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Guide to the John F. Smith Traditional Music Collection, 1915-1940, Series I

Accession Number: 5
John F. Smith Traditional Music Collection, 1915-1940
1.6 linear ft, 4 mss boxes
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Overview & Series Description
Series I - Ballad and Song Texts
Series II - Tune Transcription Notebooks
Series III - Fiddle and Banjo Tunes, Musical Events, Instruments, and Games

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Stephen B. Green. “The Berea Tune Lists : An Archival Resource for the Study of Social Music in Eastern Kentucky and East Tennessee in 1915.”Tennessee Folklore Society Bulletin 57(1995):39-67.

Series Description and Box Lists
4 Manuscript Boxes

Series I Ballad and Song Texts Boxes 1 and 2

This series consists of over 320 handwritten and typed texts, arranged alphabetically by title.

Box 1      A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T V W Y

  1. A
    Absent Lover (Sweet Birds) [2]
    [Adiew, Kind Friends]
    After the Ball
    Aged Mother [2]
    Andy and Susie
    Answer to the Gypsy's Warning
    As I Walked Out One Morning Fair [2]
    [As I Went Out One Morning]
    At the Bar
  1. B
    Baggage Coach Ahead [2]
    The Bailiff's Daughter [2]
    A Bairnie in the Home For Me
    Ballad of Batchler's Hall
    The Ballad of the Cross [3]
    A Ballad of the Pinnacle
    Barbara Ella
    Barbara Ellen
    Beautiful Home of My Childhood
    Bill Baily [2]
    Bird in a Gilded Cage
    Black Jack Davy [3]
    The Blind Child [2]
    Blue Bell
    The Boston Burglar [2]
    [Boys and Girls Pay Good Attention]
    A Boy's Best Friend
    The Boy's Lament
    The Boys of the U.S.A.
    The Boys Won't Do to Trust [3]
    The Breaksman
    A Brisk Young Farmer, Neat Young Lady
    The Broken Engagement [6]
    Broken Heart
    The Broken Hearted Lover
    Broken Bows
    Buck Creek Girls [2]
    Buried Friends [2]
    Bury Me Not in the Deep, Deep Sea [2]
    Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie
    Bye and Bye You Will Forget Me
  1. C
    Charles Giteau (Guiteau) [2]
    Charlie Brooks
    Charley Brooks [4]
    Chase the Buffalo
    Chewing Gum [2]
    The Chewing Gum Girl
    Chiggers and Seed Ticks
    Christian Lee Roy [2]
    The Coal Creek Mines
    Coffee Crows on White Oak Tree [or, Pretty Little Pink]
    Cumberland Gap
    Cumberland Gap [2]
    Come All Young People Who Delight in Sin
    Common Bill
    Confessions of a Flirt
    The Coo-Coo (Cuckoo)
    The Cottage by the Sea [2]
    A Cowboy
    Cripple Creek [3]
    The Crucifixion [4]
    Crystal Eroy
  1. D
    The Darby Ram
    Darling, I'm Dreaming of You
    [Daylight May Do For the Gay]
    The Death of Mr. Moss
    Devilish Mary [2]
    Dina [2]
    Diney Frow
    Dog and Gun [7]
    Dog and Gun [or] The Golden Glove [2]
    Dog and Gun, Wealthy Young Golden Glove Squire of Farnworth
    Dolly Gray
    Do Not Hasten to Bid Me Adieu
    Do They Miss Me at Home
    Don' t Be Angry With Me, Darling
    Don' t Forget Me Little Darling [2]
    Don' t Go Out Tonight My Darling
    Don' t Leave Me Alone
    Down by the Old Mill Stream
    Down the Georgia Line
    The Drunkard's Dream [Oh Ed, You Look So Hearty Now.]
    The Drunkard's Lone Child
    A Drunkard's Wife
    The Drunken He' Cups
    The Dying Cow-Boy
    Dying From Home and Lost [2]
    Dying Maudie
    The Dying Soldier
  1. E
    Edward Edwards
    The English Girl
    Ennui [2]
    Evening Star
  1. F
    Faded Flowers
    Fair and Tender Ladies [or, Little Sparrow] [3]
    Fair Ella
    Fair Ellen
    The False Lover
    Fare Thee Well [2]
    Father Come Home
    Flora Ella [6]
    Flow Gently, Sweet Afton
    Fond Affection [4]
    For Twenty Long Years I've Been Married [2]
    Frankie [3]
    Frankie Baker
  1. G
    Gambling on the Sabbath Day [2]
    Georgia Allen
    Ginnie Put Your Kettle On
    The Girl I Left Behind
    The Girl I Left in Kentucky
    Git Along Down Town
    Give the Fiddler a Dram
    Going Down in Town
    The Golden Dagger
    Granny's Puppy
    [Green Granel, Green Granel the Grass Is So Green.]
    Green Leaf
    Ground Hog [2]
    Gypsey Laddie
  1. H
    Happy Girl [4]
    Helen Flanary
    Helen Flannery
    Her Front Name Is Hannah
    Hiram Hubbert
    The Hobo
    Hobo John
    Hook and Line
    Hop Along, Peter
    A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight
    The House Carpenter [8]
    Huntsmen's Chorus (Freischutz)
  1. I
    I Always Loved You [2]
    [I Am Going Faraway Norah Darling.] [2]
    I Cannot Come Back to You, Sweetheart
    Idie Red [Or, Idy]
    I Don't See Why I Love Him
    I Fond Affection
    I Have a Call for You [2]
    I Have a Ship on the Ocean
    I Have No Mother Now [4]
    I Have Written Him a Letter [Or Lula Wall]
    I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
    [I'll Be Back Tomorrow Night.]
    I'll Remember You, Love, in My Prayers [2]
    I Love Little Willie [2]
    I Love My Wife but O You Kid
    I Loved You Better Than You Knew
    I'm Tired of Living Alone [2]
    [I Won't Fly Down.and Sit Upon Your Knee]
    The Inquisitive Lover [2]
    In Some Lonesome Valley [2]
    In the Shadow of the Pine [or, Shadow of the Pine]
    In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree
    I Want a Beau
    I Will Sing You a Song
    I Will Tell You of a Fellow
  1. J
    Jack and Jo
    Jack and Joe [3]
    Jackaro [5]
    Jealous Lover
    Jersey City [4]
    Jersey City (Butcher's Boy)
    Jessie James
    John Hartie [2]
    John Riley [2]
    Johnny Cordell (Waggoner Lad) [Johnny Cordell]
    Johnny Caudill
    Johnnie Dial [3]
    The Jolly Group of Cow-Boys [2]
    Jumbe Town [2]
  1. K
    Kitty Wells
  1. L
    Let Me Call You Sweet Heart
    [Let Us Follow the Star to the Land of the Sky..]
    The Letter Edged in Black
    The Lightening Express [2]
    Listen to the Mocking Bird
    Little Bennie
    Little Bessie
    The Little Black Mustache [7]
    The Little Brown Jug [3]
    The Little Cabin Boy [Or, Rosewood Casket; or, a Package of Old Letters] [2]
    The Little Sparrow [or, Fair and Tender Ladies]
    Little Sparrow
    Little Tree
    Little Willie [2]
    Locked Out After Nine
    The Lonesome Dove
    The Lonesome Scenes of Winter [2]
    Lonesome Wife
    Longest Way 'Round Is the Sweetest Way Home
    Lord Lovell
    Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender [6]
    Love Is Not a Pleasure
    Lovely Nan [4]
    Loving Nancy
    Loving Henry [or, Little Cabin Boy]
    Lula Wall [or, I Have Written Him a Letter]
Box 2      A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T V W Y
  1. M
    Maid and Her Love
    Maple on The Hill [2]
    The Mary Golden Tree
    Meet Me in the Moonlight
    The Men of the Mountains [2]
    Merry, Merry Christmas [Miss Adire Since I Came to The City..]
    The Missed Companion
    Miss Massie
    Mollie Bond [2]
    Mollie Darling
    The Moonlight [2]
    Moon Shiner [3]
    Mountain Top [2]
    Mount Top
    My Dearest Love, So Fare You Well
    My Little Darling
    My Mother-in-Law
  1. N
    Nellie Gray
    Nellia Darling
    Nobody's Darling
    Nobody's Darling on Earth
    Nola Shannon
    Nora Darling [2]
    No Sir!
  2. O
    [O Bury Me Not in the Deep Deep Sea]
    The Ocean Burial
    O'er Life's Long Weary Way
    [Oh How Gladly My Heart Beats Toward Thee]
    Oh, How Gladly My Heart Beats Toward Thee [3]
    [Oh! If He's Drownded, I Hope He's Happy..]
    Oh Pray, Kind Miss [3]
    Oh What Shall I Do With the Baby?
    Oh, Willie
    Oh! Willie Come Back
    Old Bangum
    Old Batchelor
    Old Bachelor
    Old Dan Tucker
    The Old Elm-Tree
    Old Gray Mare [3]
    Old Grey Horse Come a Tearing out the Wilderness [2]
    Old Joe Clark
    The Old Maid's Song [3]
    The Old Man in the Wood
    The Old Miller
    Old Tom Wilson [2]
    Old Virginia [2]
    On the Danville Train
    Once I Had a Sweetheart [2]
    Only Short Life of Trouble
    Our Prayer [2]
    Over the Garden Wall
    O Where Were You Last Saturday Night [3]
  1. P
    A Package of Old Letters [Or, Rosewood Casket] [8]
    A Paper of Pins [4]
    Patty Mcguire
    Pearl Bryan [3]
    Pearlie Bryant (Pearl Bryan)
    Pilgrims Song of Hope
    Poor Little Joe
    Poor Nellie
    Pretty Fair Maid (Fair Damsel)
    A Pretty Fair Damsel [2]
    The Pretty Fair Miss
    Pretty Little Miss
    Pretty Little Pink (Coffee Grows on White Oak Trees)
    The Pretty Mahea Pretty Mohea [Or, Little Mohea] [3]
    The Pretty Maiden [4]
    Pretty Mollie [3]
    Pretty Polly [2]
    Pretty Sarah [3]
    Pretty Willie - Pretty Mary
  1. R
    The Railroad (Bum)
    Raven Hair [Or, Wildwood Flower]
    The Red River Valley [2]
    Red Wing
    Reply to the Gypsy's Warning [2]
    The Rich Lady [2]
    The Rondy's Song [2]
    Rose Conilee [2]
    Rose of Red
    Rosewood Casket [Or, a Package of Old Letters]
    Rosy Nell [4]
    The Rowdy's Song
    Rowan Country Crew [2]
    The Rowen Country Crew
  1. S
    Sad and Broken Hearted
    Sad Lamentations [4]
    Sally in Our Alley
    The Sandman's Song
    School Days
    The Scolding Wife
    The Shadow of the Pine [or, In The Shadow of the Pine]
    Sherman's March to the Sea
    The Ship That Never Returned [2]
    Shoot the Buffalo
    Silver Threads Among the Gold
    Sincere Love
    The Single Soldier
    Sister Martha [2]
    Six King's Daughters
    Skip to My Lu [2]
    So Fare You Well
    My Darling Soldier Boy
    The Soldier Boy [ I Was Born..] [2]
    The Soldier Boy [Once There Was..] [2]
    Soldier's Boy [2]
    Soldier Boy
    Soldier, Oh Soldier
    Somebody Loves Me Dearly
    [Some Body Stole Little Black Dog]
    Somebody's Waiting For You
    Some Twenty Years Ago [3]
    A Song of the Tub [2]
    So You Come Back to Me You Say
    Stabat Mater
    Steam Boat Bill [2]
    Susan Gal [2]
    Sweet Bunch of Daisies
    Sweet Sunny South [2]
    Sweet William
  1. T
    Take This Letter to My Mother
    Tater Vine [2]
    The Texan Ranger [7]
    There's a Mother Always Waiting For You
    There's Nothing Goes Hard With This Poor Boy [2]
    Thou Hast Learned to Love Another
    The Three Sisters
    Time Enough Yet [4]
    The Tobacco Union [2]
    Too Late [4]
    The Troubled Soldier
    True Ella or the Jealous Lover [3]
    The 12 Xmas's
    Two Little Girls in Blue
    The Two Orphans
    Two Sweethearts [2]
  1. V
    Valse From Ballet (Faust)
    The Village Bells
  1. W
    The Waggoner Lad, or, Johnny Cordell [4]
    The Wagoner's Song
    Wait Till the Clouds Roll By
    Wake Up, Wake Up, You Drowsy Sleepers [2]
    Walking in the Parlor [2]
    The Waxford Girl [3]
    The Webfooted Duck [2]
    The Wedding Bells [2]
    The Weeping Lady [4]
    The Weeping Willow [3]
    We Parted by the Riverside
    What Are You Going to Do With the Babie [or] Oh What Shall I Do With the Babie?
    What Would You Take for Me Papa
    When a Boy
    When I Was a Little Boy [2]
    When Kate and I Were Coming Through the Rye
    When You and I Were Young
    Where the River Shannon Flows
    Where Were You Last Saturday Night? [3]
    Whippoorwill Song
    Whiskey in Its Place
    The White Pilgrim
    Why Can't I Have a Beau?
    Why Does Mother Stay So Long? [2]
    The Widow by the Sea
    Wild Bill Jones [5]
    The Wild-Wood Flower [Or, Raven Hair]
    Will You Love Me When I Am Old [2]
    William Bluet [3]
    Willie [4]
    Who Will Shoe Your Pretty Feet?
    Won't You Come Over to My House
    The Wreck on the B & O
    Wreck on the C & O Railroad
  1. Y
    You Are As Welcome As the Flowers in May
    Young Charlotte [4]
    Young Edward
    Young Emily - The Driver Boy
    Young Henry
    You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone [2]

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