowsy Sleepers
    49. Fair and Tender Ladies
    50. Lovely Nancy
    51. Time Enough Yet
    52. Time Enough Yet
    53. In Some Lonesome Valley
    54. There's Somebody Waiting For You
    55. Jersey City
    56. Some Dark Hollow
    57. Pretty Mohea
    58. [Untitled Music Notation]
    59. Pretty Mohea
    60. Who Will Shoe My Pretty Little Feet?
    61. Somebody
    62. Bury Me Not in The Deep, Deep Sea
    63. They Say It's a Sin to Flirt
    64. The Soldier Boy
    65. Dog and Gun
    66. Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender
    67. Fair and Tender Ladies
    68. Pretty Fair Damsel or The Brisk Young Farmer
    69. Rosewood Casket
    70. Rowdy Song
    71. Pearl Bryan
    72. Texas Ranger
    73. Ground Hog
    74. In The Shadow of The Pines
    75. Lovely Nan
    76. The Drunkard's Lone Child
    77. So Fare You Well My Darling
    78. There's Nothing Goes Hard With This Poor Boy
    79. Time Enough Yet
    80. Red River Valley
    81. Oh Willie!
    82. The Jolly Group of Cowboys
    83. Fair Ellen or Pearl Bryan
    84. Fair and Tender Ladies
    85. For 20 Long Years I've Been Married
    86. I Don't Know Why I Love Him
    87. Charley Brooks
    88. Charley Brooks
    89. The Cottage by The Sea
    90. The Brakesman
    91. The Bird in the Gilded Cage
    92. Weeping Willow Tree
    93. Charles Giteau
    94. Why Does Mother Stay So Long?
    95. Take This Letter to My Mother
    96. Little Oma
    97. Jack and Joe
    98. Is There No Kiss for Me Tonight?
    99. Nobody's Darling on Earth
    100. Sister Martha
    101. The Little Black Mustache
    102. Oh Willie!
    103. Bachelor's Hall
    104. Aged Mother
    105. Blue Eyes
    106. Jealous Lover
    107. Time Enough Yet
    108. Absent Lover-Sweet Birds
    109. Maple on the Hill
    110. House Carpenter (Meeting of an Old True Love)
    111. I Love Little Willie
    112. The Single Soldier
    113. Flora Ella
    114. Green Fields and Meadows
    115. Wake Up, Wake Up, Ye Drowsy Sleepers
    116. Jack and Joe
    117. The Little Dove
    118. The Little Dove
    119. The Wild and Reckless Hobo
    120. The Soldier Boy
    121. Wedding Bells
    122. The Waxford Girl
    123. Rose Conilee
    124. Fair and Tender Ladies
    125. Fair and Tender Ladies
    126. The Drunkard's Dream
    127. Weeping Willow
    128. Fond Affection
    129. Young Charlotte
    130. I Loved You Better Than You Knew
    131. Take This Letter to My Mother
    132. Charley Brooks
    133. Don't Be Angry with Me Darling
    134. The Drunkard's Dream
    135. False Lover
    136. The Coal Creek Mines
    137. (Unknown)
    138. Broken Vows
    139. Rosewood Casket
    140. The Lone Pilgrim
    141. Oh Where Were You Last Saturday Night?
    142. Tale of a Flirt
    143. Gipsy's Warning
    144. Green Grows the Laurel
    145. Nobody's Darling on Earth
    146. Package of Old Letters
    147. Look Up and Down Some Lonesome Valley
    148. (Unknown)
    149. Wild Cowboy
    150. Waxford Girl
    151. Barbara Allen
    152. Barbara Allen
    153. Barbara Allen
    154. Maggie
    155. Paper of Pins
    156. The Ladies' Man
    157. Sinnah Man
    158. The Mary Golden Tree
    159. The Mary Golden Tree
    160. Pretty Polly
    161. I Don't See Why I Love Him
    162. Is There No Kiss for Me Tonight, Love
    163. Young Charlote
    164. Sad Lamentations
    165. Flora Ella
    166. Rowan County Crew
    167. Pretty Polly
    168. Fond Affection
    169. Where Were You Last Saturday Night?
    170. Little Oma
    171. Loving Nancy
    172. Barbara Allen
    173. Reply to the Gipsy's Warning
    174. Package of Old Letters
    175. Pretty Fair Damsel
    176. Little Orphan Girl
    177. Lulu Wall ( I Have Written Him a Letter)
    178. Johnny Cordell
    179. Jersey City
    180. For 20 Years I've Been Married
    181. Darling, I'm Dreaming of You
    182. Don't Go Out Tonight, My Darling
    183. The Drunkard's Dream
    184. Charles Giteau (Guiteau)
    185. Come All Young People Who Delight in Sin
    186. Weeping Willow Tree
    187. Boys Won't Do to Trust
    188. The Blind Child
    189. The Blind Child
    190. Six King's Daughters (Pretty Polly)
    191. I Don't See Why I Love Him
    192. My Little Pet Rooster
    193. Bachelor's Hall
    194. The Ship that Never Returned
    195. The Three Sisters
    196. Letter Edged in Black
    197. The Little Orphan Girl
    198. Drunkard's Hell

  2. Notebook of Song and Ballad Melodies - Vol. II

    1. O Where Were You Last Saturday Night?
    2. Dark Hollow
    3. The Boys Won't Do to Trust
    4. I Have No Mother Now
    5. Jack and Joe
    6. There's Nothing Goes Hard with This Poor Boy
    7. Dreadful Fate (Boys & Girls.)
    8. Two Orphans
    9. The Lightning Express
    10. Don't Go Out Tonight, My Darling
    11. Crystal Leroy
    12. A Cowboy
    13. Dancing Days (You'll Miss Me when I'm Gone)
    14. Soldier Boy
    15. Blue Eyes
    16. Blue Eyes
    17. Blue Eyes
    18. Don't Leave Me Alone
    19. The Widow by the Sea
    20. Wild Bill Jones
    21. Little Black Mustache
    22. Pretty Polly
    23. Pretty Little Pink
    24. Old Joe Clark

  3. Notebook of Ballad Tunes - #1

    1. Oh Where Were You Last Night?
    2. The Weeping Lady
    3. Dog and Gun, or The Golden Glove
    4. The Waggoner Lad
    5. Jackaro
    6. Flora Ella
    7. Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender
    8. Fond Affection
    9. The Rowan County Crew
    10. Sad Lamentation
    11. The False Lover
    12. The Pretty Maiden
    13. Drunkard's Hell
    14. The Bailiff's Daughter
    15. Dina
    16. Wild Bill Jones
    17. John Riley
    18. Turkish Lady
    19. The Knight on the Road

  4. Notebook of American Folk Melodies - #2

    • Little Dove, The; I
      Little Dove, The; II
      Charley Brooks
      Jersey City-or Butcher Boy
      Jersey City; II (Drunkard's Hell I: 198)
      Jersey City; III
      Jersey City; IV
      Little Nellie
      Pretty Mohea, or Little Mohea
      Pretty Mohea; II
      Pretty Mohea; III
      Pretty Mohea; IV
      Turkish Lady
      Turkish Lady; II
      Turkish Lady; III
      Turkish Lady; IV
      Cherry Song [Title but No Music Notations]
      Young Charlotte
      Turkish Lady

  5. Notebook of Scottish and English Balladtexts

  6.     Scottish

      The Shepherd's Preference
      Auld Robin Gray
      Come, Boat Me O'er to Charlie
      My Heart's in the Highlands
      Highland Mary
      Mary's Dream
      Bring Back My Bonnie to Me
      'Tis My Friend
      My Handsome Nell
      The Bonnie Banks of Ayr
      Auld Lang Syne
      Lady Mary Ann
      Afton Water
      The Highland Character
      Robin Adair
      Annie Laurie
      Oh, Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast
      The Dance at Mcdougall's
      The Blue Bells of Scotland
      O, Mary, Go and Call the Cattle Home
      Loch Lomond
      Skye Boat Song
      O'er the Moor Among the Heather
      The Black Eagle - Dr. Fordyce
      Johnnie Cope
      To Flee Awa' I' the Morning
      Cease, My Dear Friend to Explore
      The Collier's Bonnie Lassie
      John Anderson, My Jo
      Blooming Nelly
      The Charming Month of May
      Oh the Seas and Far Away
      The Winter Is Past
      Fair Jenny
      Lovely Polly Stewart
      The Highland Laddie
      The Banks of Doon
      Young Jessie
      Yon Wild Mossy Mountains
      To Mary in Heaven
      Kate of Aberdeen


      Ben Bolt
      All Through the Night
      Sweet and Low
      The Old Rustic Bridge by the Mill
      The Ring My Mother Wore
      Crossing the Bar
      Called Away
      Ella Bell

  7. Miscellaneous Texts

    • In the Shadows of the Pines
      Thou Hast Learned to Love Another
      The Battle Field
      Rosy Nell
      Little Sparrow
      The Mansion of Aching Hearts
      The Orphan Children
      The Ship that Never Returned
      Row Me Over the Tide
      Put My Little Shoes Away
      Too Late
      The Wedding Bells
      The Bright Little Valley
      Ther's No One Like Your First Love After All
      My Heart's in Texas

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