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Historical Collections

The Historical Collections consist of material that document organizations and individuals with local, state, or national significance, but not related either to the Appalachian region or to Berea College.

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Actors Theatre of Louisville - Humana Play Festival Scripts Collection, 1981-1995, HC 57
5 ms boxes

American Association of University Women -- Berea Branch Records, 1960 -   ,   HC 15
7 ms boxes

Anti-Slavery Collection, 1769 - 1881; 1916 ,   HC 03
Slave bills of sale, abolitionist pamphlets, and correspondence relating to the crusade against slavery. 1 ms box

Norman Ball Photographic Collection 1940s ,   HC 37
Photographs taken by 1939 Berea graduate, Norman Ball, while serving in the 19th Depot Supply Squadron, United States Army Air Force in Europe during World War II. 6 ms boxes

Joe Samuel Barker Autograph Collection, 1950 - 1963 ,   HC 12
Collection of autographed letters written to former Berea student, Barker, many of which relate to a project he undertook to elicit the principal concerns of prominent political leaders. 1 ms box

Berea Business and Professional Women's Club Collection, 1935 -   ,   HC 16
Minutes, yearbooks, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous correspondence relating to the Berea Chapter of the Club, which was organized in 1935. 7 ms boxes

Berea City Records, 1890 - 1908 ,   HC 05
These early records consist of a ledger book and a folder of ordinances, which contain Berea Village Board of Trustees minutes for 1890-1908 and City Ordinances, 1895-1918. (1 ms box)

Berea Community Collection, 1810 -   ,   HC 06
Materials that relate to both Berea College and the town of Berea, collected from various sources. Included are community records, photographs, and oral history audio recordings and transcripts. 9 ms boxes

Berea Friends (Quakers) Collection, 1968 -   ,   HC 27
Correspondence, reports, and printed materials documenting the organization and activities of the Berea Friends Meeting (Quakers). 5 ms boxes

Berea League of Women Voters Collection, 1946 -   ,   HC 14
Correspondence, reports, minutes, subject files, clippings, and publications documenting the Berea League's activities since its establishment in 1938. 14 ms boxes

Berea Women's Club Collection, 1919 -   ,   HC 17
Minutes, yearbooks, and financial records detailing the activities of the club, which was organized in 1919. 7 ms boxes

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Berea Younger Woman's Club Collection, 1948 -   ,   HC 18
Minutes, yearbooks, photographs, membership records, and scrapbooks detailing the club's activities. 1 ms box

J. Calvin Bright Collection, 1911-1983 ,   HC 39
Papers relating to the missionary work in China of Bright and his wife Harriett who both were Berea College graduates and ordained Church of the Brethren ministers. (Harriett was also a professional handweaver and textile crafts teacher. Many examples of her work are preserved in the Harriett Bright Collection of the Berea College Art Department.) 6 ms boxes

Chemical Demilitarization Media Project Collection, 1985-1991 ,   HC 30
Government and opposition group publications, news clippings, and video tapes documenting the controversy over alternatives for disposal of nerve gas and other chemical weapons stored at the Bluegrass Army Depot in Madison County, Kentucky. The video material includes interviews and comments at public meetings and congressional hearings by federal and local officials, other citizens, and technical experts. Among those individuals documented are Charles Baronian, Charles and Kathy Flood, Peter Hille, Clifford Kerby, Laura Manges, Bob Menefee, and Craig Williams. 26 ms boxes

Henrietta Child Collection, 1897-1977 ,   HC 10
Notebooks, correspondence, clippings, manuscripts, photographs, and artifacts relating to Child, a Berea resident famed for her storytelling in surrounding rural schools. 8 ms boxes

Church Women United, c.1943 - 2004 ,   HC 54
Small colletion of material related to the local group, which was associated with the state and national organization. Collection includes some correspondece, annual meeting files, program and subject files. Bulk dates, 1960-1969. 2 ms boxes

Citizens Review Support Study Collection, 1960 - 1990 ,   HC 32
Publications, correspondence, reports, clippings, computer records, and maps, relating to the controversy over disposal of chemical weapons stored at the Bluegrass Army Depot in Madison County, Kentucky. The collection primarily documents a U.S. Army funded independent environmental impact study by the Citizen Review Support Group under the direction of Oris Blackwell of Eastern Kentucky University. 21 ms boxes

Cassius Marcellus Clay Collection, 1849 - 1970s ,   HC 02
Correspondence, clippings, publications, manuscripts, and photographs relating to Clay's life, his anti-slavery role, and his relationship with Berea College and its founder John G. Fee. 1 ms box

The Ruth Cranston Papers, 1908-1957, HC 48
This small collection contains several manuscripts as well as limited biographical material related to writer and interfaith advocate Ruth Cranston, (c1888 -1956). (1 ms box)

Currency Collection [Paper Money] ,   HC 09
Representative examples of American currency from 1771 to 1955. Items include Colonial era paper money, Civil War era currency (including Confederate money), as well as twentieth-century silver certificates. 1 ms box

Daughters of the American Revolution -- Berea - Laurel Ridge Chapter Collection, 1930 -   ,   HC 20
Minutes, treasurers' records, yearbooks, and scrapbooks relating to the Berea-Laurel Ridge chapter of the D. A. R. 6 ms boxes

Documents and Manuscripts (Autographs) ,   HC 08
Collection of autographed letters and other documents signed by persons of some literary, political, or historical note. 3 ms boxes

Fellowship of Reconciliation - Berea Chapter Collection, 1936 - 1955 ,   HC 23
Minutes, financial records, reports, correspondence, newsletters, clippings, and photographs relating to the Berea Chapter of this pacifist organization. The group was active in work with conscientious objectors during World War II, as well as in the field of civil rights. 2 ms boxes

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Alfred A. and Gertrude C. Gilman Collection, 1865-1966 ,   HC 40
Papers documenting the lives and work of Alfred A. Gilman, an Episcopal Bishop in Hankow, China, and his wife Gertrude Carter Gilman, also a missionary in China. . The Gilmans were the parents of Louise Gilman Hutchins, a physician and wife of Berea College President Francis S. Hutchins. Papers include correspondence, photographs, financial records, biographical material, reports, and clippings. 12 ms boxes.

William Goodell Family Collection, 1780 - 1892 ,   HC 04
Materials consist of correspondence, diaries, manuscripts, and clippings related to William Goodell, abolitionist and temperance reformer, and his daughters Lavinia Goodell and Maria Goodell Frost, mother of Berea President William Goodell Frost. 17 ms boxes

Idah A. Green Collection, 1870 - 1950 ,   HC 34
Correspondence, diaries, clippings, and photographs documenting the life and work of Ida Green, minister and social reformer. 10 ms boxes

Charles Guest Photographic Collection, 1940s ,   HC 36
A collection of World War II photographs, including scenes at Buchenwald the day after liberation, made by Charles Guest, a Berea graduate and army chaplain during the war. 1 ms box

Historic Newspapers Collection, 1856 - 1970 ,   HC 35
A collection of newspapers from the 1850s to 1970, many containing headlines of important historical events. 19 ms boxes

Andrew B. Humphrey Collection, 1890s - 1930s ,   HC 11
Correspondence, personal papers, and business records of Humphrey, including materials relating to his association with the National Republican Club. Humphrey was a Berea College student from 1867 to 1871, and later resided in New York, City. 18 ms boxes

Darwin Rush James Collection, 1865 - 1895 ,   HC 25
Correspondence, articles, bulletins, and broadsides relating to the political and public service career of James. Mr. James represented New York for two terms in the U.S. House of Representatives and was a Berea College Trustee in the 1890s. 1 ms box

Annie Fellows Johnston Collection, 1917 - 1955 ,   HC 22
Correspondence, diary transcriptions, photographs, clippings and the draft of an unfinished manuscript titled A Mountain Mail-Bag. Johnston was best known for her "Little Colonel" books for young people that were widely popular during the early 1900s. The principal characters of A Mountain Mail-Bag are two mountain youth who attend a fictional college that is modeled after Berea. 1 ms box

Records of the 8th Kentucky Volunteers, Company C (Union), 1861-1887, HC 55
Small collection of records related to the 8th Kentucky Volunteers, Company C, United States. 1/2 ms box

Berea Kiwanis Club Collection, 1922 -   ,   HC 26
Correspondence, reports, financial records, minutes, publications, photographs, and 16mm movie film documenting the founding and activities of this club which was the first civic organization for men in Berea. 11 ms boxes

Abraham Lincoln Collection ,   HC 28
This collection consists of Abraham Lincoln related material and memorabilia, and documents the culture surrounding the collecting of Abraham Lincoln related material. The collection includes items such as correspondence, documents, pamphlets, Lincolniana and artifacts, including one original Lincoln letter. 26 ms boxes

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George U. Morris Collection, 1861 - 1876, HC 07
Letters from Morris to Mary Chase Steele relating to his service as a commanding officer of various Federal gunboats during the Civil War. (1 ms box)

National Student Association Collection, 1946 - 1983 ,   HC 33
Correspondence, program materials, newspaper clippings / articles, and photographs documenting the activities of the Association and its president, former Berea student Bill Welsh. 3 ms boxes

New Opportunity School for Women Collection, 1996 -   ,   HC 38
Materials documenting of the New Opportunity School for Women, a non-profit educational agency started by Berea College in 1987. 1 ms box

Progress Club Collection, 1907 -   ,   HC 19
Minutes (incomplete), printed yearbooks and membership lists the club's programs and activities. Established in Berea in 1907 as the Priscilla Club, the name was changed to the Progress Club in 1915, and remains an active Berea women's club. 11 ms boxes

Second Nature Recycling Collection, 1981 - 1987 ,   HC 29
Promotional flyers, contact lists, and financial records documenting Second Nature Recycling, a Berea community organization that sought to raise public awareness of the need for a community waste recycling plan. 1 ms box

Tate Building Documentation Collection, 2004
A report documentating the historic Tate Building in Berea, Kentucky, created for historial perservation purposes and preparation for regisration with the National Register of Historic Places. (1 small ms box)

Union Church Collection, 1865 -   ,   HC 01
Minutes, financial records, subject files, clippings, bulletins, publications, photographs, and oral histories documenting the church's founding and ongoing ministry. 13 ms boxes

United Neighbors Homemakers Club Collection, 1966 -   ,   HC 21
Minutes, attendance records, and clippings the organization's work. 1 ms box

Watergate Collection, 1973 - 1975 ,   HC 31
Correspondence, diaries, newsletters, ballad texts, and photographs relating to Time, Newsweek, and newspaper clippings documenting the events related to the downfall of President Richard Nixon (1973-74). 6 ms boxes

James C. West Post of the Grand Army of the Republic and Women's Relief Corps, G.A.R. Collection, 1890 - 1939 ,   HC 24
Minute books, ledgers, reports, manuals, and fragmentary correspondence of James C. West Post of the Grand Army of the Republic and Women's Relief Corps (Berea, Kentucky) formed to aid and commemorate Civil War veterans who served in the Union Army. 2 ms boxes

WHAS Radio Historical Collection, 1936-1967 ,   HC 41
Historic Kentucky radio broadcasts from Louisville radio station WHAS (including commercials). A wide range of Kentucky and national political figures and news events are documented. Entertainment programs include soap operas, musical variety shows, country music, and sporting events such as the Kentucky Derby. Names, events and subjects are searchable via an in-house database.

Women's Christian Temperance Union-- Berea Chapter Collection, 1890 - 1902 ,   HC 13
Materials consist of a single ledger used to record minutes of the Chapter from its organization in November 1890, through December 1902. Included also are the chapter constitution and membership records. 1 ms box